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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF!!! Sorry this is so late, but it's been a cuh-razy day. Soooooo ready for the weekend!

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. *dash1*
  • Grocery prices. Frozen fruit just went up 20%.
  • Gas prices. I wonder if DH can convert our vehicles to run on mosquitos and wood chips...
  • Deer flies. Don't know they bit you until you notice blood running down your <insert body part>. Then they get hard and swollen and itchy. 

If you've noticed the absence of King Pita lately, it's because he's too busy to pester me with nonsensical caca and I've been able to work with little interference. *yahoo*


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Ever have a food disaster? Something goes wrong, you take steps to (hopefully) fix it, and end up with something tastier than you imagined? 

We ordered pizzas the other night. DH lost control of my pizza. I opened the box and the cheese and toppings were all piled in a corner and half the pizza was bare. Aaaaand the crust was undercooked. It is a royal pain trying to rearrange cheesy toppings once they've congealed. Pick up a slice that is fully topped and it slides off because it's cheese-glued to the pile. Sigh...

So I melted some garlic-herb butter in a skillet, got out the Jalapeño-Cheddar bread, spread some of the cheese glob on top, put it in the skillet, and put the lid on. 

OH.EM.GEE. I told DH he should juggle my pizza box more often. He took a bite and was ready to drop his own pizza! *ROFL*

What food foul-ups have you turned around?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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To Inflation.  It sucks, period.

Food disasters?  Oh yes.  Yesterday I was making choc chip cookies and guess what I forgot to add?  Butter.  LOL.  I was looking at the dough thinking hmmm this looks wrong.  Then I see the butter still on the counter Sad

My disasters are usually just a re-do, sadly.  Fortunately doesn't happen too often!

Jalepeno cheddar bread sound delicious by itself.  Now add a cheese glop on top and it must have been heaven!

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Sucks is a mild word, caninelover!

Oops! What did you do with the dough?

The local grocery store has it; first time I've purchased it. I keep saying I want to make jalapeño-cheddar beer bread and bought this to try. Of course, the beer bread will taste different, but I wanted a pre-comparison. This has grated cheddar and sliced jalapeños mixed in the dough and some cheese on top. I'll mix the melted butter into the beer bread (instead of pouring on top) so my bread isn't as crusty.

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I chucked it.  Well I ate some and then and I chucked it LOL.

That bread sounds divine with a big hot bowl of tomato soup.  Mmmm.

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Too much going on this weekend to make soup, but Monday's forecast calls for some rain and a high of 59°. Good soup/bread weather!

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Eff off to StubHub. SO and I went to the Yankees game Wednesday (I bought the tickets that morning) just for the game to get rained out and rescheduled for 1pm yesterday... yeahhh guess what! I had to work (DUH) and only option was to sell tickets. No one bought them so you are SOL. $140 gone.

I emailed customer service for the Yankees. Haven't gotten a response yet.. I just want a credit not even a refund! Seems pretty unjust to me. 

Food disaster.

SD and I tried twice to make these "aquarium cookies." They were two cookies, cut the middle out, melted jolly ranchers, then combine them and put sprinkles in the middle to make the appearance of an aquarium. Total fail. When we tried the 2nd time I knew it was a mistake 2 minutes in haha. 

Enjoy the weekend! 

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Bummer, MissK03! IMO, a reschedule should warrant a refund or credit. Not everyone can attend the reschedule. 

Those cookies sounds neat! Must google...

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Eff off to MORE gloomy weather.  GAHHHHHHHH

Eff off to being wide awake at 11:30 pm and had to get up at 5:30. I do not do well on less than 7 hrs. 

Eff off to PMS. I have a girls day tomorrow and I do NOT want to have to deal with feeling crappy and bleeding tomrrow.  GAHHHHHH. Plus I lose my appetite and we have a booking at a French restaurant.

Food disasters?  Eh, not many at all. BUT I did do an Italian Sicilian casserole recently. I knew something was wrong with the recipe as I started garlic (?), no tomato paste (?), no herbs (?), no salt/pepper or red pepper flakes (?).  I decided it was a bare bones recipe and you added in what you wanted so luckily I did that and added some fresh basil and extra fresh grated parmesean (USA parmesean which is 100% inferior to Italian but store had NO real parmesean in) and juuuuust saved it. It was still a bit bland, but I just froze the leftover and will ressurect it next week.

I mean, if one followed the recipe to a "t" then you'd have pasta covered in tomato sauce with ground meat (unseasoned) and bland cheese on the top. AWFUL.

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Cover, that's when I wish coffee came put of the shower head!

Wow, that recipe sounds incredibly bland. Good thing you're creative.

French always makes me think of Coq Au Vin and macarons. Hope your PMS takes a hike!

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Eff off to the two most senior of my staff, who are fighting. They've been fighting for 20 years. Usually they manage to keep it professional, but there was a recent blow up over stupid stuff.

Eff off to ridiculous fee fees. Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean they're bullying you. Disagreements, when handled with professionalism and grace, are valuable.I WANT more perspectives than my own.

Master of kitchen disasters here. Cake sticks to the pan? Cakepops coming up! And I'd be a great contestant on Nailed It! Not really a disaster, but last night I was making a What's In the Fridge stir fry. I had intended to use a block of tofu, but forgot about it, and I had plenty of other protein anyway. So this weekend I might make a tofu cheesecake, which will be new for me. Dessert is always the best course anyway.

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I'll second your eff off to ridiculous fee fees! Why on earth is it that not agreeing is becoming the equivalent of bullying?! I can't tell you how many work disagreements during brainstorming sessions resulted in the team resolving the issue and creating a better product. Ish.

Oh, those evil little cake pops! Eat 3 and you've eaten the equivalent of half a cake. Wink

The one time my mom had a cake fail, she stuffed cake pieces into ice cream cones,  added a little frosting, then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. *biggrin*

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Efffff off to work.  It's a once in a billion years 4 day weekend here and I have to work on a project that has to be done by Wednesday.  The worst bits are I won't get make up time and there is a 50/50 chance the project gets sh*t canned on Monday. 

Did manage to get out yesterday with DH for an amazing meal.  Favorite dish was a mini savoury donut stuffed with caramised onion.  Next favourite was lightly cured sea trout.  Yum.


I can't think of anything to meet this week's challenge.  But I do know I'm looking forward to making and eating a zuchini, feta, mint and lemon salad.

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Shall I bring a bottle of white wine? Wink

IMO, sweets-turned-savory are underrated. One of my fave recipes is a garlic cheesecake. People immediately grimace and poo-poo it. But it's an appetizer; not a dessert. Your doughnut. My cheesecake. Let's have an appetizer party! *biggrin*

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Wine is always welcome.  We had a nice bottle with the meal yesterday.

The garlic cheesecake sounds wonderful.  I'm imagining a flavour like boursin on a crackery base.  or maybe a soft whipped goats cheese.  *drool*

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The crust has bread crumbs and butter and the filling is a cream cheese-feta base. Must make for a get-together soon...

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All I can offer for forn this week is a cake I have to bake for Tuesday (my daughter has celiac and I try to supply her with a meal that sticks as closely to the day centre menu as possible so she doesn't feel "different" and Tuesday's dessert is a cake) - all I know is that it's to be citrus, cinnamon and honey... hmmm. Think I'll just adapt my gingerbread recipe and make it with chestnut flour (as usual), honey (as usual), cinnamon and candied orange peel. 

When we first learned she had celiac, I developed a true hate for having to cook to order.  I felt like a slave and truly resented it. These days, I've loosened up a bit and now realize what a boon it is to get a menu drawn up for you every week. I make at least 5 portions of everything so the 4 of us can eat it at dinner and DD can have "seconds" next day for lunch. 

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Winterglow, that cake description is making my mouth water! A friend's daughter (4yo) was recently diagnosed with celiac. If you have a fave website or cookbook, I'd very much appreciate it if you would pass it/them on so I can share with her.

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I tried a few books but they were all so FAFFY. Every author had his or her personal blend of impossible to find or afford flours so I just adapted my recipes. I seldom go beyond cornstarch (cornstarch white sauce is easier to clean from the pan!), chickpea flour, whole rice flour (not often), chestnut flour, and Schar's blend for bread. 

Please tell them to take heart, there's a surprising number of foods that are naturally gluten free but to avoid any industrially produced foodstuffs because they are all, with no exception, utter shite. 

Finally, Barilla makes the gf pasta that comes closest the real thing (unless they can find Garofalo...). 

I find it easier to have a gf home... annoying as heck to start with but easier in the end. 

Right, I'm off to make spaghetti with diced fresh tomatoes, basil from the garden, local olive oil and parmesan. 

If something is bothering them, I'd be happy to help. 

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Thanks so much for the tips and offer to help!!

I have a lovely zinfandel that would go with that pasta... Wink