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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! It's been another week of Mondays. Blech! I'm stuck at work for another 5 hours. Total suckage!

Eff off to:

  • Daylight Savings Time. Another year where I get to lose an hour of sleep and spend weeks trying to adjust to getting up an hour earlier.
  • Hackers and snifflers who feel that they MUST come in, but do not hunker down in their own freaking workspace. No one wants your cooties!!! I've been spraying Lysol like hairspray on a 50's beehive hairdo.
  • People who ASSume they know you intimately because you were close friends 40 YEARS AGO. Puh-lease. Not only am I not the same person I was 40 years ago, I'm not the same person I was a YEAR ago. Sh!t happened and I changed. Live with it.
  • Women who think that ALL women need to cake on 5 pounds of makeup to be attractive. "You could be SO much better!" What, and look like YOU? Eff off.
    • I have NO desire to spend 2 hours every day, trowel in hand, shoveling that shizzit all over my face.
    • I'm content with people assuming I'm 10-15 years YOUNGER because I DON'T pile on that crap.
    • My DH thinks I'm HAWT and SEXY and that women like you look like clowns.


Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday. Hope your weekend is stress-free!!!


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I will be putting on a little makeup tonight before we head out to the comedy club for a double date with my little bro and SIL. I can't wait! I'm in need of some toddler free time. I swear that kid sheds crumbs and sticky stuff.

 I don't wear makeup everyday and when I do, it's most often just some eyeliner and mascara. 

I'm dreading going through another time shift with the boychild. 

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Hope you have plenty of non-toddler fun, beebeel!

I use a light dusting of powder on the T-zone, a little eyeliner, and lip balm (because dry, chapped lips are NOT fun!).

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me with no make up. When I put it on unless we are going out with friends or some sort of occasion, he asks why I am putting make up on. And we have no "make up in bed rule," which is quite funny, but also sweet! Mind you, I only spend 10 minutes putting on make up. I agree the piled on make up does make women look like clowns

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That no "make up in bed rule." keeps pillowcases cleaner! Even when we're going out to a big event, I spend less than 10 minutes on makeup - and that's because mascara can be a beeyotch! LOL

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I personally think caked on makeup in person tends to look awful. It can look nice on camera, but looks clownish to me in person with rare exceptions (artsy people who are really talented at makeup usually).

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I've seen people who are really talented, but it's still obvious that they're wearing a lot. Makes my skin itch just seeing it!

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I was thinking about you and Eff off Friday at lunch time Aniki Smile

My gripe today is an eff off to stupid, oblivious pedestrians!! I nearly knocked down two of these idiots in the same parking lot today! First guy walks backwards off the curb into the road, the second was a woman not checking the oncoming traffic and just marches into the road.
WTF people?!? My car weighs around 2 bloody tons, I don't suggest you try to take it on by not looking at where you are going. Both of these idiots were talking to other people.... The guy to someone on the curb, the woman was on the phone... Some people can walk and chew gum at the same time, these two obiviously can NOT walk and talk at the same time.Idiots!!!
It always happens when I am driving:  the proof that I am a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor...!
So eff off to all you stupid pedestrians, find some other way to kill yourself!!

(On the make up story, the worst I ever saw was a woman whose electric blue eye shadow and mascara was so think, I actually wondered if she used a digger-loader to remove it...)

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Myss, you know what it is,. Those bloody pedestrians KNOW you don't want to end up killing or maiming anyone and will stomp your foot through the brake to NOT hit their idiotic, arsehole-y persons.

Gaaaaaah, was she on a tv re-run and going by the name Mimi or Tammy Faye??

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LOL - I was in LA in 2008 near The Grove with a friend when Mimi (Kathy Kinney) got on the elevator - sans makeup (of course). Naturally, she looked a lot better without any. Smile

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Eff off to my first XH who has been riding my ass all week because we're trying to setup a trust account for DS22 because his grandmother has decided to start gifting the kids money since the passing of their grandfather.

We met at the bank last Saturday and they had to run the documents through their legal team. XH1 has been nearly frantic, blowing up my phone with texts every day bitching about the bank not moving fast enough (they said up to 5 business days), harassing me to call the attorney who put the trust together. Jaysus dude!!!

He wants it DONE tomorrow. I told him I had things planned and then he's like "not my problem." Yes, dude, it is your problem because I have to be there and if you keep acting like you have some super power where you can order me around, let me educate you.

I kept asking him why he's got his knickers in a twist about this - he doesn't like having a $3000 check sitting at his house. He's 57. Early dementia? WTF? Who cares? It's a check! I wonder if he's hearing voices like the check is taunting and insulting him. LMAO

He must have been pitching a fit to the bank all day because he got an appointment for tomorrow. Okay, I'll be there.

Have I said lately how happy I am to not be married? Biggrin

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WTH, does he have no self-control and is afraid he'll spend that 3K on Viagra and hookers?? Oh, wait, that's XH2. Wink

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I'm a redhead and have ZERO definition of my eyes without makeup; I literally look like I'm dying. I have an 8-10 minutes makeup routine that brings me to life every morning! However, my DH says I'm beautiful without it.

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I almost never wore makeup to work when I was working. I had great skin and good coloring. Even when I did wear makeup for a date it was pretty light.  

I will be 73 this year and am retired. Now without makeup I have this over all grey pallor. If I shut my eyes and held my breath I could easily pass for a dead person.   I wear makeup almost all the time when I leave the house now.  Although I did skip it for a 7 am physical therapy appointment this week. I think the PT gave me a light session since I looked half dead. 

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Eff off to more friggin' rain coming. Damn near sinking up to my ankles as it is.

Eff off to people giving advice when they don't know jack about the conversation.