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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! The past week has been a PITA. Ugh.

Eff off to:

  • Me. Not only did I have two medical appointments scheduled this week, I had to make a third. So I've had to work, run to an appointment, back to work - and work late because one appointment took 5 hours. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Right wrist is in a brace. Old injury that's aggravated and needs to rest, which means typing one-handed. *dash1*
  • Me, part II. Due to the wrist issue, I owe some of you responses to your PMs. Will do my best to get back to you over the weekend. (It has taken me damn near 45 minutes to type this blog!)
  • King Pita. Drops the ball on big things. Is a major, nitpicking PITA about piddly stuff. Please get abducted by aliens. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

What are some of your go-to foods when you can't/don't feel like cooking? Being forced to rest my wrist, I'm basically grabbing things to nosh on (with a little help from some stuff I made and froze). Favorites this week: popcorn, celery with peanut butter, cherry tomatoes, sliced cheese.


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to ADD....DH has been very up/down lately and trying to find a good balance with his medication dosage; one that doesn't make him stay up all night or one that doesn't leave him spinning during the day.  These also effect his mood so when he's on a lower dosage (the last two days) he's a little down and does NOT listen to me. Last night we went to an outdoor jazz concert and for a quick bite to eat prior and I swear he heard maybe 25% of what I was saying. Granted it was a bit loud but repeating things 3x was getting old and I was getting annoyed. I think he was watching my lips move, nodding and then his brain was elsewhere. Then during the concert he was fiddling with his phone practically the whole time 'because he was bored." WTF?  Not again then DH.


Oh and I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner tonight and she had to cancel b/c her elderly mother has a medical issue. She's hoping to still make it but I doubt it. I may stop on the way home and have dinner by myself this evening.


Work's going great, another promotion!  Woot!  But one of the people I work with didn't alert me to what they were doing in their section and now I have to back in a bunch of budgeting to complete the budget correctly. NOT a fun thing to to. I spoke with her yesterday so she knows what I need to know for the next couple months of hte new budget, same type.  

Quick things to eat:  peanut butter and my fave whole wheat crackers, or good cheese and my fave whole wheat crackers plus a piece of fruit. Or when I have to be at the office for work, the cafeteria here has good veggie options oftentimes for breakfast burritos - today it's black beans, tomatoes, a little feta cheese and egg.  

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Congratulations on your promotion, Cover!!! *yahoo*

I confess I like those pre-made crackers with peanut butter. So does DH, which means I have to hide some or he'll eat all of them!

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I'm sorry to hear about your wrist, Aniki (BTDT and it's as annoying as it is painful). Have you considered dictating your text to your computer? You might have to format it afterwards but it would save you time.

Quick and easy food? Fresh baguette and salted butter, possibly with a slice of ham in the middle and lashings of Dijon mustard. Plain hard-boiled eggs with a sprinkling of salt. Celery sticks stuffed with Roquefort cheese. Cold, roasted chicken drumsticks maybe with a sprinkling of curry powder before going into the oven. Ryvita crispbread and Coulommiers cheese (OK, I'll allow Camembert if you can't find Coulommiers).

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Oh, Winterglow...  I'm LMAO at being able to dictate text to my computer! Unfortunately, it is not an option. If only...

Mmmmm... hard-boiled eggs. I'll make some tomorrow!

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Many years ago, I had a (pointy-haired) boss who suggested I might like voice recognition software. When asked why, he said that it would help me write my manuals faster ... I told him that I typed 85 wpm (like you write a manual by the kilometre, right?) and never heard another peep from him about the software.

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Oh, that's great! I'm typically a speedster on a keyboard. I even tested software for visually impaired people and had to speed up that software to keep up with me. Sounded like a cartoon character. Quite the hoot!

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Ok, you can provide my snacks any day!

I do make hard boiled eggs about once a month.  Love toast, a little butter, add sliced cucumber then sliced hard boiled eggs with salt/pepper. A GREAT breakfast. Sometimes if I have good thin-sliced ham/chicken I'll put that on top instead of eggs. Or cheese for the protein.

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Effffff offffff to work, work, work. I quit but my last day is at the end of September. It seems harder to go to each morning knowing there is an exit date and of course, everything is blowing up and the workplace is full of drama right now.

Fooooooood poooooooorn... Nuts, veggies, quick sandwich, crackers and cheese are my go-tos. I don't live cook very many meals in the summer and become more of a snacker/grazzer throughout the day. 

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DPW, at least the end is in sight!

In the summer, my cooking is mostly stovetop (in a YUGE pan) or slow cooker. I'm making French Dip tomorrow with DH's help. Easy to make, but he'll have to lift the meat in/out of the slow cooker and carve it. *shok*

Charcuterie could be my thing year round!

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I'm sorry about your wrist! I hope it gets better soon! 

F-off to a kidney infection. I feel like absolute crap. I have violent shivering episodes which are probably the worst. The pain is really weird because it's on the very inside of my body, so I can't describe it. I'm on antibiotics now but I'm constantly nauseas and wondering when the hell I'll notice a difference. 

As for quick foods, DH and I keep weiners in the house. Both vegan ones for others and regular for us. We call it "poor man's hotdogs." We warm up the weiner, wrap a slice of bread around it, put mustard or ketchup on it and you're done.

Foldies are good. They involve that popular chocolately spread that many SKs live on. You slather the chocolate hazelnut brilliance all over a slice of bread and fold it in half and shove it in your mouth. I don't do that spread that shall remain nameless. I do healthy peanut butter.


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Weiners. There's only one way to eat them -- the New York System way. Weiner in a bun with mustard, meat sauce, and onion. You can make them at home, but they are best when bought in a place where the cook puts together several at a time by lining them up on his forearm.

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Yes! There's something about places that have to line stuff up on their forearm. I adds to the taste!

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Health laws here make them wear a plastic sleeve now. But, even with the plastic sleeve, these places are the best.

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Thanks, Evil! 

I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope those antibiotics kick in ASAP. 

Mmmmm.... weiners. A fave childhood comfort food: Beanie Weinies. My Mom made her delectable baked beans and added sliced weiners. I could go for that: hot or cold.

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To toothaches.  I have an old bridge that needs replacing and am scheduled to go in next Tuesday for removing it, extracting the bad tooth next to it, and prep for eventual implants.  In the meantime, Advil is my best friend.

Sorry about your wrist Aniki.  I'm not much of a snacker but I will usually go for cheese if I do Smile

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Ouch, caninelover! Hope the Advil helps. 

Cheese is a given. My DH is going to turn into a block of cheese, he eats so much! *lol*

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Sorry about your broken wing....

Eff off to it finally raining significantly for several days, right when construction on my new deck started. 

Snacky food? Chips and salsa, with or without some sliced acacado. Apple with almond butter. Whole wheat toast with fig jelly, or a slice of havarti cheese. Veggies with a yogurt ranch dip (we almost always have veggies and dip ready for snacking in the fridge!). Fruit of any kind! Sometimes if I had a large lunch I just have a bowl of fresh mixed fruit for dinner - strawberries and pineapple or canteloupe and blueberries are my favorite combos! 

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Fresh fruit is always a treat! I haven't been able to get enough good peaches for a pie, so we sliced them into vanilla yogurt for dessert. Fresh fruit is fantabulous!!!

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Sorry about your wrist problems.  Very annoying.  

My eff off is work.  I'm going to be working 24/7 on a project for the next couple of weeks that is going to be sh*t canned when it goes for funding.  It just isn't a good idea so it won't make it through the final sign off.  So why can't we just agree not to do it now?  I don't know.  But it means I'll be running around like crazy for something I know isn't going anywhere.  I'm pretty sure that this is the definition of insanity but as DH just said "At least they pay you well for it".  Sigh


I don't know if these are a thing in America but I love a small (24g) bag of hula hoops (potato chip shaped in a short tube).  Perfect small salty snack.

I'd steal Winterglows ham baguette if I could get to it before the dijon mustard made an appearance.

And I love making my home made pot noodles: stock out of the freezer(preferably chicken), broken up dried noodles, frozen veg, garlic powder all heated up together until the noodles are soft and then served in a big bowl with a dash of soy sauce and sesame oil.

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Thank you, TASM!

What a frustrating situation. *dash1*

Those noodles sounds yummy! One of these days, I want to make homemade Ramen and pho. 

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Your Ramen and pho sounds way posher than my instant noodles.  *give_rose*