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Speaking of gifts

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I am ordering myself some gifts today! No more miss nice guy. I do not know how others feel about gifts from inlaws and hubby, but I am damn sick of it. Dh is the worst gift giver ever. However, he is the most kind person and gives so much of himself that I do not care. Besides I know where this flaw comes from......his parents. However, they continue to give me 20 dollar Xmas gifts and their son 200 dollar gifts. They give their son a birthday gift, I get nothing.
I have to say I have been very generous in my gifts to them,even before we were married. What got under my skin, was recently, his mother was asked who had given her such beautiful pottery,(from me before our wedding) and she said My son.. No mention of me even though I was even standing next her listening.. I smiled and did not say a word.
I tried to not send them a gift this year, as I usually buy and send the gifts to both sets of parents. However, dh asked me to take care of it, and I felt uncomfortable telling him to handle it, as I really have no gripe with him..
Was I wrong in only signing their son's name to their gift card? I truly do not know if it will even register. They refer to me as "my son's wife"........

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Yes, shop 'till you drop. I would've put my name on the card first and in big letters but that is just me. You did what suits you best and that's cool as we are all different. They call you their sons wife? I would rub myself in their face every chance I got for that one. Then I would start referring to them as "my husbands parents". I know, it's passive aggressive but sounds fun

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I have learned from past Christmases and birthdays that I always buy ME presents for every holiday that suits me. I even buy me something for Fathers Day!

Enjoy shopping; now is the time to buy - cheaper prices.

PS - sorry your husband's mother was rude!

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Happy shopping, Newandimproved! Ignore rude people. Sometimes old age brings on excessive bluntness.

I love Sex and the City too, goodtimes! Enjoy! my fave show, so witty! We watched it with DH not so long ago, and I found a scene i had not paid much attention to before: in the last season, in Paris, where Carrie meets with Baryshnikov's daughter and his ex-wife. I loved the ex-wife encounter! So classy...

Why can't all BMs be like that??? Be like that and live in Paris... Smile

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Decorate your own soul and by all means buy your own presents! We are grown up now....don't wait for someone else to give you what you need or hearts desire....only you can do that for yourself!

Carry on, keep calm and shop on!

I am going on Thursday! Plus I got some dressed I ordered online in the mail today. What fun!

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Like this one!!! It's all about mutual respect. I had an exMIL who would give our kids and me $2 in an envelope. I have a Sister who is notoriously tight. We used to exchange gifts, usually regifted out of her hall closet. We finally agreed not to exchange gifts. It was a load off of both of us. And that way I have more money to spend on DH - and myself.

Just a thought: Next time they give you $20 and DH $200, take the money and place all of it together - in front of them - and say soemthing like, "Oh, this is wonderul! Now we can buy --- that WE'VE always wanted!"