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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! I've been ready for the weekend since about 9am on Tuesday (which I thought was Wednesday). This has been a long and busy week. FTR, today feels like it should be Saturday, so I'm especially cranky. Nothing like being a day behind all week. Blech. I plan to sleep past 7am tomorrow (I'm up at 5am on workdays).

Here's a miraculous occurrence... King Pita did not make the Eff Off list this week. Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me!

Eff off to:

  • Princess Tiara (male programmer). Take your little huffs and sighs and whining and stick 'em. You just ticked off THE most difficult Ops guy who also happens to be The Best. Guess who gets to soothe Mr. Ops' cantankerousness? Not you, asshat. I'm the only one he likes and it will be a chore to get him past his irritation with you. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh.....
  • The Brown Noser. Thanks so much for volunteering the two of us for the PDQ job. Newsflash, genius: it requires a PROGRAMMER. Which I am ​​​​​​NOT. Now you're pushing ME to git 'er done because the big wigs are pushing for it? YOU are a programmer. YOU bloody well do it. I will look at it, maybe make a half-arsed attempt, but I'm a Tech Writer.  Kiss my grits to the moon and back.


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

I'm cranky and want comfort food. I made Blueberry Muffin Bread Pudding for breakfast. Lunch is salad, which is tasty but not (to me) comfort food. I'm craving pasta. Maybe I'll throw together some Crab Alfredo and garlic bread for dinner.

What's one of your favorite comfort foods?


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I have a bucket full of effs this week:

Eff off to HR, who cancelled a meeting with me and my senior staff to discuss a significant situation. They cancelled because it was raining and they didn't want to go out "in all that mess." And I didn't want to have the discussion via Zoom.

Eff off to the hotel, the entire chain of hotels, where we stayed for the days surrounding Auntie's funeral. There were multiple issues, but the one left unresolved is being charged for a night we didn't stay. The hotel is not responding, customer service has referred me back to the hotel property and has also stopped communicating with me. I'm disputing the charge with the credit card company and maybe they can get it fixed.

Eff off to a double whammy of sinus infection and mild flu. Today is the first day in more than a week that I've felt nearly normal.

Forn: I'm in a bread baking kind of mood. Punching down the dough is great therapy.

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Because of rain?? WTH. Is it torrential rain with flash flooding? Bunch of nambypambies.

Give that dough a punch for me, please. Hope you're fully recovered ASAP!

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It was raining HARD at 8:30 when they cancelled. The meeting was scheduled for 10, and it was drizzling. So stupid.

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I'm not sure I have more than that.

Can you report their poor work ethic to HR?  (only joking lolz)

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Yeah, if you have the reservation information/confirmation then you should be able to fight that hotel charge at least with your CC company.  Do you have any travel/flight/shopping/food receipts from the day you weren't there showing you were in a different location?

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Yes, plenty of evidence. Plus screenshot of my phone call to the hotel to try to cancel, after having tried to check out at the desk. When my app didn't show me as checked out, I called.

It's all turned over to the credit card company now and I'm done trying to resolve myself. A friend who works for the same chain told me that they HATE dealing with credit card disputtes. Too bad so sad.

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Was King PITA away on vacation or something? Can't imagine how else he wouldn't make the shit list.




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EFF off to DH who has been in a MOOD the last couple of weeks. He's ADD and coupled with mild ongoing depression does not help and I'm understanding about it but I get fed up not having a partner sometimes who is engaged.  I love it when he's feeling good and he's great to be around (most of the time BTW) but good lord. He's into one of his obsessive bents too, likely working to forget about OSD who he found out from YSD is accepted to several colleges but he's not been informed of it at all - throwing him into a downward spiral again.

He also sprung on me he wants to take a trip to Europe this summer in a month when my sister is already visiting us and at the end of the month we already have a trip elsewhere in the US for a week. This would mean I would take most of the month of July off work - or at least have to work remotely, really remotely. And all that for me means PLANNING and permission.  He has most of July simply off from work each year - I don't, as I reminded him. He got all bent out of shape that I didn't want to go - nope, that's not what I'm saying DH.  What I'm saying is obviously you've been thinking about this already but not talking with me so this is the first time I'm hearing it and letting you know what *I* need to do to be able to go. Not even mentioning darling boy kitty who may or may not be still with us then. He said he'd "do some research into it" so I can plan (at least he conceded and backed off his pout-fest). But who knows how long that will be. Meanwhile I need to give my manager a heads up.  He thinks it's a long way away, but for my work it is NOT a long way away, I'm already planning my summer tasks.

Forn....I am getting a sushi lunch paid for by another company that I work with regularly AND we are getting Indian food delivery for dinner tonight - a rare treat. YSD is with us but meh, if she doesn't want it, go make yourself something bland.

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Cover, as a plannet, I'm banging my heading planner, reading that. And that is far from, say, a last minute lunch date. Ugh!

Sushi....mmmmmmm. It has been too long. Must get some soon. *kiss2*

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Eff off to some work stuff that would be too difficult to talk about here. There are big changes coming, which could be really good long-term, but will drive me bonkers in the short term.

My forn right now is carbs and fruit, particularly bagels, applesauce, and grapes. Baby says eff off to chicken. DH microwaved some chicken fingers the other day and I nearly lost my lunch. I'm a little sad by this because chicken sandwiches were my jam two weeks ago. Not anymore... 

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Lt Baby! Mommy misses her chicken. Please give her a little break. 

I just bought some strawberry applesauce. Looks pretty; hope it tastes good. 

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Yo, Hon,

At the risk of sneaking off topic, I must know how the pregnancy is proceeding. You and mini loot have been in my thoughts since being apprised of your grand news. 

I spent the first two months of my last pregnancy on my knees, worshiping that porcelain god. The negative reactions to foods that one has always enjoyed as well as hungering for weird options is, IMHO, the gestating body’s need for something lacking in the diet. Maybe not chocolate cake and pickles but applesauce and grapes; YES! 

Your pregnant self rebelled against chicken fingers!? I  rest my case.


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It's going okay, as far as I can tell. No morning sickness in the traditional sense, but the all-day nausea that hit last week is a bit dramatic. I have extra cleaned the toilets so if I find myself praying it's at least to a clean altar. I'm on a few different meds since we did IVF, so it's hard to know what is side effects to meds and what is pregnancy.

Our next ultrasound is next week, and hoping to hear a heartbeat. Had one at 6 weeks, and the heartbeat had just started flickering. Still very early, so I'm taking it one day at the time. Not much else I can doa at this point except wait and be hopeful that all is well!

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 ....I have extra cleaned the toilets so if I find myself praying it's at least to a clean altar..... ROFL

Looks like your sense of humor is still intact! Thanks for the update.

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I've got 3:

  1. Eff off to colleagues who offer to pick up a piece of work to help out and then don't actually do the work.  I normally really like one of the team but she has really annoyed me today.  I'm still working on this and she's waltzed out the door.  If I'd known she wasn't going to actually help, I would have found another way to get it done that didn't involve working late on Friday
  2. Eff off to the deal that finally finished after more than 2 years of work.  The outcome was weird and I feel like all the work I did could have been avoided because it was disregarded by in the final arbitration.  Sigh
  3. Eff off to the last thing I'm working on.  I'll be writing up the findings all day Saturday.  Double sigh


My go to is always risotto.  So easy to make and I go into a zen state stirring it.

But an alternative beef in red wine pie served with mashed potatoes and extra gravy.  Not supper health but off the scale comforting.

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TASM, that's bloody annoying. I rarely mind getting volunteered for work if it means learning a new skill. But to volunteer a tech writer to do programming?? Ish. 

Omg, woman. I.Want.That.PIE!!! What time should I be there? With a chocolatey dessert?? *biggrin*

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DAH got a "REALLY" good deal on 400 lbs of potatoes and brought them home. He knows that I have been wanting to dehydrate potato slices for our storage food. The idiot doesn't understand the amount of work it takes to process 400 lbs of potatoes for dehydrating. The bed of the truck is half full of potatoes, some of these suckers are the size of a footballs.

Oh well, I am not doing all this work all weekend without his help, he gets to stand at the hot stove blanching the damn potato slices. It's a good thing that my son and grandsons like potatoes,they will take about 20 lbs. Three other neighbors is taking 20lbs each, I can keep another 10 lbs fresh, that means that we will be processing 310 lbs of flipping potatoes all damn weekend. Time to pull out the second dehydrator. *diablo*


Forn - as you can guess:

Twice baked Potatoes, scalloped Potatoes, 4- cheese scalloped Potatoes, Potatoes Au Gratin, Garlic roasted Potatoes, mashed Potatoes, loaded baked Potato casserole, cheesy Potato soup, chili-cheese Potato skins, hash brown Potatoes, lemon-parmesan roasted Potatoes, Potatoes roasted with taco seasoning, Air Fried French fried PotatoesPotato latkes, Potato salad and German Potato salad, the list goes on and on.

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400 pounds. Four HUNDRED pounds. Gadzooks!!! I'm envisioning a friend of my sister's - who is 400 lbs - as a pile of potatoes...

Hmmmm.... cheesy potato soup sounds good for tomorrow!

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Hey, 24 years!

Many thanks for the list of potato possibilities! I copied and saved the ideas to my desktop and have already decided to make scalloped potatoes and ham tormorrow; a dish that I haven't cooked in yonks. Give rose

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Potato scones, potato chips, gratin dauphinois, pommes boulangère (thinly slice potatoes and onions, put them in an ovenproof dish, add some stock, garlic and thyme, sit a seasoned pork roast on top, and bake the lot until cooked), leek and potato soup, clapshot, Russian fish pie, and so on.

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Yo, Winterglow!

I've been to Britain several times yet have never been introduced to 'clapshot'. As a committed cook for many decades, the recipe cries out to me with its potential as an easy, stellar, side dish. 

Thanks, Hon, for your suggestions! Give rose


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Potato cakes (mashed potato pancakes) served with an Irish/English breakfast.

Not for everyday but so good as a special treat.

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FO to idiot bosses and incompetent SMEs who cause a critical outage to be far more severe than it should have been. When the powers that be get the SMEs involved it invariably turns a relatively straight forward troubleshooting effort into a never ending Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole safari that never needed to happen.  Yes Mr. Boss, it was the motor. Just as I told you it was 20 hours ago. But noooooo, you didn't listen and had to call the 12 pound brain squad to F-up my Friday.  I thought I was long past the stage of my career where I had to work a 23 hour day. The alarming part, I had a great time dealing with the crisis then gloating at the boss and the 12lb brains idiocy.


FORN  Meat. Good seasoned, low and slow smoked, melt in your mouth, moist, finger staining, decadent meat.  Just don't put glaze, sugary sauce, molasses, sticky, nasty sweet crap on it. Sugar has no business on meat.


 But tonight, is sashimi.  I am stealing my bride and wisking her away to our favorite sashimi place.  She does'nt know it yet. But it is happening.

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A number of years ago, I went with friends to a really cool restaurant that served sashimi in an oversized martini glass. The presentation was beautiful, but definitely second to the amazing sashimi that darn near melted in my mouth. The red snapper had my eyes rolling back in taste ecstasy. 

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I was only partially successful in my plans to steal my DW away for sashimi last night.  She liked the idea then told me to order it and go pick it up as she was still working.  As I left to pick up the order she jumped in my car for the short ride to pick up the food.  So, we had about 10 mins of non work time together.  The Jalapeño Yellowtail was amazing.

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Is tax season her busy time? One of my best friends is a CPA and for many reasons he is having a rough tax season this year.

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From mid February through mid April.    During the COVID era it has three stages.  Jan-April, April-Jun & July-Oct.  

Nothing more or less than anyone married to a tax pro deals with.

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LOL! Rags, all other red snapper sashimi has fallen short ever since.

Jalapeño Yellowtail sounds delicious! It's a road trip for me to get sushi/sashimi. Will have to plan one very soon.

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Our favorite Sushi chef passed away a number of years ago. We have had a global quest to find his successor ever since. We have found a number of good places but none compare to Yama and Wakita of Japan.  He was a sashimi savant.  What I would give to have his squid salad one more time.  The flavors, textures, and beautiful food art never disappointed.

We would have dinner with him nearly every Thursday night.  He would go to the Philly fish market every Friday AM at 0300 to select his fish for the week.  He never used a purveyor and always hand selected his fish.  

He, his wife Monika, my DW and I would feast and visit until just before he left for the market.

It was always amazing and an adventure with the dishes he would create in front of us after the restaurant closed.

They would  try to not let us pay for the after close feast.  I always left cash under a plate.

We Miss Wakita.