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I just got flowers from BM

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Delivered to my office, with a little note attached of "Thank you for all you do for the kids".

Weather report check, did hell freeze and I missed it?


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Hey, I've sent things before. When BM moved into her new house for example, at the encouragement of my SD, we made a card together & she brought it to BM. BM ripped it up, SD told us BM got mad and 'hated' the card. At Christmas once, SD and I made cookies. I sent a tin of stuff with SD and BM threw them in the garbage according to her. I didn't do anything again.

It depends on the BioMom. In my case, she's not normal enough to understand what these types of gestures mean. And she's been so horrible that there is no chance of reconciliation now, ever.

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"I have a good relationship with my SM because of my mom." - because your Mom was likely a normal person with values and morals. Likely not anything similar to the BM's we deal with here. You were lucky.

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Hmmmmmm, what is the motive behind it? That's what *I* would be thinking, but you may have a relationship with BM that I don't understand.

Either way, enjoy the flowers! Smile

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Yes, if BM did this I would think she was up to something.
The woman is so dishonest and jealous that if she wanted to send me flowers/cards, there would be a motive. Absolutely.

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"She's so NPD that she would never thank or send flowers to anyone though because she thinks she is the only person who ever deserves to get anything."

EXACTLY what I think. BM honestly believes SHE raised her children on her own. That I 'manage' them and her husband is merely 'her assistant'. Yeah psycho slut, we manage the kids & 'assist' YOU. No, sorry I raised my skids since they were toddlers. DH did some, but basically I did most of the things for them. BM barely cared for them and barely does now. She gives them cell phones & tells them to be on their way.

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I get things like this every once in a while. Never any flowers... but cards and little notes or emails thanking me for all I do. The way I see it, that is the LEAST she could do for me, for raising her son for her. }:)

I feel like every once in a while, they get a moment of clarity. Enjoy it while it lasts Wink

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you get cards thanking you??? I basically raised my SS since he was little and had the skids most summers for YEARS on my own. That bitch did little more than yell in my driveway at me (in front of our neighbours - who are cops - nice one BM!) when she came to pick them up after me taking them places & teaching them things all f'ing day.

And you get a thank you card?

I've gotten little more than insults and verbal attacks on my person on my porch, in addition to being ostracized at sporting events, badmouthed to people, PAS'd to the skids, ignored & blasted - the list goes on.

A card? Flowers?

Thank your lucky stars you have a BM who isn't a narcissistic FREAK sociopath.

I would give anything for the other house to be remotely normal. They are incapable of anything but being trash.

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It's rare, but it happens. I have also gotten her things on occassion. From ME, not from SS or DH ( :sick: that would NEVER happen) but there are certain things that she loves, and if I see something like that, I pick it up for her. In fact I purchased her license plate frame. She has had at least 4 different cars since I purchased it, she is always certain to remove it and place on the new (new to her) car.

Don't get me wrong, we have also had our screaming matches! Sometimes being so "friendly" and comfortable with each other isn't a good thing, I am not afraid to tell her exactly what is on my mind when the situation arises... somethings are better left unsaid, but leave it to me to SAY THEM.

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If this ever happened to me I would likely have a heart attack.

And BM would be well on her way to getting about 1:1000th into my good books. MANY more flowers would be needed to even et half way.

Still - Oh my G! Craziest thing I've read in days.

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LMAO - I too would have a heart attack - BM is a biotch so it would totally floor me. When I do politely say hi to her when we end up in the same place, she turns her back.

Anyway, at Halloween, SD showed up with a bag of candy where you are supposed to fill 2 bags of candy and leave them for others - some Halloween game thing - it had BM written all over it. She loves that kind of stuff and has the time to play those kinds of games with all her friends.

DH said, where'd that come from, i explained it that SD walked in with it and said it was 'at the front door' but was acting funny.

DH and I dared each other to have a piece of candy - when I had one, I told him I was checking for razor blades - lol

But since her kids were going to consume majority of it, we figured it was likely safe enough.

Still - THAT caused me a heart attack - that woman is not trusted to do ANYTHING nice.

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Hell would have to freeze over before BM even acknowledged me being alive. I am completely ignored. It kills her that I am a huge part of SD's life, but she cant even bring herself to be civil. Her loss. I'd keep my distance from said flowers, in case they are poisoned.