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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Friday has finally arrived. Woo hoo!!! Nothing like logging on to a complete sh*tshow this morning after dealing with one last night. Gads.

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Oh, yeah. Smack dab at the top of the list. KP, I know how to do my job. That's one reason why my work rep is stellar. Yes, I saw your email. Hell NO, I did not make the changes you want because they are WRONG. Had I done as you asked, one group would've denied approval because that task is not their job. And Princess Poo-Bah of the other group would've gotten his already-twisted knickers in an even bigger twist. That dude is already difficult to work with and I'm not ruining my good work relationship with him because you are an asshat of unimaginable proportion. Psssssst... this is why other members of the team want me to contact Princess; because he likes me. Not gonna let you eff that up, KP, you effer.
  • Cancer. In a word: DAMMIT! Another friend was diagnosed. Skin cancer on her face. Once it's removed, she'll need plastic surgery. Cray 2
  • Toxic people. Especially the drama queens who make it all about themselves and their lackeys who support their toxic drama. A friend who is simply one of THE nicest people you'll ever meet had to rush her Dad to the ER. Diagnosis is double pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He coded on the table, but the medical team was able to bring him back. Her brother was informed shortly before that that he needs a liver transplant. Unfortunately for Mrs. Nice, she posted about her Dad on Fakebook. CueQueen Toxic word-vomiting all over her post followed by a flood of text messages. Mrs. Nice showed me the messages. All.About.Queenie. How SHE was so upset and SHE was crying (has never met Dad Nice) and how Mr. Queen had to console QUEEN. No "prayers for your Dad" or {hugs} or "sending positive thoughts". Just me, Me, ME.  Queen has pulled a bunch of poop on Mrs. Nice and that was the last straw: blocked on all forms of contact (Fakebook, email, messenger, texts). But that didn't stop Queen...
  • Mr. Queen, who texted Mrs. Nice 20 minutes after Queen was blocked. HIS wife is sobbing and HIS wife is upset and I know she missed the Coffee Klatch 2 months in a row and must be THE reason you blocked her but can you confirm so I can help Queen deal with HER grief? Nothing about "sorry your Dad is ill and thank goodness he escaped Death's door". I was ready to take Nice's phone and word-vomit a scathing reply to Mr. Queen before blocking him. Good thing they didn't show up at the hospital because I'd've called Security on them. 
  • Trying to function on less than 3 hours of sleep because I was at the hospital with the Nices until after 2am. 


Forn Friday 

I don't have much to offer after I bit into... a juicy, delicious slice of cantaloupe. Ooooooooohhhhh yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Sometimes it just takes one perfect piece of fruit to set your tastebuds to bliss. Cantaloupe, watermelon, and berries fresh from the bush/vine. What about you?


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KP is a douche

Next time grab the phone off the Nices and give the Queens both barrels of Aniki! 

I have a friend who has Queen tendancies (we've been friends since college, you forgive things in people you've known forever...) and its so annoying.  If anyone has a death or saddness she makes it about her.  Lets call her Queen2

Once, another friend died after a short but awful fight with cancer (it was awful she was late 30s with a new born and went from health to passing in 3 months and they never found the primary cancer, only the secondary which spread like wild fire.  *sob*).  Close friends were informed by email of her death by the family.  Queen2 immediately takes to Fakebook to tell the world how sad she is.  I had to phone her and tell her to take the posts down.  It was inappropriate to announce the news before the family.  I can't believe I had to explain this to a grown woman.

My Eff Of Friday is to myself.  My hideous deal successfully closed yesterday and we had celebration drinks.  On an empty stomach, with no proper sleep for weeks.  The end result is I have spent the day feeling hideous.  And it was entirely self inflicted.*dash1*

Nectarines.  Love them.  But they have to be properly ripe.

Apricots but only in apricot land because they don't ripen nicely after they are picked.

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Ugh, TASM, those effing Queens! Here's something funny... when I had fakebook several years ago, Mrs. Queen was one of my 'friends'... for the sole purpose of inviting her and the Mr to my sister's annual Halloween party. For whatever reason, Mrs. Queen wanted to block me on fb, but couldn't find me so messaged Nice Jr to ask what name I was under!!! Nice Jr messaged back "NUNYA. Leave my family alone. BLOCKED." Mrs. Nice was informed by a coffee klatch lady this morning that Queen whined all over their private group.... and was promptly banned by the owner. *ROFL*

Gads, woman! My stomach shuddered at the thought as I did that once myself. Ugh!!

Yes to nectarines and apricots!

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Mrs Queen seems to be throwing herself repeatedly under the Karma bus over the last couple of days.  Ha ha ha.

I can do one drink and then head home but I didn't because for once at work drinks there were a few folks I really like to spend time with and got lulled into staying to long.  sigh.  But it was so good to catch up with them for the first time in over 2 years.  Even an introvert like me wants to spend time with folks I really enjoy once in a blue moon.

I'm off to Winterglows part of the world at the end of the month.  It has amazing fruit and markets.  Yum yum.

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All I can say is that Karma is a bigger beeyotch that I am!

I hear you on that. I picked up my Dad and SM from the airport and that was enough peopling for me for awhile. Crowd claustrophobia!

Sounds great! Hope you have an amazing trip!!

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Watermelon and Cantelope - my favorites. I remember as a kid at my Grandparents eating watermelon with salt on it. My Grandmother would cut it vertically, all the way through, then put the huge round slice on a plate and I would eat it with a spoon. As an adult, I try and limit the salt, but sometimes I give in to the urge and use it anyway!

Eff off to the heat. We are having an early heat wave and I just hate it. I get cranky and have no motivation at all.

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My Mom always salted watermelon! I tried it once, but it didn't appeal. 

Same here when it's bloody hot. 

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Wow! So sorry you and your friend had to deal with that BS. My opinion is: it is one thing to bully me, its another to bully my friends or family - then I get REALLY MAD. Sounds like you are protective of your friends, too. Good for you. How dare Ms Queen make it about herself. What a turd!

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I hear you, Shieldmaiden! Mrs. Queen has always done this. "Dad Queen is in the hospital. *I* am so upset! *I* can't sleep because *I* am so worried (she's never met him)!! *I* just threw up because MY anxiety..."  Puh-lease.

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Not much to say other than I lost a friend of 25 years this week. He was 98. I had started to think he was immortal. My heart goes out to his wife (also a friend). 

Not in the mood for forn... 

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Winterglow. Prayers for his wife and prayers and {{{hugs}}} for you.

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Please accept my condolances too.