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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Dang, am I glad it's Friday. Two weeks of two Mondays takes a toll LOL! Seriously, I'm ready to get back to a normal schedule. 

Eff off too:

  • last-minute-day-off call-ins during the holiday. We're already operating on what's basically a skeleton crew. You calling off at the last minute or coming in for 2 hours and leaving is hurting the few that are here working. I have days I don't want to be here, too, but made the commitment to be part of the much-needed working bodies. 
  • drama hounds and attention seekers. We all know why you do it. You're not happy with your life. Instead of changing it, you go out of your way to get attention. Call the waaaaaaaahm-bulance for yourself. And please trot your drama-seeking arse back to your desk. Those of us who are here are busy!!!
  • jerkwads who text and drive. No wonder you were driving 15 mph UNDER the speed limit AND swerving. I thought you were drunk. Until I passed you and saw you were using both hands on your phone and steering with your knees! Evil Aniki took great pleasure in laying on the horn, which caused you to drop your damn phone and grab the steering wheel to get back into ONE lane. Farking icehole.
  • not having my new Dental insurance card yet...and I have a dentist appointment on Monday. 


Wishing you an ejoyable, stress-free weekend!


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Hope you have an amazing weekend Aniki!

My Eff off is to this weekend, it's going to be a lot of house work and chores before picking BS up from the airport and he's going to be bitchy since he's home and has to go back to work on Monday.

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Thank you, advice! 

Tell BS he better not be bitchy with YOU! xo

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My eff off to the weekend is having my weekend plans ruined by oldest SS. He was supposed to go out of town with his mom this weekend until Sunday night. My daughter was going to be with her dad this weekend, so it was going to be the first weekend with just me and my husband in forever.  I cannot express the relief and joy that brought me to not have to deal with SS this weekend. 

My husband texted me this morning while I was at work and told me that SS would be gone all weekend, and we were going to have a date night tonight and go see Star Wars tomorrow. Then, at the last minute, SS decided he didn't want to go, so we are stuck with the little punk ALL WEEKEND. My husband texted me the bad news, and I literally almost cried. I am seriously depressed about this right now and not looking forward to this weekend at all. I can never get a break from that kid. 

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What horsepuckey. Your DH should have told SS it was not an option for him to NOT go. We all have to do things we don't want to do. 

Treat yourself to something this weekend: lunch or dinner with friends, a mani/pedi... Something that makes you feel relaxed.

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  • Eff off to all the fun realizations
  • Eff off to man tears making me hesitant
  • Eff off to still being at work

StepUltimate's picture the

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Manipulative
  • Energy Vampire
  • Shameless 
  • Selfish
  • Pig


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I'm wondering if those tears, if real (and that's a YUGE 'if'), were tears of self pity because Tripolar realizes he will actually have to sack up and deal with REAL life and responsibilities all by his wittle self. Call the waaaah-mbulance!

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I second your eff off to drama hounds and attention seekers! 

Also, eff off to co-workers who complain that other people are not doing the work they themselves should be doing and who contact me when I'm on vacation to lodge their complaints.


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And I second your eff off about those complaining coworkers! What asshats to interrupt your vacay with their nonsense.