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Honeymoon is over

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My brand new DD, got herself grounded today.

Felt like I kicked a puppy but she deserves it. I don't do the lying game. She lied. She got caught. End game. Seven uninterupted days of no phone, no computer, no TV. No friends over and going no where.

Dumb reason to lie too. Then again most reasons people use to lie are dumb.


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Lordy, I can't imagine starting parenthood with a teenager. It's not for the faint of heart! I've been through 5 with one more to go...and wow...
I feel for you. I've read your story. Tough times.

Does she go to counseling? Do you guys go together as you navigate this new life?

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She has a counselor. Her specialty is grief counseling, however she is also doing some family counseling as well. Merging us into being a family. So basically each session is 1.5 hours long. 45 minutes of one on one with my DD another 45 minutes with both of us.

Our first meeting with her we both came up with a list of can.not.tolerate's. Number one on my list was lying. Two was stealing. Three was emotional manipulation.

Her number one was lying, two was racism (no, I am not racist) three was 'sorta promises' Her definition of a sorta promise is: 'saying we likely will do something when you know it isn't going to happen. Just tell me no so I can get over it and move on'.

So she not only broke my number one, she broke her number one also.

The punishment leveled at her was one we had discussed in one of our appointments, that both of us agreed to. She was upset last evening, mostly at herself considering what she lied about... I would have let her do anyway. Dumb kid but hey, thats how they learn at times by making mistakes.