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SD has Staph/MRSA Again

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It was supposed to be our weekend to have SD but SD has her staph/MRSA infection AGAIN.  BM told us that SD didn't want to come to our house because we "treat her like a leper".  I guess telling SD that since she is SICK with a serious CONTAGIOUS INFECTION to stay away from our YDS is treating SD like a leper.  Whatever!  I do not care if it hurt her fee fees.  I was glad she didn't come over.  Nice peaceful weekend for me.  

Oh and we got a new dog Smile  


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You are sending SD off to live on a deserted island or in an inaccessible mountain cave by herself until she dies???

Oh wait...

What a surprise. Another dramatic BM.

We quarantine anyone who is sick. Anyone in our family with an illness must stay in their room and can only come out to use the bathroom. All meals, tissues, drinks, etc, are brought to the ill one. 

its ironic that BM said "You treat her like a leper," because MRSA is quite possibly the next scariest bacterial infection to actual Leprosy. So.... of course she SHOULD be treated somewhat like a leper.


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Right!!!! Oh and you better believe if either of my boys had it she would treat them like lepers and keep SD far far away.  The first time SD had it my YDS was in the hospital for 4 days with a staph infection in his blood and BM was pissed that we wanted to keep SD away from YDS because we didn't want her making him worse.  BM of course had a fit about that and acted like YDS would set SD's treatment back!  Ugh!  

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Yuck...guess we all know who don't clean their house!  Reaccuuring MRSA! Call the health department! Nasty BM!

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Right, and the first time SD had it BM said it was spider bites and that they all kept getting these spider bites.  

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So it was a great weekend..the little jerk just got home from school.  

Of course being the lazy fat kid just like his mom. He hides in his room. No chores...

So I  didn't want to freeze my ass off I started chopping wood..SO comes over I handed him the ax! I came in started cooking.. a few minutes later he comes in looking for his he knows how it feels.

Imma eat and write..let them scratch their heads !

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to call the health dept on BM but that would lead to 100% custody.

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Yeah, I'm really not wanting 100% custody.  I would prefer SD stay with BM and play victim leper.

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Seriously? Again?

Is the Dr not concerned that she keeps getting reinfected (it IS serious)!!? 


Oh and sd will likely be jealous of the dog. 

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Yep, again, but don't worry, BM just informed DH that they gave her a topical ointment and an oral medicine and it is almost cleared up.  No worries, right?!? *sad*

Oh, I think SD is already jealous that we went and got the dog without her.  Oh well.  My life doesn't revolve around her!

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I’d be keeping my kid as faaaarr away from my bio as I could. No apologies, no excuses, no concessions. Just stay the f*%k away until you’re not contagious anymore, and cleared by a doctor - not BM. 

ETA - congrats on the puppy! Smile

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Ugh I hate it when BMs get pissy because you refuse to spread disease around your home. Our BM got pissy with us when we wouldn't have SD around our newborn when she had chicken pox.  Oh, yes, we're SOOOO selfish for not risking our son's life to take your brat off your hands for a couple of days. Your BM is being downright ridiculous and selfish by not taking this seriously, and tbh it's pretty concerning that the child is getting recurrent infections.

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Exactly!  You know if the situation were reversed they wouldn't want to risk their child's health but it is okay to put ours in danger when it isn't neccessary?  

Geesh, I can't believe you didn't want your NEWBORN exposed to chicken pox!  LOL!