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It took longer than I expected

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It took longer than I expected for SD to get an indoor soccer injury but it has happened.  DH informed me that BM called and told him she is taking SD to the hospital for a possible concussion.  Apparently last night at soccer she hurt her knee and no one saw it but SD says she hit her head too and was seeing lights when they pulled her out of practice and this morning she was groggy.  And yes for those of you that read my previous blog, of course BM took her to practice with staph/MRSA, BM is MOTY and all Wink

A concussion is new for SD.  I know I sound skeptical but if you have read any of my blogs you would know that BM and SD are big on drs and treatment and over exaggerated injuries.  Is it coincidental that SD is having these signs of a concussion just mere weeks after we were afraid that my ODS had a concussion after being attacked at school?!?!  Hmmmm.....


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Obviously, BM knows best and we can't be treating a child with an infectious disease like a leper!  The last time SD had this infection BM took her on vacation with another family!  

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I'd be raising h3ll if my kid had to play with her. They are all one slide tackle away from an open wound. She is so inconsiderate but I guess what's new? 

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Oh, I'm sure MOTY BM did not inform anyone of the staph/MRSA infection because it is no big deal, remember?! 

Oh and BM is one of the coaches of course.  She's never played soccer before but that doesn't matter, right?!? LOL!

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It is absolutely *not* a coincidence.  This is par for the course.  Injuries and illnesses that are bad, but not too bad and not dealing with actual issues is par for the course with your (and my) HCBM.


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It is ridiculous and most people catch onto this little song and dance right away.  I think that is why SD switched it up from knee/limb injuries to now a head injury.  I'm sure SD is really playing into it right about now.  I mean she knows all the signs of a concussion since we had told her to let us know if she saw ODS displaying any of them.  SD is now getting a CAT scan done and "FOR SURE" has a concussion.  I've heard the "FOR SURE" crap with her "undetectable breaks" and the "really bad sprains" that all require Physical Therapy for months and months.  

The silver lining here is that SD won't be coming over for her visit tonight, oh darn :/  

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Oh wow, My bet is on your gut feeling about her copying the ODS concussion scare.

She sounds like my SD20, always faking all kinds of illnesses, but she has progressed to fake only diseases that cannot be disproven, like a chronical migraine.

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I'm almost 100% sure but you know I would be an awful terrible person for suggesting such a thing.  I think that SD is catching on that she has to step it up like your SD20 to the things that cannot be disproven.  After DH and I got on her for over exaggerating and treating things like "undetectable breaks" and "deep bruises" she didn't have any injuries for a bit.  She found a new one though that she knew all the symptoms for....

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Yeah, It is a shame that the truth has not to be spoken, I bite my tongue all the time with SD, she is so predictable tho. 
One of SD's greatest fake sick episodes, was when she came from BM with this bakery made special breakfast and lunch thingies and declared that she and BM had found out that she had a wheat allergy, and that she only had to eat these things for breakfast and lunch. 

I came from the kitchen and said, that was a shame. I just made wheat spaghetti (her favorite dinner). She responded, "not a problem. I can eat that! just not bread or cereal (she thinks bread and cereal is boring and it is the everyday breakfast and lunch meal in our country, she wants expensive things instead)

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LMAO, sounds like SD's allergy to milk that BM and DH insisted she had yet her favorite dessert that she had REGULARLY was ice cream.  I told DH there is no way she is allergic to milk if she can eat ICECREAM!!!!  It is like one of the main ingredients!  He still had his head in the sand about it.  One night we were at DH's SM's house for dinner and she is well aware of the SD exaggerations/issues/etc.  His SM says, we have ice cream for dessert, and SD got all excited.  I say to SM, "well SD is allergic to milk" and SM says, "well SD can't have ice cream for dessert then I wouldn't want her having an allergic reaction"... after that SD was no longer "allergic to milk".  

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LOL, sounds very similar indeed! It is hilarious how her milk allergy evaporated the minute people acknowledged that it is milk in ice-cream. 

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Right!!!  A freaking miracle when someone actually called her out on it!  This is why I love DH's SM.  She does not play into the SD show!

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Cool. Now she can have some new learning issues due to the concussion also. BM can really play this one out longterm probably.

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DH told me that SD will likely miss the entire rest of the week from school.  BM and SD will really be milking it out I am sure.  Oh and you know she will definitely use this to excuse any and everything SD does wrong for the next year or so....

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Has anyone ever suggested that maybe SD has something actually wrong with her if she keeps getting injured doing things that everyone else manages to do with ease and little effort? That maybe she's a dud of some sorts? That no normal kid would trip over their feet and get injured so often (evil grin)?

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Just playing devil's advocate there, not suggesting she actually has anything wrong with her but would love to see bm's face if anyone did suggest she had. 

Smile Smile :) 

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Oh BM would have what I call an "episode" if that happened.  She would become unhinged and crazy and we would be the devils.  Trust me.  We questioned the recovery of several injuries seeing as SD was FINE at our home yet requiring months of PT for sprains.  

DH is falling for this injury though so I know if I suggested to him that it was awfully coincidental that ODS just had a concussion scare and now SD actually has one he would become defensive.  I'll let her play this one out but if she comes to our place it won't be fun.  She will have to be lying in her room with low lights, no phone, etc.  She talked to DH yesterday and said she could barely stand/walk without her knees buckling.  Guess she needs to stay on bed rest at mommys then.  

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I'm evil, you know, I wasn't thinking of you saying it, rather one of the other parents (imagine if BM overheard a conversation) or maybe the other coaches (ditto)...

I absolutely agree with your intended treatment! 

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LOL, obviously you can tell from my response I have made comments to DH before at least and sometimes he will stand up to BM's madness and point it out and it never ends well!  

I totally wish that I knew someone on the team/coach/kid/etc. that I could inform of SD's condition but I don't Sad  

Oh yeah, she isn't going to enjoy her special treatment at my home!  

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Well to be fair when riding the bench the worst possible injury you could get might be a numb butt from sitting, lol!

Good lord I would be less worried she has a concussion and more worried the staph has leaked into her brain! BM is a damn moron, that MRSA/STAPH stuff is no joke, if I was a parent on that team and found out I would make BM's life hell.

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LOL, I'm sure mommy dearest won't make her sit on the bench or show up to support the team.  I'm guessing bed rest for an extended period of time.  She has already concluded that she will be out of school the rest of the week at least.

Right?!?! I wish that I knew a parent of a child on that team.  I would have no problem letting them know that the coach's daughter has staph/MRSA infection but it is okay b/c she is on meds....

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As the mother of a child who has an impaired immune system (genetic issue but no problems in normal life with sports and stuff), I would have BM's ASS for putting my child at risk without even giving a head's up ... and I'd drag her to court to rip her to shreds.

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Discreetly put the word about that she has MRSA and I can assure you that you won't have to wait around for me lol

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Of course, and crutches, and don't forget physical therapy.  She has physical therapy for almost all of her injuries.  Probably will be several months of physical therapy at least.  

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Um, well I'm sure if SD did get corona it wouldn't be that bad, just like her MRSA isn't that bad....but this head injury... 

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"but this head injury... "

Gives her an excellent excuse for all of her future bad decisions.

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Winterglow, exactly, I'm sure that it will and BM and SD will milk this for all it is worth.  

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Take two aspirin and a two week vacation.  All will be well. At the end of soccer season 

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LOL, oh, I'm sure that SD will be magically cured once soccer season is over.  I knew she would have an injury that would keep her from playing the moment I heard that BM had signed her up for soccer.  SD hates running.  I'm surprised her "sports induced asthma" hasn't prevented her from playing.  

The part that I find amusing is that BM signed up to be coach.  Just like she coached cheer also.  Therefore, BM is still committed to this sport and attending it weekly even when poor little SD is injured, lol.

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Huh. You sure BM won't use sd's severe head trauma as a suitable excuse from coaching? Esp as bm would need to supervise any possible effects (insert eye roll) on the little sports star.


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Well she could do that but BM likes to appear to be the kindest, most caring, Christian, do gooder so I don't think she will use it as an excuse to stop coaching.  She continued coaching cheer after SD's "undetectable broken knee/leg" and just made SD go sit and watch but of course at the awards ceremony SD got to hold the participation trophy while the other girls that did all the cheering stood around her for the pic.  

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Of course she got to hold the trophy! She would have been the best, had she not got hurt! 

Also, good she won't be playing! At least it decreases the chance the other players will catch her highly contagious, serious disease!

So damn irrisponsible of bm to risk the other kids. I'm sure if someone else did get it, bm would insist they didn't get it from sd... it's "so normal and common people get it all the time".

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LOL, exactly, the best but not good enough to make the team when she actually had to try out to be on it!  

I agree, I'm also glad she won't be playing.  I wouldn't want her getting the other kids sick.  Also, it is another sport BM put her in 45 mins away to control time and keep SD active so she won't get fat (BM has really said that about putting her in sports)....newsflash....letting her eat an all sugar diet might contribute to the weight issue!  SD doesn't like it I promise you that but she does whatever mommy thinks is best for her.  

The risking other kids is def irresponsible and I'm sure if the situation was reversed BM wouldn't want her child playing with someone that was infectious disease.  Oh and that is exactly what BM is telling DH about it and her being safe to come to our house "so normal and common" my a$$!