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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! It's been....interesting this week. Trying to shoo 'annoying' out the window. 

Eff off to:

  • People who think you are too stupid to follow instructions. Hey, poophead! I can do this 53 times and the result is the same: it doesn't work!!!!
  • Cold sores due to stress. My lip looks like I went 4 rounds with Rocky.
  • Skid weekend and I haven't yet made plans to be out of the house. I'm exhausted and those cold sores might not be solely due to stress.
  • A YUGE eff off to my soon-to-be-ex insurance company. 


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Hola Aniki Smile

-Eff off to this long @ss day that feels like time is standing still. I want to go home!

-Eff off to people with body odor early in the morning!

-Eff off to idiots who play their music loud on their phone like everyone wants to hear that sh!t.

-Eff off to loud @ss teenagers who have no manners or home training

Have a great weekend Aniki and put aloe on your cold sores.

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Gads, Siempre, don't those people know about deodorant??

I just slathered on some Abreva. But these things are damn painful. *bomb*

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Eff off to my soon to be ex coworker. He came in drunk and thought nobody knew. Guess who gets to cover his work?

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We had somebody come in drunk once. I really don't get that, the last place I would want to be drunk, would be work.

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Eff off to fraud and the cheaters who try it. I am not the fraudster but I have information surrounding the alleged event. I have to prepare evidence and testify. While I do believe in due process and thoroughness, it is a giant time suck.

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Eff off to:

> Being disabled, no it doesn't get easier, no you don't get used to it and no I don't have to happy that at least I can ( insert action here )

> Self centered, self important drivers during rush hour, cutting me off only moves you closer to the rails of the Karma Train. Plus why would you do that in this day and age, I could be that psychopath that follows you home and bludgeons you to death in your driveway, just for cutting me off, idiots!

> There's more but I'm already exhausted with being upset

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I didn't say it wouldn't be fun, I would just have alot of apologizing to do the next day  lol

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Friday at last... Yet the weekend already feels to short and it hasn't even started yet.... lol

Eff off to clients that fall months behind and then suddenly freak out when their funding gets pulled for not doing it correct... And now expect us to magically clean up the mess. But also aren't available to work unti lmonday and the issue is going to take at least 2 weeks to clean up

Eff off to cancer

Eff off to hospice

Eff off to Dh working 24 hours this weekend and doing 48 hours of clinicals this weekend (Friday - Monday)

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Cancer does suck, hospice is an awful place and now I miss your hubby.

Sorry PA, wish I could help somehow, always here as a friend, you know how to find me ((((( HUGZ )))))

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Eff off to this new polio like disease that is going around (accute flaccid myelitis).

A child in the county I live in was just diagnosed with it.

I have a 2yr old. So this is terrifying. 

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Oh FFS, is this day not over yet?? I even just went running errands and shopping for 2 hours on my "extended lunch break", and now I watch the clock til it's time to leave.

Eff off to...wait for it....BM! That slut just makes me soo mad! We had leftovers the other night so I packed them up for skids lunches. Last night I notice that SS's were still in the fridge. I mention it, he says, oh yeah, I forgot them....I said, did you eat lunch then? He said "yeah, a little one". This morning SD tells me she didn't eat her leftovers either because BM came to school yesterday and brought them a "special lunch". It's not her day for them, and it's annoying because they had lunches packed with MY leftovers, that I would have eaten otherwise. Also, SS lied to me, he didn't forget his lunch, he didn't eat it cause she brought them lunch. So,

Eff off to lying skids! I DESPISE being lied to, no matter what the reason.

Eff off to Consultants that come to your work to transition the company to new software, but somehow think they are your boss, and give you "homework" (Guess who is NOT doing homework for them?), scold us when we talk or if they see us checking email (we still have a regular job to do!) and then go over the allotted time EVERY single training session you have with them. They cut into our lunch break every single time. We got done 5 minus early yesterday, so instead of just ending the day, of course she decides to "show us some stuff" with the new software. Which obviously isn't going to only take 5 minutes. At 4:35 she is still rambling on, repeating herself, and I'm visibly annoyed by the whole thing and finally just get up and say, I gotta go, and walk out. At which point she gets the hint to wrap it up. Instead of showing us extra crap, how about you let us go a few minutes early for once? I'm not getting paid to stay late so you can ramble on about dumb shit. She also promises us breaks at certain times, and then goes over by 1/2 an hour. So we sit there for 2 hours with no break (I don't have that kind of attention span). And why is it SO hard to let us leave on time??

So obviously this turned into a vent post Blum 3


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Vent away, sister! 

Is there any reason why the skids can't eat those leftovers the next day? I cook on Sunday and DH eats that Mon-Fri.

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Step-girlfriend sounds like you need a shot of Tequila after this lol. I feel the same way the day is draaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggging.....

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I get the feeling someone (Siemprematahari) is having tequila tonight, don't ask me how I know this, it's just a feeling lol

Looking up last minute flights to the city, I wanna be there for this  lol

Plus haven't been back to the city in a while, it's about time.

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Ok challenge accepted, now how to explain a last minute trip to the city to DW.  And bread I'm gonna need alot of bread !

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Eff off to my putz coworker who kept scrolling up and down on the document being presented on a large screen so that 1/2 the people in the meeting start to get nauseous. And he kept doing it after he was asked not to (he was not leading the meeting)

Eff off to other coworkers who think it will help us to add extra forms and checklists to the process where we are already drowning in documents - smdh

Other than that, life is good.

Oh, Eff off to cancer