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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Are you ready for the weekend? I am!!! My insomnia has been in the driver's seat this week. Ish. Sleeping until noon tomorrow sounds like a lovely dream. Too bad there's a ton of rain in the forecast because overnight temp in the upper 40s and open windows are perfect sleeping conditions for this Finn. Nothing like snuggling deep down in the covers and DH saying, "Okay, baby, I'm ready." and stoically braces himself for my cold feet on his legs. What a champ! <3

Eff off to:

  • Insomnia. Nothing like being all drowsy and yawny...until my head hits the pillow and my mind goes into overdrive. It would be great to have a switch to turn my mind off or into Sleep Mode. But, no. It has to jump all over the place, one thing leading to another, thinking about work, why doesn't Tarzan have a beard, getting the kitchen painted (before 2047 would be nice...), what should I do with the rest of the cherry tomatoes... Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Can someone kidnap the Sandman and bring him to my house? It's at the corner of Sleepless Road and Insomnia Street. Look for the bleary-eyed, crazy woman in the road...
  • Trolls. Get a life. Sheesh!
  • Motor Mouth Mona. MMM is a nice woman, but she simply cannot stop talking. She knows her stuff, but trying to "extract" only the information needed is impossible. MMM cannot stay focused and jumps around all over the place, then "shares" totally irrelevant stuff. Like sheep shearing. MMM gives you all of the details about sheep shearing, walks you through all of the steps (always forgetting a few so you have to "go back"), then tells you that the Boss is the only one allowed to shear sheep. Um, why did you train us on sheep shearing if we will never be able to do it? Like King Pita, MMM can double/triple the time of a 30 minute meeting. Unlike KP, MMM is helpful, but she adds so much useless filler that you only need about a fifth of what she says. And I feel like I need a fifth after working with her. 
  • Telemarketers. Blech.
  • People who refuse to listen to you. Yesterday, one of the neighbors was hollaring for me throught the kitchen door. While I was working. He told me what he needed to, I thanked him and said I needed to get back to work...and he starts talking about something else. Okay, that's nice. I need to get back to work. Oh, and blah blah blah... Uh-huh, working here. Oh, you're still working? Yuh-huh. Well, blah blah blah. Okay, nice talking with you. Guess you need to get back to work... *dash1*


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. I love to cook and like the challenge of creating new dishes out of leftovers. Sometimes the concoction is meh and sometimes it ends up as a keeper recipe. DH was working the other night and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store or thawing anything so I looked at what I had and started throwing things together. 

  1. Pan fried a lonely slice of prosciutto. Set aside.
  2. In the same skillet, a glob of olive oil and cherry tomatoes. Cooked until the skins had some char marks and the tomatoes were soft enough to squish.
  3. Add the last bit of chopped shallot and some garlic, cook another minute and shove to one side of my Texas skillet.
  4. Throw zoodles on the other side and add some salt.
  5. Add the last of the goat cheese to the tomatoes and stir. 
  6. Plate the zoodles, stir freshly chopped basil into the goat cheese/tomato sauce and pour over zoodles, top with proscuitto pieces.
  7. Take a bite, eyeballs seem to do a 360, write down recipe after eating. 


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Sure like what you did with those leftovers. Yum!

Eff off to telemarketers. 8 calls yesterday. Dash 1

Eff off to cancer. Sad

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Watereddown, it was much better than I expected. Biggrin

Eight calls?? Good grief. 

Cancer is always an eff off. PM'd you. {{hugs}}

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Eff off to fires and smoke, our air quality yesterday was 360, breathing was a chore.


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360? Holely old socks, advice. And I imagine it felt like you were breathing in old socks. Sad

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They have been, we are getting all the smoke from the Windy fire in the Sequias, and it sucks because it just settles in our valley and can't move out.  I'm sure you guys have had it rough up north with the Caldor Fire.

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Eff off to:

  • Random hotflashes. Thanks meds.
  • Insomnia. Thanks hotflashes.
  • Physical and mental exhaustion. Thanks insomnia.
  • Any and all responsibility. Thanks exhaustion.

I'm going away for the weekend with friends, so I'm hoping to recharge (but given the amount of liquor accompanying us, that may not happen, lol).

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LT, ugh ugh ugh! Hot flashes flat out suck. Nothing like being fresh from the shower and suddenly pouring so much sweat, you have to change clothes. There are times when I cannot fling off the bedcovers fast enough. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend - it sounds like fun! Pssssst... if you end up with a hangover, you might feel recharged once you recover. *drinks*

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Oh man I remember the meds giving me hot flashes... I bought some socks with ice packs built in to help! I would fall asleep with them on my feet. 

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If I'm in a good mood (it happens), I them that they called me twice on Tuesday and that, if they called again, I would be going after them for harassment. I always finish with a very stern, very clipped "have I made myself clear?" And that usually substantially reduces the number of calls.

Alternately, if you're feeling bad ... ask them what they're wearing. You'll be treated to the phone slamming equivalent of running and leaving skidmarks. This also reduces the number of calls.

Unfortunately, you have to waste time to gain time. However, as I am self-employed, I can afford to leave the phone off the hook and not have voicemail on my landline. I have a second landline whose number is listed nowhere and that I give only to clients and close friends. Ditto with my cell - only clients, professional sites, and close friends.

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Winterglow, you're speaking my language with telemarketers! We should have a list of Telemarketer Off-color and Repelling Topics (TORT). Not all that long ago, I received a call that was obviously a scam to get my credit card info. Jimboy (not Jimbo - I asked and he repeated slowly, enunciating) was trying to get Mr. Anikin Lastname to pay for the year's supply of penis cream he had ordered online. Seems they ran "Anikin's" credit card and it failed. Riiiiiight.

I told Jimboy that I no longer needed that penis cream because I'd recently undergone gender reassignment and was now known as Sugar Pie DeSanto and to please accept that penis cream as a gift, in celebration of my wormanhood. 

For some reason, Jimboy developed an acute stutter... *unknw*

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Eff off to a crank DH. He had a hard work week that ended with his staying up all night, till 5:00 am on Wednesday. Super sucks but that's his job 3x per year. Yesterday he was STILL harping about it and jumped down my throat for nothing, I didn't even say anything to him but he's just lost all help from me for anything over the weekend. I've been working on site a LOT this month (1.5 hour commute each way so bascially a 12.5 hour day for me) and I've not asked him to do anything much more than reasonable and just get grumbling from him. So yes, done helping DH until his attitude adjusts.

Eff off to OSD and college. THIS is what ultimately I believe is DHs issue. WHENEVER OSD and BM come up DH gets p*ssy with me. I'm not playing.

I was hoping for a relaxing weekend but YSD is here again and I may just run errands a lot again.

I realized I've never eaten panna cotta. Wha.....?  So I'm definitely making it this weekend. YSD won't touch it and DH might not either and so my neighbors will also get a treat.

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Cover, it's annoying when you're the target of someone's misplaced anger. Someone once claimed he blew up at me because I was "so understanding".  I said that while I am understanding, my tolerance becomes less and less when you keep taking it out on me instead of discussing it with the root. Poopie head. 

Okay, I've never eaten panna cotta either. It alwasy looks like bland Flan! This recipe looks tasty:

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I think it's going to be better than expected.  I have a good italian cookbook someone gave me, still haven't used it as I haven't been cooking as much but I need to pull that out for the fall.  There may be a good recipe for it in there.

I'm not a flan fan. I love creme brule and I'm thinking it's more in line with that on the flavor end.

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Italian is right up there in my fave dishes. 

I am horribly picky about flan. Creme brule.... *yahoo*

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Eff off to today.  I went out for an amazing lunch with great friend yesterday that lasted until 6pm.  I'm feeling very tired today.

F0rn is fast comfort food today.  This should take about 10 minutes start to finish. 

Traditional Carbonara

  • 2 eggs
  • half cup cubed pancetta
  • enough pasta for two
  • oodles of freshly grated parmesan
  • pepper
  1. Get the pasta on to cook in salted boiling water
  2. Fry the pancetta or bacon
  3. Once browned take it out of the pan as set aside
  4. Turn off the heat under the frying pan
  5. While the pasta finishes cooking, beat the eggs and add half the parmesan to the egg mixture
  6. Drain the pasta but reserve one cup of cooking water
  7. Thin the egg mixture with a few splashes of the cooking water
  8. Toss the pasta in the frying pan with bacon fat
  9. Add the bacon back into the frying pan
  10. Pour the egg mix into the pasta and toss until you have a thick creamy coating on the pasta.  You can add more of the reserved cooking water if the sauce is too thick
  11. Serve with the remaining grated cheese and season with freshly grated black pepper


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TASM, that sounds like a wonderful lunch! Haven't had one of those in many years. 

Thank you for sharing your carbonara recipe! I once made an avocado carbonara, but it was ruined by the noodles (wheat). Never again. I've been itching to try my hand at a brown butter-mizithra cheese pasta. *biggrin*

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I'm not a big group type but I do like seeing some special people 1-2-1.  We went to a fancy restaurant in a fancy hotel, wore pretty dresses, drank champange and laughed at each others stories.

We had an amazing table with view across the rest of the dining room.  

The couple at the next table made us both giggle inside.  The poor woman looked like she was a high class paid for date.  We could tell that she was listening to our conversation because she kept laughing at some of the funny stories.  It was clear that she had zero interest in her date.

I'm a Traditional Carbonara pusher.  Apologies if I''ve posted it on a Forn Friday before.  *blush*


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That souds like such a fun time! Big groups make me feel pressured because I want everyone to enjoy themselves. So I'm always on the lookout for someone alone or those without a drink... makes for a good hostess, but leaves me physically and mentally exhausted. 

~snorty~ Or maybe it was a blind date?

Don't you apologize, hon! Even if you've posted it before, someone will see it for the first time and think, 'Ooooo, I want to make that!". Or see it for the second time and think, "Hey, I'd planned to make that and forgot/lost the recipe." The old version of STalk had a section for recipes. I miss it! 

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I love the vision of your weekend.

F-Off - Down equipment calls over the weekend.  

F-Off - The never ending Covid tax season that keeps my bride and I 1200 miles from each other.

F-OFF - COX Communications for handing me a stack of boxes and telling me to install the router and cable box myself.  This new normal of paying to perform self service pisses me off to no end.


F-Off -Telemarketers, Scam Likely Calls, Tara who had my recently issued work cell number and is in collections for debts  with every lender, business, Credit Card company on the planet, and all of her creditors and X BFs/clients who call my work cell incessantly.

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If only it was so easy to make it happen, Rags! Hope you and the Mrs are together again soon.

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TY.  Though frustrating, it's all good. 

Enjoy your week end dear lady.