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Thriving on change. Maybe that is why my marriage works? Hmmmm?

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I have taken a number of assessement tests over the course of my career.  One thing that is common is that I am exceptionally NOT change averse.  I thrive on it.

It dawned on me today while catching  up on STalk threads that maybe this is, at least in part, why my marriage to a younger mate has worked.  When she was 18 and we married I was 30, I never had an issue with revisiting experiences I had lived prior to her, with her.  They were not repeats. They were different.  I was different. It may not have been my first time, but is is always our first time.  Experiencing things with her has always had the flavor of being brand new.  Even when we are having experiences similar to prior experiences we have had individually or together.

I have seemingly always been able to shift and change when things are not working or as situations change.

If all someone does is aim until the shot is perfect, they never take the shot.  So, that target has zero chance of being  hit.

 I am more a ready, point, fire, adjust kind of guy. If the plan to hit the target does not work, change the plan, take the shot... lather, rinse, repeat until the goal is accomplished.

The model applies in a career, relationships, launching kidults, dealing with difficult people, etc.  Solving problems is a dance of change.