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School holidays

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So the dreaded school holidays have arrived. 

Firstly I want to mention OH still hasn't fixed the job situation. 

I currently work with kids with learning difficulties and disabilities and it's tough. I work 6 days a week and have for the next 6 weeks a Tuesday off. I mentioned to OH that when we're arranging extra days for his daughter to come over that I keep Tuesday completely kid free. Selfish I know but I feel like I deserve a day off from screaming brats. Especially when they're not mine. He originally agreed. I also said I don't want her staying Thursday night because I have to be up early on a Friday morning and I never sleep when she's here so don't want to be tired. Again, he said it seemed fair. 

Now it's SD's birthday on Tuesday next week and I've sacrificed my day off because I'm not a demon and know he would like to see her on her special day. But that's it. That week only. 

Now he's all guilty dad all of a sudden and is saying because he's not working he wants her 4/5 days a week. Which wouldn't work with my "agreements". Now he's fuming with me. 

So he has no money, owes me at least £145 (and that's not including me paying for all the bills) wants to buy a bike for her birthday, is still spending any money he gets on toys and treats for her and wants to get her for nearly the full week every week of the holidays. When is he going to look for work? Where is he going to get the money from for her birthday? For days out for 4/5 days a week? 

I told him last week I'm going to get a place of my own if things don't get better (SD unrelated problems). We made up, he tried for a couple days and once princess snowflake arrived he's all guilty Disney dad again. I give up. 


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When people show you who they are, believe them.

He has shown you that you aren't a priority. Your family finances aren't HIS problem. He is lazy. He is unsupportive. So on.... he isn't going to change.


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Your boyfriend sounds like a jerk.  He clearly does not prioritize you.  Why deal with the kid and summer holidays?  Just kiss this mess goodbye and make yourself available for when a decent man comes along.  This one seems like a user who doesn't care enough about you.

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He sit on his rear, you work, he takes your money and plays with his kid.  What are you getting out of this,? 

You know this will never change,  this will be your life.  Leave, find someone who a real man.