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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last. We made it STalkers! In a few hours, the weekend will officially begin!

Eff off to:

  • Friday afternoon meetings. Obviously, you are possessed and require an exorcism.
  • Weirdos who stand at your desk while you're on a phone call. And stand there. And stand there.TWICE I've muted the call and told you I'll come see you when the call is done. GO AWAY ALREADY.
  • Whiners who keep whining about the snow. You live in the snowiest region this side of the Mississippi. It can snow well into May. Spring flowers ain't happenin' any time soon. Don't like it? LEAVE!
  • The moron who refuses to get it through his thick skull that *I* cannot resolve his issue. You have sent me 3 emails. I have responded to each email with "Moron, I have copied Jane Doe on this email. Jane is the person who requested your idiot self to perform this task and the only one who can answer your questions. Jane, could you please assist Moron?" FFS
  • Those who think that you must poop out a kid or inpregnate a woman to be a parent. DNA does not a parent make. One of my best friends and his wife had their children via surrogate. That's right: CHILDREN. 'C'  and 'J' are the PARENTS of THEIR CHILDREN. So damn well stop using air quotes every time you say MOTHER or FATHER, you jackwad.
    I also have 4 nieces/nephews who were adopted. My siblings and their spouses are their parents. Foster parents, adoptive parents, and yes, even stepparents who actively involved. All of them are PARENTS. I am proud of the fact that, while my marriage failed, I raised 3 skids who are happy, successful adults - and all parents to kids who call me "Grandma". And just because you're part of the babymaking cocktail doesn't mean you're a GOOD parent.


I hope you have a safe and stress-free weekend!!


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Can I say OK on the snow, but eff off to this single/negative digit temps?  It is finally going to be up to a balmy 30F degrees today and I'm taking my snowshoes out for a little trekking about.  Then it's back down to the single/negative temps with nasty wind chill......this week I almost broke my fuel cover on my car trying to get it to open after being frozen shut!

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DarkStar, you can say eff off to anything you want! I work with some people who beeyotch about the snow Every.Single.Day. They KNOW they're in an area of heavy snowfall. Then again, they will also complain when it rains in Spring, gripe about the heat and bugs in Summer, and whine about raking leaves in Fall.

BTW, I read "chill" as "chili". Really must make some...

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Chili.........I like mine with some cheese and a dollop of sour cream!

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Extra sharp cheddar for me! And if there's a little bit left, but not enough for a full bowl, It goes on a baked potato or hot dog. Biggrin

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Eff off to:

  • Work
  • DH's work schedule
  • Forking people that want something but don't know what. But they're your boss, so I guess I get to magically come up with something?...
  • Having to deal with Psycho tonight. UGH (positive though, my hair looks really good today. So i can flaunt my haircut in front of her haircut copying b**** face... Sorry that was mean... I'm still pissy she stole my haircut)

Also major girl crush on your last eff off. I agree with you Aniki!!!

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PA, my DH has to work this weekend AGAIN. Sigh...

Didn't you bring your crystal ball to work today? Wink

Thank you! OMG, it is so ridiculous and I'd like to kick that buttmuch in the boniest part of her shin. "When you're a "MOM" like 'C'..." Hey, at least 'C' isn't a smarmy, pretentious, twatwaffling beeyotch.

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Mine too... 36 hours in two days... So he'll be sleeping the 10 he's home ( minus time for commuting)...

Oh silly me. I left it on my dresser again.... Should have known I was going to need it.

LMAO. It is ridiculous! Biology will NEVER make a parent. It's the actions to back it up that makes you a parent. Being a biological mother or father is a genetic title. But you're not a parent unless you have actions that have backed it up!!!

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Eff off to wind!!! It's been non stop this whole week and I am over it!!!
Eff off to the big C, my uncle is finally in what hospice calls transition, he want's nobody there but his wife, so that's a hard pill to swallow.
Eff off to people who burn popcorn in the breakroom.

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Every day is an eff off to the big C! One friend just scheduled surgery and another recently started chemo. :(  I'm sorry about your uncle.  {{hugs}}

Oh, that is an awful smell!!

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Looks like others are in the same boat as me!

Eff off to Friday afternoon meetings that will take 2+ hours, especially when myself and another person are "cohosting" said meeting, and he didn't even make sure it was ok with me first! Had he asked, I would have said, Oh that's Friday afternoon, yeah no....

Eff off to my SO's work schedule.

Eff off to some of the really stupid people I work with. My mind is blown every day. I've never worked with such ditzy people in my life.

Eff off to diets! I want to eat all of the pizza and desserts right now but instead I just choked down a freaking salad!

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I just had someone come over and tell me that the contents of a document are incorrect. Yeah, so? I am responsible for the TEMPLATE. Period. It's neither my fault nor my problem that the person filling out the template did it WRONG.

I'm currently eating a tomato-avocado salad and some pork loin. Pizza sounds sooooo good!

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Yours is healthy and sounds good! My salad did not hit the spot.

This morning I came in to an email:

Coworker: Hey can you let me know when you get in so I can come talk to you about this spreadsheet you need from me?

Me: I'm here.

Her: Are you free for me to come talk?? 

Me: (internally) OMG, why would I say that if I wasn't available???. Gah!  (in writing) Sure!

She then comes to my office.

Her: So what information do you exactly need in this spreadsheet?

Me: Just what I listed in the email I sent when I asked for the spreadsheet and made bullet-points of exactly what I needed. *brings up email to show her the list that I sent her* (internally) Same as I told you last week in person, and again on the phone yesterday with your BOSS. Yep, the same stuff I've now told you 3 times.

Her: Can you forward me that email again?


Dash 1

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WTH. She can't search for the email by your name? The date? She can't go to her Deleted Items and find the damn email there?? Gads.

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Eff off:

- Local police. SO was punched in the face, and had his nose broken, at our business this week by a tenant in the same building as our business. The police have done practically nothing (except try to deter SO from pressing charges - is it too much work for you police officer?) even though we have called them three times for assault, harassment, intimidation, etc. Everyone in the building is sick of this trashy couple. SO's nose is permanently damaged from the assault, like c'mon already. 

-  Bills, bills, bills, bills. Enough said.

- The world. Can we all behave already?!? I'm so tired of reading the news. BEHAVE. Respect each other. Treat others with kindness. 

- Working night shift this weekend. Ugh. Screws up my sleep schedule for days. 

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Whaaaaat?!?!?! After I pressed charges, I'd contact Internal Affairs or whoever handles complaints about those poopheads.  So sorry, DPW!!

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Yup! I deal with the police fairly often in my other job (mental health and addictions) and there was a time when a 6'7, 350lbs man  became violent with my coworker (another female) and I and we had to go in lockdown. Called 9-1-1. Arrived 45 minutes later to say "So what do you want us to do about it. Sounds like a personal issue between him and you." We were shocked. Our boss was pissed when he heard that they didn't charge him. 

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Um, assault usually is a personal issue between people, such as domestic violence. It is still a chargeable offense.

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We pissed them off down here too... Haven't seen sun in what feels like a century...