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To the "exes" part of my blog...

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It's looking like XH has killed himself.
I'm not sure if I'm upset about that or happy... that's brutal honesty.

It's not the first time he's threatened it, but he's fallen off the grid since posting for the world on FB. No, I'm not his "friend," and no, I don't check his page. BM called me asking if I'd heard anything as BIL had contacted her. (Not sure why, they've been divorced 20 years.)

Grrrr!! This SD19, baby, MIL, and DH... and tonight it's a bottle of pomegranate wine!

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So. Ok.
Talked DH out of "going in" on the stroller/carseat thing. First, it's already paid for and there's no need to contribute. Second, SD will get more stuff if we buy something else. Third, I just really don't like my ILs and would much rather not "go in" on anything with them.

I want to scream!!!!!!

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Ugh. Was going to blog a lovely, flowery post about how I spent 2 hours Skyping with SD22 today and how being a step really can work out sometimes. We talked about allll sorts of stuff, including taxes as she needs to file soon and can't until after her mother files.
:? Say what?
So, I told her she can do them on her own, her mother cannot claim her, and to call with questions.
She calls just a bit ago.
Seems she pulled last year's return to "go off of" and had questions because she didn't understand some of the numbers and schedules. (Schedules??)

Baby shower invitation showed up today...

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And SD19 is only 5 months along. Shower in a few weeks, given MIL.


Fortunately, we now live out of state. I have an activity with my DD that weekend. DH is either coming with me or going to see NASCAR. Wink I think he'd have more fun there than at a cheer competition, but he's still on the fence.