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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! As much as I loathe adding one more hour to the horrors of 2020, I'm hoping that "falling back" will jumpstart my engine.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer
  • Covid
  • People who think that my refusal to acknowledge or participate in their crap behavior means I find it acceptable. That's a negative, ghost rider. And 'ghost is the key word, although my withdrawal is justified.


Hope you're safe and well. Hug your loved ones.


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Amen to that Aniki. 

I would also like to add: 

people who use tragedies to gain inappropriate attention. 


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To my 'colleague' who got the permanent role and now manages to go through entire days doing precisely nothing.

To my line manager who appointed said numpty and claimed she was young and vibrant. Arse!

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Good to see you, doll!  <3

Eff off to the long wait lists for every decent group of counselors in the city.   YSS needs a new counselor (his previous one was very nice but not the right fit) and an evaluation and it's taking forever.  I get why, we're all struggling, but I will feel much better when we have a diagnosis (or confirmation that there isn't one, although I doubt that outcome) and an action plan because I am over DH having to ride his ass every single day.

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Always good to see you, sweetness!

All of the waiting and delays... IMO, they're causing irreversible damage for some. Its maddening. Sad

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Eff off to nightmares, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, and vibrant dreams. I had no less than 4 separate dreams/nightmares last night, and I woke up this morning feeling like I had run a marathon. 

Eff off to ET being incompetent.

Eff off to boobs. Mine are giving me issues again. Though, they have been slightly less angry the last week.

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Sleep paralysis is TERRIFYING.  I have lots of vivid dreams and they can be exhausting, but paralysis is horrible.

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Triple ugh!

I have nightmares and lucid/vibrant dreams, but have never (thankfully) suffered from sleep paralysis. How sucky! {{{hugs}}}

Angry boobs sounds like a p0rn horror movie. *unknw*

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So good to see you Aniki!  

My Eff off is to a boss who refuses to promote me because he's to busy promoting his golden boy who needs an EEO training stat!  Other than that I am ready for the Halloween weekend and gaining an hour of my life back.

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Good to see you, advice.only!

Oh, that's such BS! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his nether region. 

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Eff off to:


people who will not wear a mask when out in public

people who don't believe in science (try reading a book)

to my phone ringing all day now

to my mail box full of junk mail

to commercials that are 24/7

and to Bleep Bleep Bleep

Besides all that glad to see you Aniki. Be well!



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Ditto to all of that. I shop once a week for fresh produce and go at 'off' times to avoid people. Commercials...ugh.

Always happy to see you, Queen!

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There you are Aniki, I thought you were laying on a beach in Bora Bora sipping umbrella drinks.

Wonderful to see you again Aniki Smile

F off to cancer. I still cant believe my brother died.

F off to the unthinkable  murders  in Nice yesterday Sad




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Wonderful to see you, too, Thumper!

Bora Bora is not my cuppa. Too hot! Sipping spiked hot chocolate in Lake Baikal would be more my style. Wink


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EFFING cancer!!! Just got a message from one of my oldest and dearest friends. Colon cancer. Surgery next week. GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

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Not hearing from mgmt on a title change.  Filing a grievance on Monday for retro out of title work.  May delay my retirement, though.

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Let me slide my eff off in...

Eff off to hurricane Zeta. Even though I live in NORTH Georgia, that b!tch knocked my power out for 2.5 days. 

Eff off to having to replace the entire contents of my refrigerator. I didn't need that $600 or so anyway. Not like Christmas is breathing down my neck or anything. 

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That sucks! I have a friend in Oklahoma who has been without power for 4 days due to an ice storm. Cold, but no worries about food loss. Sorry, hon. Sad