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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Friday at last! Holiday weeks always mean cramming 5 days worth of work into 4. And it seems like there is always some issue. Ugh.

Eff off to: 

  • Cancer. A friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer and starts chemo next week. She's still in shock by how fast it "grew" - clear mammogram in January. 
  • People who believe social anxiety is "a BS excuse to get out of doing work when we do everything for her". A casual friend is griping that her DIL no longer wants to host family reunions (why am I always the chosen sounding board?). It's "a lot of work" and her social anxiety "isn't up to it". Friend beeyotched how "...all she did was contribute her home and money. WE paid for food. WE cooked it. WE cleaned up. SHE didn't do a damn thing!!!" Newsflash "friend"! Do you have any idea what she does to get her home ready for the family invasion? Maybe she's a slob at heart and has to put away a bunch of stuff. Maybe you don't clean up her kitchen to her satisfaction. Maybe she doesn't want you IN her kitchen, using her pots and pans and touching her things. Maybe her living room is also her playroom and she has to hide her beeyotch boots and whips. Maybe she's under a ton of stress, her home is her sanctuary, and she can no longer tolerate your Take Charge Attitude (translation: I come into your home and take control, regardless of how you feel). But no, you can only think of yourself and how YOU don't get what YOU want and not how it might inconvenience anyone else.


Forn Friday 

Forn is a combination of 'food' and 'p0rn'.

I was in a hurry today (only had time for a protein shake for breakfast), so I made an egg sammich for lunch. Two slices of white bread (one buttered), a pair of eggs, and some salt. Can't recall the last time I had one. There are plenty of ways I enjoy eggs, but that simple pleasure dates back to childhood.

What's one of your favorite egg dishes?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off:  We lost another co-worker today, she leaves end of July. So we were fully staffed for one week. Now we are down two still and have to train another two. It's exhausting. I'm talking with our associate director today about planning and what to do. There's literally no one to cover her work. I have a long (10 days!) vacation coming up end of July and a huge huge budget planning project I need to get done before I go. Plus all the small stuff we've been doing is adding up and time is a big problem; meeting the program's "never say no" expectations are becoming completely impossible. 


Oh and Eff off to that time of month, again. I bled on my pants. FUN. Thank goodness I'm wearing a long top. 

For lunch today I had the last grilled burger thrown on leftover spaghetti with some basil pesto. It all didn't really go together but I don't care right now. The peach as dessert was excellent.  I love eggs over easy on toast.

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Cover, I feel tired just reading that! DH and I have been saying for weeks - if we were retired and wanted a job for 'extras', we'd have our pick. We're both astounded by all of the job openings and lack of business hours due to insufficient staffing. 

No spaghetti tacos? *crazy*  An excellent peach is a perfect dessert!

For whatever reason, I love eggs over easy on baked salmon. *unknw*

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Correction. We lost TWO employees today. We are now on emergency work levels only as of next week.

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Wishing you the best weekend.

I miss your awesome posts. I have to visit more often.

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Has been a two egg omlette with Swiss and parmesan cheese and on the side, crispy fried mushrooms (cooked in avacado oil) finished in butter for flavor. Ooo and a slice of rye toast. Perhaps some fresh fruit if I'm extra hungry. 




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That sounds yummy! My DH luuuuuuurrrrvvs my omelets - made with bacon and gouda cheese. Comfort food. Biggrin

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It can get a bit old.

Eff-off Friday.

  • #2 was cycling toward the end of the week. His on the spectrum/Bi-Polar crap was turbo  charged.
    • I made a decision on a sensor setting that impacted 300+ measurement points in our plant while he was on vacation a few weeks ago.  Ops wanted a change done today because they think that the fill levels could be higher. He lost his shit about how I did not coordinate with Ops, Safety, etc..  I did actually. The settings were selected after consulting with Ops though I played my I am the maintennace/reliability boss card and went to the low end of their desired range.
    • So he ran around with his hair on fire driving changing sensor settings to get the max fill levels that Ops wanted.   Long story short, part way through his effort to get the techs to reset the sensors, all of the higher fill level bin locations started to over fill and crap went everywhere which was exactly why I instructed the settings to the set levels while he was on vacation.
    • Diablo
    • Dirol
    • Did he learn anything?  Nope.
  • In his frustration today #2 asked What is it that you do since I do everything?
    • Instead of trying to reason with him as I usually would, I replied.... I tell you what to do. I would appreciate if  you learned to just do it rather than freak out.
      • ​​​​​​​No great HR risk to that since he is on his 4th people treatment investigation since I promoted him in Dec.
      • He really is excellent at his job, but the view is growing weary to the point that it is no longer worth the climb when having to guess at what his cycle rate will be hour by hour, day after day.
  • Two more 2wk notices submitted this week.  Just when my team hit 97% staffed, backwards we go.  Both are for promotion/transfers so ..... I am good with it and am happy for them.  Other than the PITA of having to replace them and my staffing metrics bouncing off of the lower control limit for the measure.


I don't eat food. I eat soilent green.  Packaged high protein low fat foods all day, with one actual meal. Usually dinner.  DW and I started on IP again two weeks ago because neither of us are particularly happy with the COVID weight we have put on.  So far, I am down almost 15lbs in 13 days. She is down about 10.  Which drives her nuckin futz.  It is a muscle mass and period thing.  My muscle mass (just being male, nothing I accomplished) drives my weight loss at a faster pace than her lower muscle mass from being female.  And... apparently when it is period week, weight loss is severely curtailed.

But, she looks HOT regardless. I am a fortunate man.  Hopefully she has a good result when we weigh in tomorrow AM with the Coach and the Doc.

Another 80 and I will be at my college athelete weight.  At this rate, if I can stay the course, I should be under 200#s near my 59th and last birthday. I will not recognize any birthdays after 59.  I refuse.

Happy weekend STalkers.


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Congrats on the weight loss!

Sooooo... henceforth, you will be 59 with <insert number> years of experience? *ROFL*

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Is soilent green a cheeky reference to the film Soylent Green?  "Soylent green is People"

good luck on your weight loss journey 

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We eat packts all day until one full meal at the end of the day.  I refer to the packets as Soilent Green.  Though as far as I know, the packets are not people. They are primarily low carb mostly plant based protein foods.

Thank you for the support.

It is going slower this time though we were already on a moderately low carb way of eating.  Rather than the carb bomb all the time nutrition plan we were on prior to the last time we did IP.

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My mother was 29 for half a dozen years. She still stands on the "fact" that she is a year younger than I am.  She was 19 when I was born. Dad was 21. They had been married nearly 2yrs when I made my entrance.

She still tells her GKs that I am a year older than her though they are 29, 28, 25, and 21.  When they were young it used to drive them nuts though initially they would harrass me about being older than my mother.

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I think any reason to stop hosting family events is fine.  Lol.  I would have an issue with anybody setting the expectation that I would  host.  If it ain't my idea, it ain't happening,  I wouldn't care how much food they brought or how well they cleaned up.  The nerve.


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Exactly, JRI. I used to host an annual family barbecue. Everyone brought something, but it was still a lot of work for me: finding a date that worked for everyone, sending out the invites (before email!), coordinating the menu so we didn't have 5 kinds of potato salad, a buffet table, enough chairs for all, games for the kids, set up the area, stock the bathrooms.... The biggest thing for me was having to be "on". Yes, they're family, but is everyone having a good time? Was anyone alone or looking left out? Are we out of ice or napkins? My sanity?? I'm great at planning and executing, but it takes days for me to recover afterwards. My anxiety was up from the moment a date was selected. I cannot imagine hosting someone so bloody entitled and obnoxious about it!

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Back in the day, I always did Christmas.  Our 5 kids were all just starting out, I had always done it and wanted to continue.  BUT I had an unrealistic idea of what I could handle.  I was working full time at a job with heavy year-end work, I was attending night school, all on top of high maintenanve DH, the kids and the house. So, I was sending cards, decorating, putting up the tree, hosting cookie baking, crafts,  shopping for gifts for them all, cooking, running to pick up a Santa suit and hosting out of towners. I think that was the year I had it in my head to make dress-up bridal gowns for the 2 oldest GDs so I had all that going on, too.  

I was so exhausted afterwards and, in my head, blamed them all for just showing up, eating, drinking then going home.  But, it was my own fault for being so unrealistic.  Thats when I started cutting back, more each year.  Did anybody notice? Or care?  No.

Sometimes, I feel guilty because I was raised by family members who were good hostesses, I must have missed that gene.  Lol.  I just don't enjoy it.  It is what it is.

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Like you, I started cutting back. I moved the location to a pavilion. No more worries about tables and chairs or stocked bathrooms. A play area next to it eliminated coming up with kiddie activities. Email made invites much easier and efficient. 

In my case, everyone wanted the event, but no one wanted to help. And I asked! Nope. It was always "I'm too busy" with whatever. Enter Pandemic Years 2020 and 2021. No barbecue. This year? Some are still wearing masks and insist on social distancing. That's fine, but a bit unrealistic to expect a group our size to effectively social distance in that type of setting. "Stay away from the appetizers! Fred is filling his plate!! And don't breathe on them while you get yours because Wilma doesn't want cooties!!!" And, yes, hold your breathe/don't breathe by the food was an actual demand. Eff off to that noise. I refused to plan without help, all refused to help. I never enjoyed doing it lol. *unknw*

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Late due to vacation and time differences worse than normal. 
Eff off to food poisoning. I got a dose from a reasonably posh restaurant on Wednesday night. I had pizza with fresh mozzarella (uncooked).  No seafood.
By midnight I was projectile vomiting like the kid in the exorcist. I won't give the details of the rest of the symptoms. Finally left the bathroom at 5am.

Have managed to leave the house to go to the beach for the first time today. 

Sorry Aniki, I can't do food yet. 

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Oh no, TASM!!! What a cruddy thing to happen; especially on vacation. I hope you're better ASAP. Be sure to hydrate! {{hugs}}

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I'm better now. But still feeling very conservative with my food choices. Very over flat warm 7up. *help*

Off to experiment with a glass of rosé. Wish me luck!

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I gave up hosting family events about 10 years ago, on my daughters' 10th birthday. My BIL decided it would be a good idea for me to combine their birthday with those of two nieces ... and I said "no". The nieces were in their 20s and their birthdays were in August. My daughters were 10 in October, being twins neither would ever have her own birthday celebration just for her and there was no way I was adding two adults to the mix - if they hadn't celebrated their birthdays when they happened, well, tuff, not my problem. It was just the last straw for me - for reasons I do not know, when the family came to our place, somehow no holds were barred and they'd settle grievances at my table. Frankly, I had had enough. These days, they still come to dinner/lunch but only one couple at a time. I couldn't face the whole clan descending upon my home at the same time again.

Eggs! How I love eggs in all their forms! I make the world's best scrambled eggs, BTW. One of my daughters (she has Down syndrome) loves a boiled egg for breakfast so I bought her an egg cooker so she could safely cook her eggs all by herself. Then I found out it also made perfect poached eggs (oh boy, oh boy poached eggs on toast for breakfast!). Yumm. I'm fond of runny spinach omemettes too. My top ten egg recipes includes an Indian recipe with hard-boiled eggs in a spicy cream sauce (a "died and gone to heaven" recipe). 

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Hosting can be the worst. Well done putting your foot down. 

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Egads, the settling of grievances brings back memories. Psycho exh's family was so dysfunctional, they took pleasure in sniping at each other until someone got upset. The one who drew virtual blood basked in perverted pleasure while the non-victims gave kudos. Thankfully, I was Grey Rocking before knowing what it was, was no fun, and no one targeted me. 

Ooooooohhhh, the Indian recipe sounds divine! 

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I will give my belated Eff off

Eff Off to management that told me to submit my remote work proposal.. (the 5th time I have been asked to refresh the request by my manager).. AGAIN.. in January.. when I informed them that my DH had a job opp that would require extensive travel but his company allowed me to go all exp paid.. I told them that we needed to know because he had to decide whether to take the job.  So.. they asked for the proposal and I was sure that they would finally come up with some offer that would allow more than the "standard" 3 day in the office away.. I rehomed my dog.. my birds.. I "sold" my horse (see EFF off 2) and he quit his in state job and accepted the new job. 

I have now heard.. 6 months later that it is highly unlikely that I will get any approval for fewer than 3 days in office a week.  I actually went over my direct mgr's head and sent a prompting email to the director asking if they could at least provide some relief because fuel prices are killing me when I am driving 2 hours each way to work.  And it's almost a month later.. and he has not even acknowledged I sent him the email.. but my manager did say last week that it didn't look like they were going to allow anything.  By the way.. my job deals almost all with people who don't work in my department.. and not in my building.. or are outside the company.  And.. my whole group is well seasoned.. no new people needign mentoring etc.. it's just effin arbitrary.

I'm pissed.. if they were going to say NO.. they should have done so before my husband quit his job.. now he is basically not working since he won't go without me.. and all the other stuff I have given up because of this potential job.  

My 2nd Eff off is that because I thought it was imminent that I would be leaving town fairly quickly.. I called a trainer I knew to take my horse and sell it for me.. long story but she ended up sending him to a sale.. which she didn't really give me the straight story on.. and to date I have gotten zero money for the horse she sold that I owned.. I paid about 5K for the horse.. supposedly he sold at the sale for 42 or 4300(number changed in her telling me.. so who knows really).. there were sale fees and transport fees.. to a completely different state.. I had no idea she was sending him with another person out of state either.. I thought SHE was taking him to a local sale.. again.. she wasn't really forthcoming... so I may be out totally... she is giving me the runaround on "not having stamps" etc.. and she will have to sell something to pay me (uhhh did you not get paid by the sale barn?)

Effin eff 3.. my YSD came home to take pictures with her grandparents this past weekend.. and my negative MIL had to tell her she hated the dress.. and just bitched and moaned the whole time.. she invited us to have dinner with them.. and my YSD got there and they had already eaten.. plus she had cooked stuff with food that my DH has told her he cannot eat because it's part of what put him in the hospital last year... sheesh.. and she got mad at him because she had him change the battery in her car and not sure why she is mad at my DH.. it's not his fault she left the lights on.. whew...


I actually don't like eggs too much..

But we set our crab pots this past week and I picked two pounds of crab meat.. we have had crab salad.. crab balls.. crab cakes!

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Gadzooks, ESMOD, I'm seething over your work, horse's arse trainer, AND your negative Nelly MIL. WTF?! They all deserve a kick in the pants to dislodge their heads from their posterior.

Hallelujah to the crab!!! Psssst... if there's egg in the balls or cakes, let's consider that an egg dish. Wink