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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! Certainly seemed to take its time getting here. A coworker showed me a meme this morning that struck a chord... It was a picture of Wedneday Addams that said:

I have 2 reactions whe going out.

  1. Ew, the sun.
  2. Ew, the people.

I am DEFINITELY feeling that second one today!


Eff off to:

  • Baby pushers. Nosy, insensitive people who are constantly pushing others to have kids. Some people don't want kids. Some people can't have kids. And it's NUNYA. Young friends of ours just celebrated 5 years of marriage. Over half the people there were hounding them and I found the wife in the bathroom in tears. Fertility problems. Sad
  • Emphysema. DH's aunt recently went into the hospital. We're gearing up for a funeral.
  • A YUGE eff off to cancer. That miserable disease is about to claim another victim. One of my closest friends, a sister in my heart, is discussing End Of Life plans with her mother's doctors. I just want to SCREAM.


Hope you have an enjoyable, stress-free weekend!


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Eff off to cancer for real

Watch the DuPont documentary. You'll learn what PFOAS are, why we ALL have them in our blood, and how it correlates to the dramatic rise in cancer rates since the early 70s.

1. Eff off to pot stirrers. You know the types... triangulate others, play the victim, maintain a reserved and quiet demeanor, but sit back and watch all of the drama they've created between others... and when it's over and they become bored with a normal, calm life, repeat.

2. Eff off to children. Ok, let me clarify that: I'm not referring to actual children that act like normal children, respect adults, have friends, strive for achievements, etc.  I'm referring to children who think they are adults and adults who think they are children. I'm over it. I'm tired of seeing it, living it, hearing about it, reading about, and more revoltingly, watching society continue to condone such behavior. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

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Pot stirrers should have to lick to poopie spoon. And not all are reserved and quiet. Some are quite Unreserved, loud, and, and obnoxious. They thrive on chaos and being hurtful. Yep, they should have to lick that spoon.

I'll add to your eff off to children. Eff off to the parents who have created those little monsters.

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100% agree!

I guess I only brought up the quiet ones because they tend to slip under the radar easily and are usually the first to call someone else "dramatic."

But yes - Biowhore and the Maggot Queen are of the loud variety. Lol!

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I agree on the concer... For sure...

Eff off to:

  • People's opinions
  • Feeling like I wasted some time in life


Other than that I'm not bad though tbh...

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At least you didn't waste your whole entire life! You're doing great PA.

We all have wasted time and effort on losers. Partly why we are all here.

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We should not consider that time wasted, but consider that as time spent learning and growing!

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When I split from my exH, I was more than HAPPY doing so.  However, I still did mourn the time I lost.  The 16 years of my best and youngest years, age 19-35, wasted on an a**hole who didn't appreciate any of it.  Sixteen years I'd never get back.  I did mourn that...while thanking my lucky stars I was out of a very abusive and emotionally draining relationship.

So let yourself feel the loss of time...just don't let your brain trick you and over-romanticize what was actually a horrible relationship.

You will be just fine. Smile

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Cooooookies, like you, I spent too many years with my psycho narc ex. That was a damn hard lesson. Sad

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My dear friend, you did NOT waste some time in life. Look at that time as a valued lesson. What is NOT okey. What you will NOT allow. What you do NOT want. You have grown from that experience and will come out of this better and STRONGER.

Opinions are like arseholes, doll. Everyone has one. And they only matter if you let them. DON'T LET THEM MATTER. Give rose

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I have SOOOO many things on my "absolutely not" list at this point it's not even funny. LOL

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There you go! Life lessons are hard, but get you closer to your ultimate goal and happiness. xo

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Any lesson learned well (being married to a narcissist) is not a waste of time. My second marriage taught me more than either one of my degrees. Priceless!!

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Eff off to those who flag your comment because they can't handle the INNOCUOUS truth. 

Aniki I'm real sorry about your DH aunt and friend's mom. Prayers for all.

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You got a comment flagged? If it wasn't profane, political, or involved name-calling, then the result should have been nil.

I'm so curious as to what the comment was. I love innocuous truths.

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WM, that flagger is a ginormous poopie head who needs to get stuffed. *diablo*

Thank you for the prayers. xo

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Eff off to mysogynistic men who try to "help" me. I'm an effing rockstar in my industry (well, I am) and I don't need or want your worthless "help" that wastes my time.

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Oh, ish. Are they trying to "flex their muscles"? Trying to show you they're superior (BARF)? Flirting with you? Bunch of asshats. Makes me think of that Helen Reddy song... I am woman, HEAR ME ROAR!

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Superior beings, yes. Flirting, no. They are super professional, but they assume they know every gd thing. My job involves lots of federal regulation. So don't be making changes to things that are mandatory and act like you're facking doing me a favor.

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Eff off to people who do the BARE MINIMUM unless it's something THEY want to do.

Eff off to mean and rude people.

((hugs)) Aniki sorry about your loved ones hurting with cancer and emphysema.

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I have some big F offs but they wear me out so maybe next week.

Instead, I'll focus on the petty.

F off to the guy across from me who brings cereal to work and slurps the milk, burps all day, trims his nails, and takes all his calls on speaker phone.  And he's not young and dumb, either.  He talks to his wife like shit on the phone and I hope one day she shows up with a sledgehammer and beats him. 

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He sounds like a complete pig (my apologies to pigs). 

I hope his wife goes for his little head first... *diablo*

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She sounds SO NICE.  He doesn't always talk to her on speaker but he has and she's bringing his stupid ass lunch and he's such a whiney little b*tch about it (I don't want that today, can you make sure my drink is right, blah blah blah). 

I swear I would drop off a box of cat turds if I were her. 

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Clarifying... he sounds AWFUL. Why does she put up with that caca? Makes me wonder if she's insecure or feels like she doesn't deserve better treatment. Sad

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Eff off to people who punt their responsibilities off to others. 

Eff off to people who need to pontificate instead of just making a decision. 

Eff off to people who get their feelings hurt over things that have nothing to do with them. 

Eff off to BM for again thinking that rules don't apply to her. 

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Eff off to people who get their feelings hurt over things that have nothing to do with them. 

But have to make it about them...

BTW, I appreciate you using pontificate. I like that word!

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to write my eff off list.

Today we go to court to review divorce docs, and have Toxic Troll sign a document that her ex-spousal support is paid in full.

I dont think she will, but we shall see.

((hugs)) Im sorry that your loved ones are suffering.

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F off to the Tornados that had no mercy in TN this week.  So many people lost their lives Sad




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Horrible. It would be so AWESOME if there was a reliable system in place to warn people. 

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Yeah, a big  Eff Off and down  with  Baby pushers. I so agree...they are like drug pushers..

You saidit,Ani ~..if you don't want or can't have a child wtf is with these people that get up in your grill and think less of you or your DH ?

At a fundraiser for an organization where we were members some pregnant person and her husband (December  /May  marriage btw and the old geezer was proud he could still shoot off some swimmers ) told me that I need to have at least two kids ..then she turned to my DH and told him if I don't or if he denys me children  it was tantamount to the most heinous SIN (lol really...?)Furthermore  if  we deny children birth into the world it  will cause nothing but teeth gnashing in our marriage and we were doomed.Double wtf?? And ,yeah, make my next one a double!

Actually it was  children that almost caused our demise: toxic adult skids.

Up with puppies!And kittens!


AND Have a GREAT  Weekend, Ani and Steppers ! 


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Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Ermagawd, what bloody AWFUL jerks. With all of the orphans and unwanted/abused/neglected children, it's a good thing not eveyone is having them. IMO. Not to mention those who should NOT have so much as a pet rock. Crikey.

Have a great weekend, Wicked! xoxo

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At my BD's college graduation dinner (that I paid for, btw), BD's bossy MIL stands up and says it would be so nice that instead of going on for her masters degree to have children instead. Mouths open all around. Then she looks at me for support and asked me to talk BD out of grad school.  She was almost pleading. I told that old biddy that this was a decision entirely up to our married children and I support whatever decision they make, and then I made a toast to a happy future of their own making.

I'll never forget that. What the frack is wrong with people?

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Really..what is wrong with these people?They want kids.GREAT! MIL could adopt or foster is she is mising the patter of little (or big) feet..


I personally wonder/ believe that the ones who try to foist parenthood or  becoming bio parents upon others are miserable BEING parents..LOL

Misery LOVES company.LOL


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Oh I wish you could have whipped out some pictures of Clem and the others and talked ALLL about your babies!!

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Oh, I wish , Gimlet! LOL.! This awfully intrusive and bizarre  incident occurred   B.C .~Before Clem and the other fur babies.


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And so very sorry these cherished  people in your life are having to deal and suffer with these horrible illness and disease.

Hoping all  find comfort and release from the pain and suffering.


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Eff off to heavy breathers and people who chew with their mouth open.  I had both of such people in the staff room yesterday at the same time.  One breathes like he has the worst cold imaginable.  The resident doctor who spends one week at a time there has decided to start eating her meals in the staff room.  That's great, she's a nice person.  However, she does not chew ONE SINGLE BITE WITH HER MOUTH CLOSED.  *Chomp, slurp, chomp, smack, chomp, smack, slurp, smack*

I have misophonia so I want to kill each person...repeatedly and violently.  Every. Single. Time.


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Mrs. Headlights is in charge of the ID card system so she sent out an email to the entire IT dept with Dr. Phil's ID card photo cut and pasted into it. "If you see this guy today, wish him a happy birthday!"

I must also add that in our department birthdays are very low-key.   We don't send out global emails or go nuts over it.  This was an obvious office wife brown-nosing move.