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A little brag about my BS

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A few weeks ago BS12 asked if I could take him to the store to go shopping for Father's Day gifts. He already knew what he was getting both DH and Ex.

BS bought each of them a gift, bought the gift bags and a card and wrote very nice messages in the cards.

All I had to do was drive him to the store.

Now it would be easy to compare my BS and the thought and effort he put into FDs as opposed to the skids who didn't do anything other then a text... but I won't Wink


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to BS--nice job parenting, too!

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It's because you are a good mom and are teaching him to be a giving caring man.


Mine did the same, gifts for both. He brought it up and had his ideas.

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Thanks! Isn't it sweet when they already know what to get them? That they put some thought into it?