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.. and for Christmas..

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Like I said before my 21 yr old daughter is preg., due in March.. so what does her stepmother get her for christmas.. size 5 jeans, an ex small hoodie, a few ex small shirts, a broken used lamp, and a stocking full of the only candy on earth she does not like.. wtf.. really?? (She does all the shopping for my kids, she will not allow their dad to do it)
oh and the gift card that she "accidentally" threw away the activation code for.. even though she didnt throw it away for my son.. somehow she manages to keep the bullshit going.. (she is only 6 yrs older than my daughter and has a competition in her own head goin on)

ok vent over.. thanks

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how is your daughter towards her stepmom? maybe the stepmom was making a statement for your daughter.

i think that maybe getting your daughter baby things would have been a better choice.

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My daughter trys to get along with her, she is not rude ir disrespectful in any way.. she has always been sensitive to other.. but being pregnant makes her a little more sensitive.. lol
She is really the kind of kid who will give you the shirt off her back, literally, if you needed it. They recently had a baby girl of their own, and she told my daughter that she was no longer "daddys little girl" that she was replaced.
She is ok with my 19 yr old, but he looks and acts more like his dad, my daughter looks and acts like me.