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The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

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Well this year improved: SS addressed a Christmas card to both of us thanking us for helping him year round. He gave DH and I both thoughtful gifts that didn't break his bank, which is good-- he has champagne taste with a water budget. My 3 bios each gave us a card along with thoughtful gifts. The girls wrote very thoughtful and thankful words in DH's card--thanking him for brightening their lives and helping throughout the year.

SD18: No card for DH, and of course I would not expect one. She did get DH the shirts she ask me about, but they were not shirts DH would wear. I told her that he would especially not like one of them. She told me yeah, well I KNOW MY dad, he will like it. When DH opened the gift he feigned delight.. she turned to me and said see? (She doesn't know that her dad is VERY particular about his shirts.) Well, DH went to the store and exchanged it for a totally different one.

SD got me a gift that cost $3.50. This is less than the cost of all the baking ingredients that she used (without asking) the night before Christmas Eve to bake treats for her work. The baking ingredients that I bought to prepare for Christmas Eve... I had to go out last minute in a snow storm to purchase more--never mind that I had to battle traffic, the crowds, and stand in the grocer line for 20 minutes. She left the mess for us to clean and when called on it said she didn't have time to clean and didn't have money to buy ingredients-- she was holding a grocery bag of snack foods and energy drinks.

The grand finale was when she was opening her gifts from us, one of the kids said who is that from.. reply? My daddy. She never acknowledged that it was from both us, as all of the gifts for all of the children were from both of us.. and said so right on the labels and the cards we got each of them. She never thanked me.

When each of the kids said good night they again thanked us. SD, nope. She just thanked her dad. In the morning when they left, again all of the kids said Merry Christmas and thanks, again. I said your welcome [insert name], I am glad you like it, glad you appreciate it. And thank you for the thoughtful gifts and cards. Knowing your grateful is the best present I could receive.

So I was stewing during the day. I finally said to DH, what will it take to have that kid say thank you, or at least acknowledge that the gifts are from both of us? He said she did say thank you.. No she thanked you.. not me. (It was the same as the graduation gift.)I told him that I purposely used each kids name when I said your welcome.. even pouring it on a little thick, just to drill home the message. He says... Ahhh.. that's what that was all about... Yep... you got a thanks, but she didn't have it in her to go all the way!!

I told DH that in the future my "half" of the gift will be a charitable donation on her behalf. If the other kids get $50.00, she will get $25.00 and other $25.00 will go to charity.

One way or another this kid is going to learn. And the only way is for it to directly affect her.

DH must have said something because she planned on staying here for the entire Christmas break. On Christmas morning she specifically said she would be home. Well, she came yesterday to pick up her clothes.. she is going to stay at her mom's for the rest of the week. I asked DH when did those plans change.. he got the lie look on his face, and said he didn't know. Oh well!! Who says there isn't a Santa Clause?

HO, Ho, HO!!


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Update: My girls came home from their father's and we were recapping Christmas. SD18.. didn't buy anyone a gift, the sweaters were paid for by SS, and my $3.50 gift was actually given to her from DH.. he had taped it onto one of my presents as a gift wrapping decoration!! My youngest said she was with DH when he bought it, and she helped him wrap gifts. She was surprised when I opened the gift and it was from SD.

SD received gifts from everyone in the family-- four from her siblings, and several from DH & I!! SD did not buy anyone in this house a gift.

So the "Lie Look" that DH had is probably spot on... He doesn't want me to know that the gift was from him not her. But she took credit for the gift when she asked me if I liked the gift she picked out. He talked to her: not only did she not acknowledge me with a gift from her own heart, took exaggerated credit for the one DH covered, and didn't say thank you for those she received--she didn't thank anyone.

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what a spoiled brat! i would be pissed..... i think all future shopping for her, if any, would be done at the dollar store!

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I am pissed!! I just placed all the cards on the mantle... for everyone to notice the void.

Handwritten notes in Cards:

BD24: At the Holiday season our thoughts turn to those who have made our progress possible. Thank you for everything! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I love you.

SS19: I know that I only thank you at this time of year, but I really do it mean it. Thanks again, and in the New Year I will continue to express my appreciation. Love XX


BD17: Merry Christmas, you guys do a lot for me and I am grateful to have you in my life. I love you two. Have a mery mery Christmas! Love always, XX

BD15: Thank you so much for all you've done for me, I really appreciate it. You brighten everyone's life. Your the best parents anyone could ever have! I don't know where I would be without you two! Have a great Christmas. Love XX