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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Sorry I'm late to the game, but TGIF!!!

One of the managers fired someone this week. My manager just reassigned one of my teammates to that manager. Which means... more work for Aniki!  Dash 1

Eff off to:

  • Cold sores. Stress has my upper lip looking like I've gone 4 rounds with George Foreman. Ooooooowwwww!
  • Delusional poopheads. You are NOT having 'a civil discussion' when you yell, slam drawers, throw things down, hit/kick things, and call people names. You're having a mantrum (or wo-mantrum) and acting like a total asshat. Put on your big boy/girl skivvies, eat a Snickers, take a nap... Just Go Away and don't come back until you can act civilly. 
  • Me. For allowing work stress and idiots to annoy me.

Wishing you an enjoyable, stress-free weekend!


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I can't decide if today's eff off is for DH's anxiety or my own lack of patience with it. When he gets wound up, I'm generally the target. Not in an agressive way, but he takes me for granted and just assumes that he can ignore me or act selfishly or rudely because he's having issues. That's a no-go for me.

So eff off to both. I have learned to gently (mostly) call him out on it and not stew about it. So I'm over it, but he's now feeling all kinds of guilty and that's no fun either.

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Eff off to working late!  I've had a lot of busy days lately, and working from home means I'm generally working later than usual because I can.  Because I don't have to run for the transit stop to get home at a reasonable hour.  But it also means I'm less stressed the next day.  Which is GREAT for FRIDAYS!

Eff off to having a mountain bike ride this morning, it was beautiful, and having to turn around and go home


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Work is wearing on me BIG TIME. WFH means jumping through 853 additional hoops. Ugh! I'm ready to go back to the office.

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I'm 45 next month and I have a pimple at the tip of my nose.  SECOND TIME this happened in one month.  And last week I had a sty on my eyelid.  I'm just going to live in a face mask apparently cause I'm too hideos to look at.  You hear about those people putting their xmas decorations back up for quarantine outside.  Well, I'm Rudloph with your nose so bright.  I'm doing my part my lighting the sleigh. 

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No wire, aside from the rare hairline pimple, I didn't have acne until my early 40s. Gaaaaahhhhh...

Go for it! I started Christmas shopping over the weekend. 

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I feel you girl.  I am 53 and I have Mt. Saint Disgusting erupting on my chin as we speak.  Botox on my forehead and Clearasil on my chin.  This makes sense HOW????  My face is quite literally bi-polar.  You may be Rudolph but I am The Joker!

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Oh six shades of hell no!  That would make the transformation complete.  Well, that and wearing a nurse's uniform while walking away from an exploding building.  Luckily when I am out in public I am wearing a mask so the fact that I am growing a second chin is not frightening small children.  But DH is having a blast teasing me about it.  He was tossing around names for it the other day.  Sleep with one eye open, funny boy.....  *diablo*

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SO teases me too when I've gotten a good one. Funny though, I never got pimples when I was a teen but now I get one, just one, every month. But it's a big one and of course I play with it making it worse. 

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Same with me.  The beginning of wrinkles, which I beat back with a vengence, and the occasional massive zit after decades of great skin.  Mother nature is a b*tch!  And how can you not play with it when it has grown to the size of a Meyer lemon and you could convincingly play the title role of The Elephant Man in an off-Broadway production?

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To NYS child enforcement unit which after a YEAR is finally sending the overpayments that were due to Chef last May of 2019.  This was back from the Animal Torturer's  (SD 21) emancipation!

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Thrice, be thankful it only took a year! It was over two years for DH to get the 'Ho-verpayment reimbursed. *shok*

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what you did there


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F. off to:

- The whole George Floyd situation. Breaks my heart. Didn't need to happen, once again. SO is black and he cried this morning over George Floyd begging for his mama. I don't know what to say or do to help except validate his feelings. 

That's all. Anything else I write seems to pale in comparison.... sigh. 

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A HUGE hug to your SO!  I don't even know what to say at this point.  Did you hear that one of the officers has been taken into custody?  I am not one to pray but I am sending good thoughts to the universe for peace tonight.  I don't to see anyone else get hurt!

I am now very conscious of my privilege as a middle aged white woman.  No one is going to question me or pull me over in my Volvo unless I do something very stupid.  But I have a 2 year old bi-racial nephew whom I adore living in a "good neighborhood" and it terrifies me to think of what could happen 10-15 years from now if someone sees him going into his own home and decides that he "doesn't belong there."  I am ashamed to say that I voted as a good liberal and gave all the right answers before but until I met my SIL and my nephew was born the reality of the situation was not fully brought home to me.  It is now and I am truly frightened for the future.

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I did hear about the arrest. I wonder if others will also get arrested?

SO told me that he had to talk to his sons about possible involvement with the police when they were young and it had been a recurring conversation as they grew older. It's sad to say that in 2020, there are still different set of rules for people based on their colour of their skin. 

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I hope that they will given that they simply stood there and did not intervene.  Isn't there a famous quote about all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing?  Well, they may or may not be good men but they clearly did nothing.

At this point my nephew is too young for that kind of talk but my SIL and I have had that discussion.  We live in a very outdated suburb and neither of us see things changing in the next decade.  She is actively considering moving back to a larger more diverse city for that very reason and I don't blame her in the slightest.  I moved here to be with DH and it is stifling in many ways.  Now that the kids are gone and we are not stuck here because of BM, I am trying to get him to move away too.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke

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The photos made me cry & almost hurl. Total disregard for human life and actual murder are not things we were made to see IMO, but now countless humans HAVE witnessed the video. An assault on the mind, heart, and soul to see one man take the life of another. With a blank look on his face. Ignoring public pleas. 

I remember back in the day when the internet was new, I heard about people publishing snuff films... I could not BELIEVE it. Now people live-stream and the whole world can view & see in realtime and within minutes/hours. Insanity.

Past is prologue. 

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I watched it and was physically sick. Times like this make me thankful I'm not raising a child in this insane world. Cray 2

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I thanks you to explain this eff off meanings to me. Smile

Eff off peoples show ugly and hate. Not thinking or taking time of kindness and compassionate action. Always the negativity is sadden me.

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1. Think because it has as fancy smancy web front end that it is good. 

2.  That they can do better without actually knowing what things are occuring behind the scenes unbeknown to them.

3.  Every Tom/Dick and Harry that can spell database now thinks they are a g*dmn database administrator and continue to try and tell me how to do my job. There is g*d damn reason your a level 1 Developer you snot nose little kid

4.  To the asshats that "think" they are saving money by running hardware/softwate that is older than my oldest child (how is 21 by the way).  We DO NOT enjoy scouring ebay for parts for the hardware.  Software Vendor support..YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...the vendors laugh at us for running something so old.  Good f*nking thing I have worked on these old god foresaken versions..other you all would fubared.  You are one failure away from being totally and completely borked with no way to recover.    This sh*t runs supply chain for some very high profile companies right now....

5.  Eff off to my boss.  GROW A SET AND EITHER TELL PEOPLE NO or MOVE ON TO MALICIOUS COMPLAINCE. But good lord almighty stop trying to put lipstick on a pig.


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version of Unix that hasn't seen the light of day since the late 1990's....

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Happy Friday Aniki.

1. Eff off to the people who got a hold of the company bank account info and my bosses name, and are cashing fake checks. WE have fraud protection, but those mom and pop shops that are operating and cashing checks do not, and are out that money.

2. Eff off to the weather. Cold windy and foggy!

3. Eff off to being 40 lbs overweight almost a month until my birthday. I want to be my healthy weight...

4. Eff off to Toxic Troll and Feral Forger who are making life hard for munchkin sd14.

5. Eff off to the child support being raised for one of my employees. But then who knows what the situation really is.

OK, now on to a great weekend, all!

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Happy Friday, CLove!

How awful for those mom and pop shops! Sad

I feel you on the weight issue. I need a healthy chef and a trainer who smacks the bad food out of my hands and forces me to work out.

Have a great weekend! *kiss2*