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Munchausen Monologues - update

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Well I know that many of you will be so surprised but once DH told SD she would just be relaxing in bed and not doing much this weekend she was all of the sudden 100% better and it was just BM that was over exaggerating and over treating the "concussion"...really DH!?!? I'm so irritated with him and the fact that he can't find his balls, pull his head out of the sand, and admit that SD is at least 50% part of the problem.  Did he miss the whole weekend before when SD was using a walker and s-s-s-s-stttuuttttering over dramatically!?!?!  Of course BM is over exaggerating and over treating but SD started it with her over the top ACTING!  

Of course DH did not hold to the over treatment b/c it was just BM's issues (according to DH).  Therefore, SD did whatever she wanted all weekend long....therefore, the munchausen monologues will continue because again it was just another time that SD over exaggerated injury/treatment to get out of soccer and school and wasn't required to miss anything she actually wanted to do.  

I tried to just ignore/disengage and do my own thing.  Anytime I saw SD out of her bed/bedroom I told her she really needed to go rest b/c of her injury and she still had 2-3 weeks of healing to go.  Ugh! :/ Also any time she was even close to YDS I would mention germs and to keep her distance.  She would get the wounded puppy look like I kicked her or something.  IDC, to me the real threat is the staph infection (that is supposedly cleared already).  She can go tattle to mommy that I treat her like a lepper all she wants.  I bet if we told BM that YDS or ODS had MRSA/Staph she wouldn't want to send SD for her visits.....


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BM has a vigorous fantasy life so why not tell her that your kids have Covid 19!!  But I digress.  Of course DuH won't blame on his kid...just the BM!   That's the way these guilty daaddeees are!

Too bad there isn't an anoymous call to CPS when SD goes back to the mothership.  But then that might threaten your bios and you might get full custody of SD so I feel your pain.  DuH is afraid to find his balls because he might "lose his kid"  (TM)


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Ha, honestly thinkthrice I thought about that but didn't want to jinx my children.  I know damn well though if I said my kids were sick she would be keeping SD far away but her kid has a contagious disease so she'll send her right on over b/c she needs a break from being saint mommy and over treating an over exaggerated injury!  I was so extremely disgusted and disappointed when DH said that it was just BM's fault and SD is innocent of it all....come on....FFS!  

I def wouldn't want calling CPS to backfire on me and my bios in any way and I DO NOT want any extra time or full time SD!  

You are right, he is afraid of losing her, BM made sure to implant that in her rants of craziness how "DH is crushing SD by not spending enough time with her and putting Simpleton and Simpleton's family ahead of SD"....WTF ever!  I wish he would "lose his kid".  I would actually love it if SD fully PASd out but BM will never actually let that happen b/c then she wouldn't get her EOW and weekly breaks that she desperately needs.

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so he can pay for SD's visitations when he does them OUTSIDE of your house  maybe a hotel room or something.  i do these parents exercise visitation outside of a home; like when they are HOMELESS?

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I totally wish he would exercise his visits out of my home.  I'm so tired of the SD/BM drama!  I'm so tired of BM acting like SD is in competetion with our family for attention and her over the top antics to try to get her to be treated above our family.  

Basically most of our fights revolve around this nonsense and me telling him to leave and devote his time to his first failed family b/c they are so much more needy than us and we will survive without him!

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Ughhh that girl and her enabling parents! I hate the wounded puppy look! Spawn always gave me that look when I would address her directly and I always wanted to ask her why she acted so terrified of ME when she was the one all over social media talking about wanting to kill me?!?!

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OMG, I hate that stupid look too, like she is just so innocent and I punched her in the face or you know expecting her to not infect my child with her sickness....or expecting her to REST when she has this supposed terrible concussion!!!!!  

Honestly I don't know if I can stay married to DH when he acts like he understands and agrees with me only to cower and turn into guilty disney daddeeee when SD is around.  It is the biggest turn off to watch.  

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Yes it's that look exactly! And the DH telling you one thing while doing another to placate his little actress...been there done that! It's so very frustrating! I feel your posts!

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I used to get either the "bold as brass" look.  Utter smug defiance


A look of absolute SHOCK like deer in the headlights look mostly when I told them (out of earshot of Chef) that I was on to their games.

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thinkthrice I get these looks as well.  The smug defiance when I correct her and then daddy defends her (so I pretty much stopped that in front of DH anyways)....and the deer in headlights look...I get that when I use your advice and call her out on stuff out of DH's sight so he can't defend her actions with BS!!!

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advice.only2 - this behavior by DH is what kills me.  Of course SD will continue all of her antics as long as DH and BM enable and encourage it.  What irritates me is that DH is more worried about placating his little actress than me.  It disgusts me. 

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Your SD (and husband) annoy tf outta me. If I lived near you I would let you come chill at my MRSA free house every single time she came over.

So freakin nasty. At what point is her doctor going to think WTF why can't she shake this. SHE IS A LEPPER. Ick. 

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I wish you did live near me!  Unfortunately I don't have any friends that live super close either :(  They annoy tf outta me too.  DH is sooooooooo different when SD isn't there.  Every time I think we take a step forward its more like 2 steps back!

Agreed, I also wonder at what point the dr thinks hey this girl and her mom are in here CONSTANTLY and draw out recovery!  I will continue to treat her like a lepper and IDGAF what BM thinks.  No way would BM want her in my home if one of my kids had this!