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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Friday at last. Woo hoo! I am ready for the weekend. 

Eff off to: 

  • Vehicle Warranty telemarketers. It takes a special kind of asshattery to do that job. I love how they want to extend the soon-to-be expired warranty on my car, but have NO idea what car I own. Really?? How can you not know that? You must know because you say my warranty is about to expire! I like to act miffy and tell them that I just sold my car and don't need a warranty for my <pick one> bicycle, horse, unicycle, elephant, canoe, rabid giant dingo. 
  • King Pita. Newsflash, KP. Pink Power Ranger and I do not do the same job. And PPR did not leave any instructions on how to perform any of her job duties. I'll give it my best shot, but if something is wrong with the hieroglyphic translation, we're up the proverbial creek and you're the only one who has anything remotely resembling a paddle.
  • People who think they can change others. JUST NO!!! You accept them as they are, faults and all, or find someone else who already has the qualities you want. Gads. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Who likes fruit sauces? For meat, cake, etc... I had a few strawberries leftover (package of frozen ones). Not enough to bother baking/buying a cake and I wanted them for breakfast sooooo... I pureed them, tossed them in a small saucepan, and added a 1/2 Tbsp of sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla bean paste, and a pat of butter. Heated it until hot and served it over fresh waffles. DH is begging me to make this again soon! 

What do you cook with fruit?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! *give_rose*


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EFF off to ... I don't know  OSD and BM?  Apparently OSD has accepted a college offer but no idea for sure, where or when. He's heard zip about HS graduation ceremony and doesn't expect to. He thinks that OSDs wealthy grandfather is footing the bill for school. YSD confirmed OSDs acceptance but that's it. He doesn't expect YSD to be in the middle so that's ok but he could ask if she's happy for her sister or whatever - it's such a fine line with PAS. DH seems ok, he's been a bit out of it lately (because of this and I was right again!) and is hopefully going to find a PAS counselor for himself as we discussed last night. Crossing fingers for this.

I don't really cook with fruit - hot fruit is something I do not enjoy. Maybe a warm pie slice now and then or a warm cobbler. At the other end perhaps a warm current sauce to go with beef or something, but very little. Berry pancakes, but not often. I make plum and blackberry jam every summer. Yellow plums from our tree and berries from the plethora around us on the side lanes. I think this year I may not because we have so much left from last year!

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Cover, I have never before made jam but want to try my hand at it. We could pick gallons of blueberries and apples every year, but leave most for the critters to eat!

One thing I've always wanted to try making is mountain ash jelly. The berries are bitter, but I'd balance it with our crabapples (soooooo sweet!). 

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Aaah, jam... Every time I make strawberry jam and smell that divine aroma, suddenly I'm five years old and in my mother's kitchen. 


I used to make orange jelly marmalade every year because my FIL had a Seville orange tree in his garden. He'd grown it from a seed but never knew what to do with the fruit. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago and the house was sold. The marmalade made from the oranges was gloriously tart and a pure ray of sunshine on my breakfast toast! 

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The marmalade made from the oranges was gloriously tart...

Awesome! It's wonderful when the natural tartness is allowed to shine and isn't overly sugared. A few things I love and prefer tart: rhubarb, gooseberries, cranberries. 

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The easiest way is freezer jam!  Super easy.  I just use Martha Stuart's recipe and add a bit more pectin than she does (plums are super juicy).  Can get it all done within two hours. Then I give a lot away.

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my mom made this every year after we went strawberry picking.  So good......

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Eff off to incompetent males who couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery.

DD got the chance of going on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas as part of a group. After a 6 hour bus trip, they arrived to find the gates closed and got to watch the ship sailing. The moron who set the whole thing up thought that 6 pm was when the gates closed. Nope. The gates closed at 2 pm and the ship sailed at 6pm. Not to say she's disappointed (and angry). He had better not try to get her to pay for her ticket ...

Mince an' tattie soup tonight - beef/chicken stock, diced carrots, onions, potatoes (tatties) and mince (AKA ground beef). I might even make cheese scones and an apple crumble. Hmmm ... Who knows? Maybe even  some custard ...

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Winterglow, KP is one of those males!

Oh, that sucks for your DD and companions. What a big screw up! 

I don't want to show up at your place empty-handed, so I can make some Rieska to go with that soup! *biggrin*

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Lawyers. Can't stand them but they are a necessary evil sometimes.

Waffles and strawberries sound wonderful Aniki!  I sometimes make a blueberry sauce to go over salmon.  SO isn't too keen on it but I love blueberries and salmon.  And its good for us so it will get made from time to time when we've got extra blueberries to use.

Love any kind of fruit cobbler.  In fact, I'll be making a peach cobbler for SO's mom for Mother's Day (we're flying out next week for a short visit with her).  Along with chicken marsala (her and SO's fave), mashed sweet potatoes, and peas for the main course!

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Caninelover, I often add blueberries and salmon to salad. Great combo!

Yummy! I need to make something with the potatoes we have. I'm actually tired of mashed... *wacko*

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The C word. 

My sister just found out she has stage 3 colorectal. She's 44 years old and the healthiest person in our family. We (her and my other sister) are trying to figure out how, when, if to tell my parents. (Esp mom) mom is in bad health and has a very huge fear of the C word. Up till now we have not had any in our family. 

We know we have to tell her but it's a huge worry the effect it will have on her on top of the stress of my poor sister's dx. UGH Just want to bury my head in sand. 

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I am SO sorry to hear that! Cancer sucks!!!

Stage 3 is still treatable, yes? Maybe tell your parents after sis has a treatment plan? {{{Hugs}}} and prayers.

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Thank you.

Yes the Dr's are "throwing everything at it" as they say. We will know more this week. 

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1) Eff off to the 10lbs I have gained since going on my new closed loop insulin pump/CGM system.  Guess what Rags?  Though when your body can function as close to that of a normal person as is possible for a T-1 diabetic, cheating bites you in the ass, the gut, the chin, etc..... I love the technology and my Blood Glucose stability is incredible but no more cheating. Damn it!

2) Eff off  to my brain still working through how to not have what I know about people who are important to people who are important to me overwhelm my ability to be supportive.  My DW flew home this week for her cousin's funeral.  The celebration of life gathering was really nice. I watched the web caste. Great slide show, nice sentiments spoken by people who cared about her and loved her. 

Then came the pop up dialogue in my head.  Well sure, she was beautiful, but you people don't know the facts. She was a lying money stealing manipulator.  Knowing too much can be a challenge.  I actually threw up in the back of my throat a little bit with the repeated "She was so amazing... blah, blah, blah" speakers who did not know crap about the reality of this person. Or worse, knowingly lied about her.

The good news, I was able to keep these things at the thought level rather than verbalizing them during our several times per day check ins.  It is a struggle, but I am working on it.  I could hear my wife being wary that I might say something when she put me on speaker when she was at various family dinners/gatherings this week. But.. I bit my tongue.  Sigh. I fully intend to keep  biting my tongue when DW gets home on Sunday.


Now that I am reset on the fact that I can't cheat (no carbs), all I want is to cheat.  Meh.

Time for a great Prime Rib with mashed cauliflower, saute'd shrooms, and amazing green beens... oh yeah, and a nice wedge salad. To remind me that cheating is never worth it.  There are amazing foods out there that are not poison to me. But damn, I miss cheese cake.

As for cooking with fruit. You landed on the one fruit that I can eat (in moderation).  Berries. Blue, Rasp, Black, Straw, Cran.  When we make Chaffles (usually cheese or almond flour based waffles) or almond flour muffins-waffles-pan cakes, etc.. we will often make a berry sauce much like you made for breakfast. Instead of sugar, we use a Stevia based sweetener.  One of my favorites that my culinarily talented bride makes is curried cranberries.  She modifies it using Truvia and  zero carb orange marmalade instead of the fully leaded sugar based versions.  It is great with meat, baked goods (low carb), on ice cream (low carb) and we usually have a container in the refrigerator. The house smells incredible when she makes it. Moderation of portion sizes is critical for my blood glucose management.

Enjoy STalkers. Have a great weekend.

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Good on you for biting your tongue. Honestly, it's not worth the effort to utter those contradictions or negativities. I know! Smile That was a small slot of time in the grand scheme of things. 


Curried cranberries?? Oh, myyyyyyyyyy! I wonder how they'd taste with turkey. Biggrin

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They are so good that they are no longer only for TG.

On the tongue biting... I am finding that it is getting a little bit easier. Another 58 years and I should just about have it mastered.


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I have many scars on my tongue from biting it! ;) It does get easier over the years. 

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I was too busy with a project to comment yesterday.  But Eff off to work!  I have been working stupid long hours this week and am working stupid long hours this weekend on a deal.  Is this necessary? No, if everyone was actually doing their activity at the right time we wouldn't be scrambling around at the last minute fixing problems.  Argh!!!!!  Oh and to add insult to injury, I have a work call booked in for 8.30am on Sunday...


Mr TASM is feeling so sorry for me that he is offering to make lasgane or beef pie for dinner.  I can't decide between cheesy or pastry goodness.

I don't love desert but one thing I occassionally yearn for from childhood is chocolate and apple pie.  My mom used to make this.  It was a basic apple pie recipe but she used chocolate to sweeten the apples instead of adding sugar.  My friends used to think it was to bizarre until they tasted it and then were hooked.

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That's a tough choice! Pasta is comfort food (to me), but beef pie sounds delicious!

I'm game to taste chocolate apple pie. Shall I bring coffee, tea, or milk? Wink

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How about a nice cold white wine? *drinks*

I hear you on the pasta.  But he's now adding confusion by offering a 3rd suggestion - Curry night with popadoms and mango chutney.  Too many yummy choices.

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I just picked up a nice white wine yesterday! *drinks*

Why, how nice of him to offer to cook 3 nights in a row. *dirol*

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Its Curry night.  You are all welcome.  I'll be serving prosecco.  Bubbly goes really well with spice.  *drinks*


(And yes he has offered to cook for 3 nights in a row. Lucky me)

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Sounds delicious!  At my old house we used to have blackberry bushes along the railroad tracks, so me and the SD's would have fun picking them every week. We'd wash and dry, and freeze them until we had enough for several batches of blackberry jam. Then SD18 would help me make the jam. Its very easy - the recipe is on the box of pectin. You can even get sugarfree pectin. I used to eat half and give half away to coworkers, family and friends who had moved to another state and missed the berries we have here. I also make almond rice pudding with raspberry sauce. Its amazing. 

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Love blackberries - especially apple and blackberry (or brambles as we called them) crumble. We seldom get enough rain around here to get big fat ones (there used to be a roadside and interfield irrigation system here but a private company harnessed the water and one of the casualties was blackberries) but once, many years ago, we had a huge glut of them resulting in multiple jars of blackberry jelly and a 5-litre bottle of cordial!

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I made a Blackberry-Jalapeño Sauce not too long ago and served it over pork.

Raspberry sauce with rice pudding sounds scrumptious! I've only eaten rice pudding plain.