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Random gift from sd to DH, or was it??

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I sent DH off to visit with family this weekend and told him to try to at least get his daughter to hand out. Well, since it's a few weeks before her bday, guess what????
Princess could come and see her dadddddddddddyyyyyyy!!! AS long as she doens't have to come to his home I guess she's fine.

So she get's dropped off, they have a wonderful time hanging out with his bro & sil and kids along with sis and bro in law all weekend.

I'm cool with that. I'm glad that he get's to see his family and his kid. That's good.

The weirdest thing to come out of the whole weekend is the fact that he had a bag when he got home from pottery barn.
He said oh sd15 brought me a gift.

A gift??? :jawdrop: he has not been given a gift from sd15 EVER. EVER. EVER!! OH one time she brought a tree ornament. But seriously, that was it. Not ever in the past 15 years has he received a gift that was bought from a store. OR a card even. One time he did get a bag for xmas. But that was a bag that we had got at some fair for recycling. She did recycle it. She turned it inside out, glued a bunch of crap on material on it and gave it to us for xmas one year. We threw that away after she left. It was hideous. Esp for a 12 year old. Silly.

The bag contains a book (doubt he'll do much more than glance at it) a candle, some incense, and some chocolate. All bought at pottery barn with the tags still on them. It was a very generic gift that really could have been given to anyone. ANYONE. It was not personal and had no card or anything. It was a generic gift. Almost as if it was random.

First off, she just gave him the gift, she didn't say what it was for. AT all. NO happy bday, happy father's day. Just because. Or anything.
So. Very. Strange.

Honestly, some of you will say oh how sweet she's finally coming around... but nope. Iknow that's bs. I wonder if the gift was even for him or something left over or something that they regifted to him. Because bm thinks she knows him so well still.
insert eye roll

It's ok. I can bide my time.
The thing is.... we will be out of town for little princesses bday. So he'll have to send her a gift. I'm sick of being the one that buys her nice stuff for xmas and bdays. This year... she can get a bag of random crap like her dad used to always get her.
Maybe this was her way of trying to make peace with him. But I don't buy it.
He said she was a pretty good kid most the weekend. BUT he didn't say much. That's when I know he's hiding stuff from me. He didn't tell the stories or go into conversations that were had.

When he does that he's always hiding stuff and he'll wait a few days and say, omg you won't believe what happened when blah blah blah.
The funny thing is the book will collect dust, the candle will be regifted- we stopped using candles about a year ago. And we might use the incense. They apparently ate all the chocolate. I didn't get any of that. He still has no clue why she gave him the gift.

I can wait. He wanted to make it look like kid giving him a gift was the most epic thing ever to come out of the weekend but I can read him like that book that was in that bag!!!

bday 16 is coming up so all guesses are welcome!! I had a dream last night that he was getting texts from her asking if he'd bought her a new purse for her bday yet? And that it had to be a certain brand which was $300 at least. I had a bad sleep. LOL


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Yep that was a downpayment on something big--perhaps an automobile for HER birthday. She WILL be turning 16, yes?

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Nope, random gift was to remind him that it's almost time to GIVE a GIFT for her birthday. I agree with you.

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What 15 year old buys their dad a candle?

It was a re-gift AND a reminder that her B-day is coming up. Convenient.

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you guys are right..of course the only thing that got me a bit was the chocolate and the incense bc those are things we would have at our house or buy or use.

The rest of it was a total re-gift or something I think bm's mom, sd's grandma would buy. Certainly nothing a 15 year old would buy.

By the way, I happen to know that for father's day last year, they bought her stepdad a fitbit. What has DH ever received?? Nada, zilch, zero.

She let that one slip while on vacation and me and my hubby were discussing getting fitbits. Oh they have them already!!! Puke.

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She's buttering him up for her upcoming birthday.

He should get her a book for her 16th. A book on etiquette or "how to be a decent human being".