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It seems that family law courts are biased in favor of BMs, even after they are dead.

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The active shooter event that occurred at my DW's office location (two floors above hers) resulted in an immediate emergency custy order giving the murdered BM's parents custody.

Today was another hearing.  BioDad, who was present when his own father who was also BioDad's attorney, killed the BM/XW and her new DH and then shot himself.

The Judge issued his revised ruling while telling his story about his tear fest in his chambers after the previous hearing and his regret over granting several delays and continuences during the unfolding Custody/Visitation/Support battle between murdered XW and BioDad.  XW was pushing for full physical and legal apparently. 

The revised ruling upheld emergency custody for the maternal GPs and granted BioDad supervised visitation 3 days a week under the hairy eyeball of his own sister.  BioDad is also an attorney. If I were him, I would do everything in my power to get full physical and legal custody of my kids and get the idiot Judge de-benched.  BioDad is also a victim of the shooting event.  His statements present that he had no knowledge of his father's intent to end the BM and her DH.  I would keep the XILs in court until they were broke and incapable of caring for themselves much less being able to support and care for my kids. 

I would deadbeat the shit out of any CS order, I would take it as far up the appellate ladder I could including to the SCOTUS if I could get it on the docket.

Now, this is of course if BioDad in fact did not have prior knowledge of or participated in the planning and exection of... the executions.  BioDads are so often guilty instantly even when there is zero chance they have ever did anythine untoward.

If this was flipped and BioDad and his new bride were murdered by the BM's suicidal lawyer dad, the paternal GPs would likely never again lay eyes on their GKs.  Since these people spawned BM, poof.... custody, court invasion of BioDad's life, destruction of BioDad's relationship with his kids, etc.. Now, BioDad is no boyscout, but he is the BioDad apparently without crimial history.  He is an asshole, made intimidating actions toward his XILs etc.  But, guilty without charges or trial, liely in for the better part of 20 years of litigation, probably will get nailed with a shit pile of CS he has to pay to his XILs, and will be PASd to the periphery of his kid's wives by his XILs. Which is of course just an evolution of the cash cow money grab model of family law in our country.

This is such bullshit.

An interesting caveate, BioDad divorced the XW who apparently hooked up very quickly with her also murdered new DH and squeezed out a quick puppy with him.  Not much detail on that part.  Though it reeks and has the appearance of a trade up to a far more successful prominant lawyer for a 30yo who married a mid 50s successful attorney with 3 kids and 3 XWs.  The reviews are mixed on the character of the murdered attorney/new DH.  I work with people with family connections to him who have anything but flattering opinions of him.

Now, if BioDad turns out to be complicite in the murders. Off with his head.  I will gladly swing the dull rusty nasty crusty axe.

IMHO and if I had more money than sense of course.

Rant fest deactivate.


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It does seem pretty screwed up that they would give the kid(s?) to grandparents when there's a living parent who hasn't committed any crime. 

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Hold up I’ve been following this story and from everything indicated in the news the ex-husband was abusive mentally and physically.  He had to submit to breathalyzer tests before he could see the kids and he was harassing his ex-wife to the point she would have security present when she was at functions where her kids were and he was present.  She also had a restraining order that was being upheld…so this guy isn’t exactly coming across as a paragon of virtue in the media.

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Yeah.. that's what I saw  too.  I had Rag's opinion at first.. but when I read some of the texts that were posted and other stuff.. I kind of agreed that maybe the guy was too unhinged.

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So The father in law (shooter) had terminal cancer.  His wife was being depo'd as a witness.  So he killed himself, his ex daugher in law, and the other attorney in front of his wife.  The wife, Ashley, had originally asked for security to be present that day but she canceled it because her ex husband was not present that day.  She didn't think her ex father in law was a threat.  The ex husband wasn't there that day.  It is rumored he had drug and alcohol problems.  Ashley's husband had him followed by a private I and they had recorded him drinking and then swerving and he responded back with "

You have no idea what’s coming do you, all your cards are on the table, and I haven’t played one.”

He closed the email with a squinting, laughing emoji with tears."  And he was texting her back that he will see her in a coffin.  It's being said that he knew what his dad was going to do since his dad did have terminal cancer.  That he relentlessly harrassed and bullied her and that he was testing positive for cocaine.  And the judge gave custody to her 27 year old sister .  I don't know who got custody of the baby. 



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The plot Thickens...and Sickens.

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Jesus. These divorcing bioparents get so caught up in their drama and main character syndrome. It's all about sticking it to the ex and making themselves come out ahead. Those poor kids. I hope they can break the cycle one day. 

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The several articles that I have read did indicate substance abuse issues with the biodad and a RO/PO keeping him away fro his XILs.  I did see some mention of his angry texts.

It will be interesting if the 2nd DH's issues surface.  His reputation as a pitbull attorney is stellar though there is some indication that he had a level of deficient character issues of his own.  Nothing I have read, but comments from coworkers related to him.  From what I read the harrassment, PI, security at his kid events resulted in pointed response from biodad.

Not a flattering look for any of them. 

I feel for the kids.

Multiple articles that I read indicated that the XH/biodad was at the depo.  7 people were there according to a graphic that was in a couple of different articles.  The Princes (2), Mrs Houston's lawyer (1), Mrs Houston (1), Mr. Houston (the shooter) (1), and their son (1) who was the biodad, and a court reporter (1). 7 People present at the depo.

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BioDads are so often guilty instantly even when there is zero chance they have ever did anythine untoward.

You and your male relatives, friends, etc are probably good men and dads but .... as a man with the above - you may have bias because for every good man/father there is hundreds or thousands that are not. 

The government (aka men) does not want to pay out for other men's pump and dumps and that is why the family court is "hard" on these unsavory men in effort to hold them accountable as they should to the kids they created 

Men in government are banning abortions left and right then some of these same men are recklessly impregnating multiple women, then leaving these women and kids to fend for themselves ... the problem with this is it creates massive amounts of poverty for women and kids at the least...up to murder at the worst  

In my experience, most men would rather go out and create some new kids than to pay for/deal with the kids from BMs they don't like while expecting other men to take care of their obligations ... all while launching into "woe is me" complaints (aka lies) they are being kept from their kids when the fact is they refuse to take accountability for their effed up behaviors .... but you won't hear or see this side of it because as a man there are some things you can't/wont understand 

Family court is comprised of 95% women trying to track down absent, neglectful fathers. If you ever have time (I believe technically the public can observe some of these) go into a hearing - when I did this it was 100% women. 

Men simply are not and do not want 50%+ custody and if they do go for it .... majority of the time it's not because they want to be a father it's so they can spite the mother/avoid paying money in child support to the mother. 

Why give custody of those kids to a man whose biological family wanted their mother murdered? How did he not know his dad wants/plans/has the capacity to kill his ex wife? I think he knew, but didn't think it would go this far though. 

I would never want my bio living with her dad if his dad/his side murdered me. Hell to the no!!!! Someone else can take custody (aunts, uncles, grandparents on my side of the family)


Family court is supposed to be in favor of the kids. Not the mom not the dad but the kids! Whoever has custody should

habe the favor. But we all know some unsavory parents gain more custody despite not being the better parent which they should do their best to prove/challenge this in court from Day 1. 

The court is not in favor of a woman in this case (unless I'm missing something). 

The woman happened to have the majority custody (which they're must have been a legitimate reason) so once the kids fathers side of the family murdered her with no regards to how those kids would cope with that irreversible action they effectively proved why he had supervised visits and should not have custody now.