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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday the 13th, STalkers!!! Are you following your normal routine or taking precautions on this day? It's business as usual for me. Years ago (different job), my coworkers and I planned Happy Hour every Friday the 13th. What a hoot! Although we're all scattered, we're still in contact and have fond memories of those times.

Eff off to:

  • Car warranty telemarketers. EIGHT calls this week. And the day isn't over. I always ask them... "If you know my warranty has expired, then you obviously know the make/model/year of my car." Naturally, they do not. Bunch of poopie heads. 
  • King Pita. Dude, you're effing with SpongeBob's overtime pay. If you keep that up, SpongeBob WILL go to the powers that be and make thing uuuuuugly. But if that means you won't be our boss any longer? PLEASE keep effing it up! (Sorry, SpongeBob.)
  • Muscle spasms. I missed half a day on Wednesday because my back was spasming so badly, it hurt to breathe. Today, I have muscle spasms in my legs and rear-end. It's never been this bad and I've NO idea what sent this pain chain in motion. Oooooowwwwwww!!! 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

It's been another week of Mondays and I'm in comfort food mood. We still have some rotisserie chicken and a few stalks of asparagus so I'm going to make Uunifetapasta for dinner tonight. Trying to decide between regular garlic bread or garlic-cheese beer bread...

What's your favorite pasta dish?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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The muscle spasims sound bad.

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I keep getting calls from people wanting to buy my property. Sometimes, I answer the phone and tell them I will sell for half a million dollars.

My husband loves Friday the 13th, he feels lucky.

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I got married on Friday 13.  Everything was cheaper so I definitely felt lucky!  *drinks*

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Only half a mil? Go for the full million, hereiam!

I feel the same as your husband. *biggrin*

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Haha, that's what DH said! Go for the full mil.

He just got back from the casino. He hasn't been for a long time but said he was going to play $40.00 just for kicks. He came home with $400.00.

He also thinks that black cats are GOOD luck.

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Woo hoo! 13 has always been lucky for me, too.

One of my nieces has two black cats (brothers) and they are two of the sweetest kitties; love to snuggle, love belly rubs... 

Pssssst... did your hubby attend Hogwarts? Wink

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black cat and a black dog which I have been told a lot of people avoid buying black animals especially cats because of being superstitious. I HATE those telemarketers plus XM radio ones, they keep calling me and sending me mail even though I have clearly said I don't want to renew my subscription! Totally sucks about the back pain! I hope you are feeling better! 

For me, my favorite pasta dish is homemade Vodka Rigatoni which my mother makes the best, but since I was moving to the other side of the country had her teach me to make! I actually made it for her when she was visiting for Christmas since she always is the one to make it and she actually liked something I did different and has been making it with my change since. So that was a huge compliment! 

EFF off to more work than workers can handle. Ever since I started for the firm I work forr 4 years ago, I have been always slammed with work. It is a never ending list and as soon as I cross one thing off, 6 more things pop up. My co-worker is going on maternity leave soon and my boss has been struggling to hire someone for while she is gone, heck hire anyone in general because we need another person. My workload is insane right now and am totally worried if she doesn't hire at least one, but really two more people what those 3 months are going to look like for me. The other co-worker that could assist with her workload is not very efficient in the program we use for drafting and is the other co-workers main job of drafting. So already she barely helps in that department and am worried where that will leave me. Perhaps asking for a raise if I am to carry that in addition to my already hefty workload in her absence. After 4 pm today I will be home free for 11 days so at least there is that!

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You deffo need it after the last 12 months.

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Ugh I know! DH was right though that we needed to take our honeymoon before worrying about buying a house or having a baby, etc. because if we didn't do it now we never would. It couldn't come at a better time even though it is 15 months after getting married!

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NYASM, I do enjoy a good vodka sauce! We don't drink vodka, but have half of a 1.5L bottle someone left behind. The only thing I use it for is vodka sauce. That bottle is behind everything else, so it's often forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. Biggrin

Hopefully, you get some worthy helper(s) soon. Enjoy those 11 days off! 

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Eff off to poop head external advisers.  The annoying f-heads have completely misadvised their client which meant I had to have a really bad call with them and their client to explain that they can't take money off smaller shareholders just cos the majority shareholders are greedy.  I literally was up half the night on Thursday because I was so outraged by the advisors and the majority shareholder attempted behaviour.


A pasta challenge, how fun.

Since it's spring I'm going to go for a light pasta dish with lots of greens.  At the moment I'm really enjoying aparagus, spring onions (I think these are salad onions on your side of the pond) lightly fired with garlic (wild if you can find it) and then tossed with spaghetti, a 1/2 cup of the cooking starch and a good amount of parmesan with fresh ground black pepper.


Julienned courgette (can't remember what this is in the US) lightly fried and then tossed with spaghetti, cooking starch, parmesan and black pepper.  Finish with a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice.


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Ugh, TASM. How sucky. 

Yes, green onions.

Courgette = zucchini. Yum! 

I love zucchini with red sauce and often use my spiralizer to make zoodles (zucchini noodles) to use in place of pasta. When I have some leftover thick and meaty sauce, I make Zucchini Boats. Halve small zucchini, scoop out a trough, fill with sauce, top with cheese, and bake. *yahoo*

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I love a stuffed baked zucchini.

Have you ever tried the mediteranian stuffed zucchini flowers.  I don't make this dish but if I see it on a menu it will 100% be ordered.

Deep-fried courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and herbs | River Cottage (link won't paste for some reason but if you are interested this give you enough to google)

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Are a local specialty here (south of France ) and are often served simply dipped in a light batter and fried. The hard part is getting them fresh enough (they are very fragile ). It's best if you cook them on the day they were picked. 

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You can occassionally see them on a menu in London but agree its a South of France treat along with petits farcis and socca.  Not to mention rose.

Yum.  Can't wait to get back to your part of the world.

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This is a vegetarian paradise :) 

I think your stomping ground is a bit further east than here (the socca was a giveaway lol) though. I'm closer to Marseille. 

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Knew it would localise things even as I was typing it.  My father has retired to the land of Socca so it has been a consitant place to visit.  Saying that, last time I was down your way, I had the best prawns with a vodka sauce on couscous with powdered sugar at a restaurant near Marseille.  My description is doing it no justice.  I dream about that dish. It was so good.

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The vegetarian version is with thick white sauce mixed with chopped onions and topped with parmesan before baking. I love both recipes! 

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Eff off gas prices and high grocery prices and everything else.  Glad to say that whatever was plaguing my cat is going away and he is eating again. Eff off to the gigantic vet bill I had to pay.  Eff off Wal-Mart.  I ordered my tires to have you put them on so what do you do?  You delay my order.  Buttheads!  Eff off to your sorry.  You're not sorry, you don't care because it's not your problem.  Eff off anxiety.  My daughter needs a car but we're afraid we won't be able to get her one.  She'll have to get a job to at least cover the gas and hopefully help with the insurance.  I may need to think about going back to work and was hoping to wait a few more years until my son could drive himself too.  I would at least like to wait until he's more mature so I'd be more comfortable with him staying home alone at times.  He's old enough but not mature enough.  

Eff off to Mothers Day weekend last week.  A few weeks ago my brother got hit by a freight train while driving an 18 wheeler.  He walked away with a lot of pain but he was ok other than that.  Well, last weekend he survived the widow maker. My SIL has told all of us it was due to the trauma from the accident.  That there was fluid and inflammation in that artery and two others that are partially blocked.  He's got to go back in a couple of weeks to get two more stents placed in those other arteries.  I'm just glad he's still kicking.  

Eff off to my back teeth.  One is cracked and will need a crown eventually.  The other is partly gone but the dentist says she can save it.  I had a root canal done and have to go get a crown for it.  It had a large filling in it and the filling came out this past weekend.  That caused part of my tooth to break off.  Surprisingly I had very little pain or sensitivity.  After I crown this one I'll have four crowns.  That ain't the kind of crowns I want.  

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I hear you on those gas prices, PetSpoiler. I've been planning outings to once a week to do everything and use as little gas as possible. 

And the grocery biz. Ugh!!! One of my nieces is having trouble finding formula for her baby. She and her hubby had to make a 4 hour drive (one way) to get some. Ridiculous!

Darlin', you've certainly been through the wringer. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers. *give_rose*

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I'm so glad my kids are older.  I cannot imagine how these parents are feeling now.  I was able to breastfeed my daughter but my son I think was allergic and I had to give him formula.  I really feel for those parents.  

It's been a rough few weeks.  

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I've been waiting for Eff Off day.

Eff Off to one of my staff who had a disagreement with her direct supervisor about how to charge some time off. Supervisor had no details so told employee to charge it to her vacation hours, employee said it was a university function so she wasn't going to. And then she sent me a snarky email AND copied my boss AND the president of the university. Seriously, a president has time and patience for this sh!t. She's a known head case so just lots of eye rolling.

But THEN she announced her retirement later in the week. So happy dance.

AND eff off to SS. He and DH are feuding. It started with something that was never any of SS's business anyway, and then DH said something less than kind about BM, which upset SS. (They've been divorced for 20 years.) DH started to tell me the story but got interrupted and never got back to it.  Apparently they are still not speaking. It's really hurtful to DH, especially now, since he had some surgery (not serious, but still general anaesthesia). SS didn't call before or after and did not respond to my texts that his dad was ok. SS doesn't "do" text messages. Not my problem, but DH sure is upset and that DOES affect me.

Pasta. Yum. I have some parsley pesto to use up and I might be extra healthy and use spaghetti squash instead of pasta.

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Merry, even *I* am rolling my eyes at that. Sheesh!

I'm sending a virtual kick in the pants to SS in the hope of dislodging his head...

My DH luuuuuurrrvvs spaghetti squash. I've been looking for it sporadically, but have not seen any for months.

I must try some parsley pesto. There's always oodles of parsley left whenever I make a dish. I chopped and froze the last batch to use in soups and casseroles. 

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Eff Off to over-stepping Execs.  I support 4 out of the 5 Executives in our department.  The 5th Exec just okayed his assistant cutting back her hours and working from home.  So, now, he assumes I am his assistant and listed me as the contact person in his out-of-office message this week.  I believe we need to have a talk when he returns.

Eff Of to US drug prices.  My SO's doctor just advised him to order from a Canadian pharmacy where the charge is less than $200 compared to over $600 in the US.

I LOVE ALL PASTA - much to the detriment of my A1C level.  Spaghetti squash is just not the same.

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Well we all have a LOT of EFFs this week!

EFF off to BM/PAS - still don't know how things went at the SDs play DH went to last night, but he at least didn't seem upset when he got home (managed a sleepy hi to him then fell back asleep).  Crossing fingers he's ok.

EFF off to too much work again, entering our busy season....

EFF off, sort of, to DH for wanting to schedule a ton of vacations THIS, I need to PLAN around my work (he doesn't ever quite get this) and we've already got a 10 day vacay in July/Aug.  AND I have my kitty-cat who is in kidney failure and is exepcted at end of life expectancy between June - Sept.  Based on my other kitty I don't want to be gone when it starts to happen....urgh.  I mean, I supported his and SDs schedules vaca planning for years he can at least work with me on THIS for one summer.

This weekend I'm making Pasta 'Ncasciata!  It's a Sicilian cassarole. Never made it before but our nieghbors and coming over and that's all I need.

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Cover, I have never been spontaneous about vacations. They are the one thing I plan well in advance. Work and furbabies have always been THE reasons. We had to push back our Spring vacation because one of my coworkers took a 3-week vacay to Europe. Now well have to deal with Memorial weekend traffic AND the jacked up gas prices.  :/

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I actually have a gantt chart with various activities, actions, locations across the holiday.

Saying that, the last proper away vacation I took before Covid was completely last minute.  Worked super late Friday, slept in Saturday, booked a multi destination trip Saturday afternoon, packed Saturday night, left at OMG o'clock Sunday morning.  I was too afraid to book before because I was convinced that work would ask me to cancel at the last second.  They'd have paid back any out of pocket but having to cancel would have made me so sad.

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To COVID.  It finally got us.  SO tested positive yesterday and has moderate symptoms.  I tested negative but figure I have it or will soon have it, but I have no symptoms thank goodness.  We're both isolating at home.

What sucks even more us we had tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert tonight and now we can't go.  We had been looking forward to this concert for months Sad

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Sorry about you having to miss out on the concert.  That is beyond annoying.  Especially as Paul is going to be 80 in June so who knows how many more tours he'll do.

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This was probably our one chance.  We're still grumpy about it today Sad

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Aw heck, that's awful! As if having Covid around wasn't bad enough! Those tickets must have been nearly impossible to get! I'm so sorry!

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I got in on a pre-sale but even then the tickets were going so fast that by the time you decided on a seat it was gone!  Ticketmaster's virtual queue is beyond stressful.