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OT - Eff Off Friday

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It's Friday - woo hoo!!! At least this hasn't been a week of Mondays (blech). 

Eff off to:

  • People so busy looking at their damn cell phones that they stray into another lane and I have to lay on my horn. Makes me wish I:
    • drove a tank and could just ram them back over to their lane, or...
    • had a crane on top of my car that could pick up their car and either move them behind me or move them OFF of the freaking road.
  • The Weather Whine (wine would be better!). Yes, it's 17 degrees F outside. It's February. This is one of the snowiest areas east of the Rockies. STFU or GTFO. 
  • Arseholes arguing about politics. GO THE EFF AWAY!!! Or get a damn meeting room. I don't give a flying fart in space what a single one of you think/feel/believe. You're loud, you're bloody annoying, and you're disrupting my work. I'm ready to start slamming tomes around. 


I am SO ready for two days away from morons. Hope your weekend is enjoyable and stress-free!


If you want to discuss politics, please create your own blog. My comment is intentionally vague. I will delete any comments that have any polictical specifics.


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Politics are nothing but stress! Me and my fiance will not be bringing our TV with us when we move because sometimes ignorance really is bliss! We are so outta the loop we didn't even know it was daylight savings time until the next day lol

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Nothing to eff off here coz we got snow! Ani,buckets and buckets of the stuff  and more is  falling! The weather prediction is more for another 3 hours !Not snow bound but NO ONE is out on the road,I love it..

Quiet, beautiful with so much snow coating all the evergreens..


Wishing you a restful weekend.



I hear you on the cell phones and driving.

Eff off to walking and texting with ear buds in.

Talk about shades of the Rock Opera "Tommy" by the Who from the late 60's.Eyes are glued to the phone ,ears are plugged.Can't see or hear reality. 

Several months back some poor 14 year old kid walked off a curb and got hit by a car and killed because he was texting while walking and didn't see the traffic light had changed. Walked right into the traffic. ..








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Wicked, do you have the ingredients for French Toast? You know: the stuff everyone scurries out to buy at the first hint of Impending Doom: bread, milk, and eggs. Give me cheese, sausage, and wine! Biggrin

Horrible about that kid. It's hard for me to understand how people can be so engrossed in their freakin' phones. Likely because I grew up with rotary phones and NO answering machines!

somethingwicked's picture're so funny! Right! "Hurry and get your bread ,milk and eggs,folks! "

That warning will be blasting from news media for the Apocalypse.
Like you I worry about having the necessary basics required to with stand a weather  emergency ~ wine, bourbon, cheese ,chorizo, olives ,hot giardiniera and water


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My basics are: cheese, wine, sausage, rice, beans, some fresh, frozen or canned veggies, and some kind of meat in the freezer so I can make a big pot of something like chili or soup or stew. I'm making ham and beans tomorrow. Biggrin

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Hey, Ani,

My grandfather, a chef, used to make ham and beans (served over rice), which was one of our favorite meals as children. My DH loves the dish and like me, puts vinegar on the beans. Do you use navy beans and season with cumin and oregano?

I'm also making comfort food tonight; shepherd's pie with the leftover pot roast from last night's dinner. Yum. We got about 3 inches of snow last night which DH is currently shoveling.

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Hey, redhen! 

I make my Southern mother's version of H&B: navy beans, onion, garlic, smoked shanks/hocks, and some leftover ham. Served with cornbread!

DH asked me to make breakfast for dinner on Sunday, so bacon & cheese omelets and drop biscuits. 

Fat Aniki's mouth is already watering!

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CORNBREAD! I'm YOUR table and Red's,too!.

Gotta wear my elastic waisted yoga pants..




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Warm cornbread oozing with butter... I thought about making cornbread muffins, but a round is easier. Some corncakes topped with molasses sound pretty darn tasty, too...

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Yup! Heavy on the garlic. Our husbands are lucky to be married to good and enthusiastic cooks. My DH brags about my cooking and, let's face it, we passionate cooks love to hear a little praise for our efforts! 

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I add a lot more garlic than my Mom did!

DH's coworkers are always curious about "what delicacy did the wife make for you".

I LOVE to cook and need to win the lottery so I can cook every day!

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Happy Friday amiga!

Aniki~ how about some ear buds with your favorite music while you work? It works like a charm for me, during my hectic commute. It helps to block out all the bullshit, people and noise.

Eff off to the idiot walking slowly down the stairs with phone glued to her face as the train is arriving during rush hour. I feel like slapping the phone out her hand. I'm going to miss the freaking TRAIN!!! Gosh help me cause I'm going to hell for that one.

Que tenga un gran fin de semana bella!


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Hola Siempre!

Ear buds, head phones... they don't work. My ears are sensitive and I have damn near bionic hearing. Meaning, even when wearing headphones with the music turned up, I can still hear people talking. In a normal tone of voice. It's like being in the Cone of Silence. 

Woman, I would have been DOGGING her heels or tapped her shoulder, said, "Excuse me" and pushed PAST her. 

Espero el mismo para ti, amiga! 

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OMG, the whining about the weather drives me CRAZY.  We live in Upstate NY, why are you surprised that it's snowing? If you don't like it, for the sake of all of us, MOVE AWAY.  

I like winter and snow, so I always say, "I'll take this any day over 95 degrees".  And then I try really hard not to be a whiner about hot summer weather, which I hate. lol

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I absolutely LOATHE hot weather - I feel like a crocus in a hot house in Atlanta in July. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...

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Me too. I won't do anything outside if the temperature is over 75.  My ideal is 70.  The only thing I do when it's hotter is walk the dog and she hates it hot, too, so we go early in the morning and bring lots of water. 

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My ideal is 65. Anything over 70 is swimming weather. Nothing like the chilly water of Gitche Gumee to cool off! I miss taking my darling Mr. P for swims at Eagle River. Sigh...

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That makes 3 of us! tog, my ideal is 65 degrees. I love winter, the snow, the cold temps and all the action at my 2 bird feeders, one of which is attached to our living room window. Watching the birds from a foot away is pure delight!

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Ha! You called it! Our ongoing attempts to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders are epic. We hand-feed the squirrels from one of the small, side windows in our living room and DH throws plenty of seed for them underneath the feeders. However, they prefer the plenitude at the feeders and go through some amazing gymnastics to reach 'nirvana'.  Beyond adorable.


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My DH, on the other hand,  hates the cold and refuses to do anything in the winter. In the summer, he's out in the garage when it's 85 degrees and humid, and I can't spend more 2 seconds, to hand him a beer, out there. 

65 degrees works too. No higher than 70.

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Bummer! Like me, my DH prefers the cold and loathes hot weather. Not as cold as I like it, but cold enough. He is NOT a swimmer - would rather be ON the water than in it.

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Yikes, tog!

My situation exactly. My DH built our deck during one of the hottest summers on record and seemed perfectly comfortable. His daughter is the same, always cold despite temps in the 80s. I've often accused them of being part reptile.

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Eff off to rain...since January 1st, we have had one day with sun and it was partial sun. I'm so sick of the rain, mostly of commuting in the rain. 

Eff off to my fellow commuters, who lose their minds when it's raining out. 

Eff off to BM...who continues to make DH's illness about her. 

Eff off to incompetent co-workers...although I see a light at the end of the tunnel, since the boss told me, in confidence, yesterday that he's likely going to fire one of them. I would have fired others first, but anything is progress, I guess. 


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Ermagawd, that sucks! A friend of mine was talking about how all of the rain they've gotten instead of snow - the fields look swampy. Ugh. I don't mind rain every now and again (and preferably overnight!), but find lots and lots of rain depressing. Crops and flowers can't grow when they're drowning!

How many of those coworkers NEED to go? I wonder what your boss finds more objectionable about his choice over the others.

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Where I live, we typically have rainy winters, but this one is extreme. There are now several areas of my commute that are flooded. SKids had no school today because some roads in their town are flooded and one has partially washed away. 

For me, it's the downpours on my commute (combined with the darkness, you can barely see the lines on the street) and the lack of sunlight. Everyone is so grumpy. 

There are at least two co-workers who the boss has identified as definitely needing to go. The one he is targeting is personable, but does very little work and is charged with something very important for us. He's also alienated most staff who have worked for him. The boss has also heard through the grapevine that this person talked to a lawyer months ago fearing he would be let go, so that likely annoyed the boss enough to push him to act. 

The other person also does very limited work and is fairly unpleasant. I'm not sure why the boss is reluctant to let her go. 

There is a person at a higher level who really should go. He is sexist, mean to underlings, untrustworthy, and has made several mistakes that have gotten us sued. I have said a few things to the boss about this person (specifically, I told the boss that I would not ask this person for anything anymore, because I have never gotten one thing from him, only condescending replies. I now go to the boss and have him ask), but get the impression that the boss doesn't think he needs to go. This is a person whom the last boss was advised to get rid of, but this person told the last boss he was leaving, so the last boss didn't take action and then he left and the problematic co-worker stayed. 

There are several other people who should just be demoted. Although one of them is a fairly toxic individual who always seems to be on vacation or out for some other reason, so if it were me, I would probably just let her go. 

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No sun. Flooding from too much rain. I'd be grumpy, too!

Wow, that all sounds so toxic. Ugh. Hope it improves soon. (And the sun comes out!)  *give_rose*

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I also loathe the hot weather and live in GA- so it seems summers last 8 months or so.  I LOVE the cold weather, but yes, my ideal is also 60-70.  I used to love summer and even lay out I am in perimenopause I'm all about cold weather.  Not to mention my sporting dogs really thrive during this time and drag a** in summer.

Oh and yeah, I've also had issues w/my co-worker consistenly being out, it's an annual she's been on short term since Dec and not back to March....I'm always picking up extra work...Like I have done this since she started here 4-5 years ago.

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I'm a sunscreen queen, so NOT into suntanning. Recently, a woman told me that, once hot flashes end, I'll be dying for hot weather. NOPE. Didn't like the heat before hot flashes, certainly won't like it afer they end!

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Once hot flashes end you will be dying for hot waether... never.. F that. Was she on drugs?  Maybe something her doctor gave her for hot flashes, just sayin????