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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF (Thank God I'm Finnish!)

Eff off to:

* sick people who come to work and hack their cooties all over the bloody place.
* painful cold sores in the corner of my mouth AND the inside of my lip. WTH?!
* poopheads who constantly whine about the snow...when they live in one of the snowiest places (MOVE!!).
* people who drive 10 mph UNDER the speed limit... but only when you cannot pass. They speed up in passing zones. *#)@>&!!!!


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I would stay home when I'm sick but I risk losing my job. My boss is great but he rarely ever takes a sick day and I'm pretty certain 90% of the illnesses I get are from him or his kids. I hate it. I finally broke down and bought some purell even though I hate using it.

I am a snow whiner. I would move in a hot second IF, you know, we didn't have to live near the skids! Hopefully, DH changes his tune when SS graduates. At the rate he's flunking classes, that will probably be a few more years.

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Moving_on, I wouldn't have a problem with it if they stayed at their desks. Nope. They walk around, hacking, and whining to everyone, "I'm so siiiiiick!!!" Yeah, okay, I'm sorry, but get out of my personal space!!

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I really try not to touch anything except my own computer when I'm sick or anyone else is sick but I think it's the damn doorknobs that always get me!

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Buy some hospital masks and put them on their desks.

I used to keep a huge can of Lysol at my desk and would spray down sick peoples cubes when they went home.

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I'd like to liberally spray Lysol aaaaaaaaaall over every freaking inch of their person, desk, and air space.....

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LOL! I don't think I could get away with spraying them!

It sucks, too, because one of my coworker's child has Down Syndrome. This poor kid just got out of the hospital with like 7 different illnesses. So you would think he would know better!

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You know you WANT to spray them... And if you don't, I'm in a mood. I'll do it for you!!!

Oh, no! That poor child. I hope no cooties are carried over. Sad

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Oh, I do. These are otherwise incredibly clean people. I really just blame it on the fact that they have small children that seem to love spreading germs around.

Me too. She's such a little sweetheart, it's so hard when she is sick. This is at least her third hospitalization this winter.

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Eff off the this god forsaken wind!!! We get it really bad here and at 2 am I woke up because our patio funiture was getting blown across the backyard! Plus it triggers my silent migraines so I get to endure nausea, a stiff neck, bright flashing spots of light, all the joy of a migraine just no head!

Also eff off to my BD's school. They just built this school and today they are doing the ribbon cutting ceremony and a lot of high profile people will be here, congressmen, admirals, stuff like that...well my daughter tells us last night they will be locking all the kids in the classrooms while they are doing this ceremony because the school district has decided they don't want certain students being present during this event...lovely! So instead all the children will be locked in their classrooms and not be allowed to participate in an event for THEIR school. So I kept her home today.

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Advice, I hope your migraine takes a hike ASAP.

I second that eff off to the school. WTH. I loathe that "punish all because of a few bad apples" BS. ~p!ssy emoji~

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Parenting Stress... it's catching up to me. I can feel it in my bones and sanity.

Drive here, drop off here, pick up here. Pay this, buy this. Remember this, don't forget that.

Oh and trying to make sure BS makes weight for a big wrestling tournament this weekend. Being hungry doesn't help when you're already stressed. And a hungry 12 year old who is cranky AF only adds to my stress level. And let us not forget about the wart on his wrist that may or may not keep him from competing (depends on the person who does his skin check) so all the time, energy and $ may be all for nothing.


So good vibes for Saturday evening to pass skin check and make weight and then good vibes on Sunday to qualify for States is greatly appreciated.

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Good Vibes Zero! Good Vibes.

Just make sure his nails are super short. They may not look much farther than that if they see his nails are properly groomed.

I feel I'm a horrible SM! LOL. I forget everything!! I even forget the damn notes that I make.

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He bites his nails so we are good! LOL! Thanks for the good vibes. There will be a lot of tears. BS missed his last tournament with his Jr High team because of ringworm.

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EFF off to:

The powers to be that changed the speed limit on my road to and from work from 45 to 35 without notice! Thank you very much officer for being nice and giving me a careless driving ticket instead :? :? See ya in court. Yes please I will pay $200 for a seat belt ticket. RRRRRRR

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Oh.Em.Gee. EFF OFF TO THE ARSEHOLE WHO IS HUMMING OFF KEY!!!!!!!!!!! ~stares daggers~

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Eff off to:

kids not getting out of bed on their own in the morning
not getting enough sleep
life in general

and Aniki, I'm adding an extra eff off to the off-key hummer near you. That drives me absolutely insane as well. It's rude and inconsiderate to those of us who are not tone deaf.

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Thank you, Iamwoman! I honestly do NOT understand why anyone would think that humming is not audible to those nearby. Unfortunately, I have bionic-freakin-hearing and, even wearing headsets and blasting music, can still hear him. Aaaaaauuuuuuuggghhh!!!

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I feel your pain. My coworker rotates her humming playlist depending on the season. She finally stopped the Olympics theme song. Can't wait to hear what March brings. *eyeroll*

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* Eff off the allergy season
* Eff off to DH thinking he should "handle court alone"
* Eff off to having to be in work when they weather is PERFECT right now
* Eff off to how cold this office is!
* Eff off to SD9 talking about BM several times after BM's UNWANTED appearance last Sunday

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Fairly certain that I am mosquito CHUM. I am an official blood donor, thanks to mosquitos.

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Right? I went to softball this week and literally had welts on my legs! HOW ARE THEY BACK ALREADY?!?!

DPW's picture to having a major headache and SO being sick. We are hosting a party tomorrow night and neither of us have felt like doing anything for the party. I'll be scrambling tomorrow, that's for sure.

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EFF off to this low-grade cold I've had for a week. I'm now losing my voice and my brain is not functioning at 100%

EFF off to so many office changes that all of us are suffering from 'change fatigue' and it's now affecting morale.

EFF off to SD12's bday party this weekend, not b/c of the kids, there's only two coming, but because she decided to make a full dinner from scratch which includes one thing that takes a long time to make, two desserts and breakfast that needs to ALL be prepped and cooked tomorrow. Within 4 hours. Including prep, cleanup, AND getting other party things ready. I told her and DH if she really wants to do it that way, great, but she's not gonna have time and I'm not going to help other than take her to the grocery long as I'm feeling ok.