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AITA - On a reel.

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A bit of brilliance from an influncer monitizing the AITA wave.

The commentator asked a great question.

"Why is it that so many people want our money but do not respect our boundaries?"

Mic drop!

The situation was a blended family situation where a bride facilitated a relationship with the OP's disowned brother who married the OPs XFiance.  OP cut that brother out of his life at that point.  The OP's DD went behind the OP's back and invited the OPs brother and his family, including the OP's XF who had cheated with the OP's brother while engaged to the OP.

The OP informed his DD that if his brother was attending the wedding, the OP wouldn't and the OP would not pay a Cent for his DD's wedding.

The OP's XW called ranting at the OP, the OP's parents did the same.

The DD was told to get the OP's half of the wedding budget from the DD's Uncle/OP's brother if the brother was attending.

A monster shit storm.

Though the DD, XW, and the OP's parents want access to the OP's money for the wedding.

Definately a hill I would die on if I were the OP.

It seems prevelant that many in blended family situations are in this sitaution. Our mate, their X, their kids want our money while ignoring our boundaries.

NO!. Is the solution.




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I thought so too.  Demonizing the guy with boundaries in a pirhanna feeding frenzy trying to manipulate him into embracing his skeevy brother and Xfiance while writing a big check to his kid whose machinations caused the current shit storm.

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"The DD was told to get the OP's half of the wedding budget from the DD's Uncle/OP's brother if the brother was attending."

Lol i would love to hear the convo where the girl asks her uncle to pay for her wedding. I'm guessing there will be a lot of stuttering then he will say something like "Um, if it will make your dad happy, i won't come to the wedding. Because i'm such a great guy." 

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Feral Forger! To a FRAKEN T.

"Your not my DAD your just the sp@rm donor." aka I need to live with you and your wh@re wife again because Im getting kicked out of my current house share over 3 hours away and dont have a license and cannot move myself and all my trash. Im not even going to thank you!

What the heck!