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OT - Eff Off Friday

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It's true - I'm counting the hours 'til I can escape for the weekend. The work week after the vacation week is a PITA! Let's get down to it...

Eff off to:

  • people who drive 20mph UNDER the speed limit. Ugh! No, it was not some 500yo person. It was a 20-something guy. Dude, if that's as fast as your car can go, you need to put on your flashers!
  • whiners already beeyotching about snow (it's a whopping 28 degrees F outside right now). Seriously?? This is one of the snowiest areas in the U.S. WHY DO YOU STAY HERE?!?!? 
  • those who are already wearing their heavy winter clothing and whining about the "horrible cold". Um, it's 28 degrees outside. What will you do when it's NEGATIVE 28? Stay home and perch on top of the wood-burning stove? Get IN it??
  • Cancer, that bastard. A woman I've known all my life was just diagnosed with breast cancer. *diablo*
  • Me. Yes, me. Can someone help me find my willpower? We'll need a time machine. Who has a Delorean?


I hope your weekend is relaxing and stress-free!


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I feel you on the cancer. My bestie was diagnosed with ovarian... And it completley breaks my heart Sad

Eff off to:

  • H being a butt... He's bipolar. It's either, he's in acceptance and looking for somwehre he can afford to live. OR he's begging me to come back OR he's being an absolute a$$.
  • Missing the girls, but knowing there's nothing I can really do there.
  • Being at work... When I have no desire to be doing the work thing...
  • Stress in general. I swear I'm beyond stressed!!!

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Are you still staying with your colleague?  I've been thinking about you and hoping you're doing ok.

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I am Smile He's been super great about it. I've been looking for a cheap studio or one bed though. Hopefully I find one in my price range that will let me keep my furbabies soon!

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I'm sorry about your friend. {{{HUGS}}} and prayers.

He sounds TRIpolar, the asshat. Which makes me think of a tricorner hat. ~snort~

He's in acceptance because he knows you're much too good for him. 
He's begging you to come back because he doesn't like adulting!
He's being an ass because that's who he really is and you are finally seeing the real him.

Wish we could have a girls' weekend! xo

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Hugs for you and your friend.. hope they can treat her successfully.


My EFF OFF Friday..

I have worked in the same department since 2005.  Prior to that, I have had various lead/manager supervisory positions.. but the group I went to is a somewhat different and fairly male dominated field.

Well.. After a couple years in my position, I started to ask my manager what I needed to do/improve on/gain experience to be given a promotion to the "senior" level in my group.  It's a small group and at the time there were 3 men that I worked with that all had the senior title.. and had been in the group a variety of time periods.  Well.. year after year, I bust my tail.. I do "everything" I am asked and still no promotion.. Finally, I just get the feeling that they are waiting for one of the older guys in our group to retire.. to "make room" for a senior person.. In any case.. I do FINALLY get promoted to senior after NINE years.. of hard work.  All along, I am doing the same work my coworkers are.. just at the entry level position at lower pay.

So.. fast forward to now.. They hired a new guy about a year ago.. not in my direct group.. but in a related area under my same management (well.. new managers.. as we have had turnover).. So.. because of some retirements etc.. we end up asking this guy in the other dept to help with a few contracts.. not fully into our group.. not doing all the other work.. just a few contracts.. Well.. he was always saying to me "I should get promoted.. I'm doing the same work everyone else is.."  I did tell him that I did the "same work" for 9 years before I was promoted.. so it wasn't necessarily just doing a type of work.. but more experience etc..

Well.. lo and behold.. guess who got a promotion after just ONE year?  Yes.. Dude man.. that I have to constantly remind to do his work.  I've even told my management that I thought maybe he should pass back a little of the contract work because he isn't always good at keeping up with it.. I was told that they noticed that too..

YET.. here he is one year in.. and he gets promoted to the same level as ME.. that took me 9 years.

I'm having a hard time getting over this.. Rough calculations.. I have lost about 100K over the years vs if I had been promoted after a year.

Now.. we did hire another person directly into our the SR level and she is a woman.. but she was an equivalent level engineer.. 

I just can't help but feel very cheated by my old management.. who I thought was doing everything they could to develop me.. and now.. I get to sit across from this doofus who just gets it handed to him.


The only reason I am not exploding is that I may get the opportunity to work from home a little bit.. and that is something not everyone gets to do.. so I am going to possibly get "special treatment" and I don't want to mess that up.

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We have a doofus here that "specializes" in excel spread sheets and their formulas.  Knows absolutely NOTHING else and always kicks ticket my way or my co-worker's way.  He's supposed to be helping people with their web apps, mainly financial ones that are dependent upon java, browser settings, etc.  He knows NOTHING about this and keeps kicking stuff that can be fixed in 5 seconds back to us because he can't figure it out.

He was hired AFTER me and makes about 20K more than I do a year.  We have another woman who was hired AFTER me.  Supposedly updates our website.  She knows NO PHP, html, nothing.  She has a point and click program similar to dream weaver that she updates.   Again makes 20K more than I do.  We have two people who are essentially dead wood who have been here for over 30 years.  Their title is "Senior Programmer" yet they do NO programming anymore because we don't use Virtual Fox Pro (hardly) any more.   Instead they sit around on their backsides.  They come and go as they please, no accountability and ask us the stupidest questions (what's the number to Dell support)  yet are making 100K a year! 

I inherited the entire 911 system for the county and all the Sheriff/Public Safety software and server administration when Retired Dude left a year ago.  No raise.

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Oh, and Eff Off to the Flu Shot. I'm telling you, it's swollen and bruised and feels like I was stump by a Flying Yellow Arsehole!

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How long after the shot did you get your symptoms?   I had a flu shot last week and so far nothing (cross fingers)

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A few hours. I forgot about the bandaid until my arm started itching (adhesive allergy). I normally sleep on my left side, but spent most of it on my right. Yeah, I'm whining...

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It's been 24 hours and that spot is still a bit sore, but more itchy than anything. My bad for leaving that bandaid on so long!

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My oldest got his flu shot at work this weekend (hospital), he said it "hurt more than normal" this time. 

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Again, eff off to my co-workers who have man-baby tantrums at work and who can't make decisions to save their lives. 

Eff off to grief...without getting too detailed, I am dealing with major grief right now and sometimes it flattens me. 

Eff off to people (e.g. DH, co-workers, DH's family) who can't manage their own stupid, irrelevant problems on their own. They all know I'm grieving, I don't have time to deal with their ineptitude, total lack of empathy, and total lack of ability to manage thie own things. DH has heard about this from me (we had a heart-to-heart about how he needed to "be better" right now), but the others have been a little more difficult to manage. 

Eff off to the general tenor of life right now...everyone seems so angry and on edge, all.the.time. Could we just hit some reset button? 

Eff off to BM...she gets a general eff off repeatedly for her general juvenile behavior and horribleness. 


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Sweetie, I'm so sorry your suffering with that grief and all the insensitive dipshidiots making it even more difficult for you. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

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Blank Off to Cancer is right Aniki---They can turn a man into a woman but they cant find a cure.

2. People standing on the curb and just walk  into moving traffic...wth. I swear to G that some people want to get hit. OR they want to fall over to make it appear like they were hit.

3. Hillary Clinton---can I talk about her? She just wont go away into the sunset of her years... I saw a flash of her giving Mr. Cummings Eulogy today. I thought what the hell is she doing there making a speech... Makes me want to vomit when I see her daughter hanging on ever damn word she spews out of her mouth like she is the 2nd coming of C. OR like her daughter 'see's the 2nd coming of C . watching Chelsea  look at her mom they way she does is very creepy.  YIKES...

4. F off to mothers who has erased dads from their kids lives. 'If I want you gone ,you will be gone" truer words were said by a bm I know.

5. f off to the mom in texas who wants her 7 year old boy to transition to a girl. Sooo thankful the media became involved after the Jury sided with Mom. She should be tpr'd.







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Ermagawd, what IS it with those freaking jaywalkers?! They're just as bad as the truckers who move into your lane without a car. Both know that you will slam on your brakes to avoid a collision. The jaywalker because you don't want a lawsuit or to kill someone; the trucker because your vehicle doesn't stand a chance.

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Have a great weekend, Aniki!  

I myself will not be having a great weekend as I am attempting to say eff off to the flu, that has been with me for 10 days already.  That is 10 days of sweating, shivering and hacking my guts up coughing.   This has to be the worst illness I've had since I had pleurisy with pneumonia at the age of 18.  I know you are suffering the effects of your flu shot, but believe me, the alternative is worse!  

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Getting up at 5:30 to 5:45 every weekday morning.  Especially now that it's dark out in the a.m. And night.  And I'm now back on my Vitamin D.  It's so dang tiring.  Cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow!

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Cover, you're so lucky!!! I'm on the road to work at 5:30am. Sunrise here is almost 8:30am. Get ready to 'fall back" on November 3rd!

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Yes, then it's light out in the a.m. for about a week.  And super dark at night.  I couldn't do your early schedule. I'm a morning person, but the fall/winter lack of morning light and drudgery is so hard.

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'Sup, Ani? *dirol*

Eff off to people wearing winter gear and giving us the side eye because we're wearing shorts and tshirts. We go to a chili cookoff. People wearing boots, jeans, COATS and THICK WINTER HATS. Whaaaaaat???? It was 73 degrees. So what it's late October. Still shorts weather. 

Eff off to abusers. Bullies who beat up little kids and old folks. POS should get worse.

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Hey, buddy!

Mmmmmm....chili! What weirdos, lol!

From your keyboard to God's ears!