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My house has been decapitated

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Summary, DD and I have moved into a "seasonal" rental aka condo for tourists while construction commenses on my house to add rooms on. Building up, verses out. FDH and his kids are still in his apartment.

I my head I knew construction started Monday. I drove by the house today to see it sitting there, with no roof. Looked like someone had lopped it's head off. I wanted to cry. God I hope construction goes fast. It's been less than a week and I already hate apartment living. Second floor condo so we have people over us, under us and beside us. It is just never, ever quiet.

I really just want to bribe the construction crew to work 24/7 and get it done... how much of a bonus do you think it would take to get it done before Christmas? Wink


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Current estimated completion date is March 30th. Which gives them 4 months to add a (partial)second story, fireplace, stairs and a new roof.

Cost of the job was not cheap. However I am sure they have 4 months worth of workers salaries built into it. My thought was $x.00 incentive to the company (substantial not huge) and $y.00 per worker who is working on my house full time. Give the workers the incentive to get it done and done right, so they have the cash before xmas and can treat their families to the rewards of their labor.

Next question: is it legal to bribe them to work harder/ faster?

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And I understand what you mean on the wanting to work. I went through 4 companies who only wanted to do new builds. The company I went with for the remodel is one of the few in the area that does them and its a family owned company that has been in business for 30+ years.

Then when I brought them the plans the owner told me they were extensive and most companies would have considered it a new build not a remodel. Yeah, well they wouldn't talk to me when I said remodel and add the new master suite and office, their loss your gain.

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Go to work! I will be crunching numbers to see how I can make this bonus irresistible to them!

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I can imagine... I have a business property I own in Charlotte county when Charlie hit.

It was six MONTHS to get the roof fixed. And the job really should have come with a complimentary industrial size tube of KY considering the bill.

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While it sucks that you have to live in a rental for 4 months or so, my concern with pushing the remodel would be that things could get missed/looked over. I personally would just wait the 4 months for them to do a "GREAT" job. 4 months will go by pretty fast.

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Current estimated completion date is March 30th.
Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience in this area. No matter what you do or how much more you pay…add at least 4-8 weeks to what they told you as a completion date. (or more)

I feel for you. It usually turns into a nightmare.