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Happy Mother's Day Moms!

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Whether you are BioMoms, StepMoms, GrandMoms, Adoptive Moms, God Moms, Neighborhood Moms, etc... I hope you had a great day and your weekend was wonderful.

Regardless of flavor, you are the heart of the lives of children and of families.

Give rose

Thank you for being you.

Disclaimer: Toxic Moms not included.

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Thanks... it's not always an easy day.. My mom actually died on mother's day.. even though it wasn't a totally unexpected thing.. the timing was jarring.. we were going to visit her that day at her home.

And.. of course, there is always the "pic collage" that one or both my SD's will post on facebook about their mom.. even though I know that they have a realistic view.. of course fakebook gets a sanitized and fully wonderful version of mama.

I was actually shocked this year when YSD posted a "piccollage" of me.. and thanked me for being in her life.  Not because I don't think she doesn't care about me.. but sometimes the blowback from her mother (of the year).. makes the stakes too high and it's just not worth the risk her mom will blow up.. but this year.. she did a post for me too.. so I guess she is starting to be even more independant as an adult.