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I called BM today.

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Was talking to a friend of mine today who is having difficulties with one of his suppliers. As in nothing is ever delivered on time and half of what was ordered is never delivered. Considering the business he is in that causes grave problems, to include multiple missed deadlines which cost my friend a bundle out of pocket.

His supplier that is messing up is in direct competition with the company BM works for. Mentioned that casually to my friend who was interested in talking to BM. So, for the first time in my life: I called BM. At work.

Amazingly enough she didn't send me to voice mail. I thanked her for the flowers then dropped the potential new account right into her lap. Gave her my friends name and cell phone (per his request) advised what business he owned and he was dissatisfied with the service he was getting from their competition. Call, call fast, make a good impression and a 7 digit account will be yours.

I have never heard thank you uttered so many times in a five minute period. And my buddy just texted me. "All hooked up now. Thanks for the inside connection!"

Merry Christmas BM.


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Mr Floppy is totally litter trained and has the run of the house. Except for DD's bed LOL. She has not let him in her bed since the pee and feathers incident!

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Too funny!! I am dying for a bunny. DH wants to get the kids hamsters for Christmas. They are cute but not as cute as a bunny!! He claims bunnys are smelly and a pain to have. Ugh! We do have two pugs, a wild bird and a goldfish. And 3 kids. I guess I don't need a bunny!

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Good Karma honey - just look at it that way and feel proud you did something nice for someone that will hopefully appreciate it!

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I get the multi-cat scoopable cat littler and you would never know there was a bunny in our house. Unless you go into DD's room. Hit hutch with his toys are in there. No hay, no wood chips, this fella sleeps on fluffy blankets that DD washes twice a week.

The issue is with bunny pee and poo. I will agree with your hubby in a standard cage: yuck. But ever since DD litter trained him (thanks to the advice and how to instructions from the ladies here on Step Talk) we don't have the smell issue!

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That is really cool. So he doesn't live in a cage? He just wanders the house? Does he chew on wires and stuff?

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He is in the cage after he has his bath to dry off. Basically his hutch can be closed. Aside from that he hops around the house. He hasn't chewed on wires or furniture at all, but we have a lot of vitamin blocks he chews on.

Got them from the pet store, they come in all shapes and sizes (most popular is carrot shaped the store has hundreds of them shaped like that.) The blocks are hard so when he gnaws on them they file his teeth to keep them from getting too long and it gives him vitamins too!