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Warning: JHW is a bad, bad, bad influence and so is her DH!

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Long story made short, I arrived in her town last night due to needing to be at the office at 5am this morning. New computers being delivered, setup and networked and I had to sign for them and talk to the IT folks.

So... I was going to get a hotel room. But JHW convinced me to just crash at her house last night. Has she ever mentioned her DH apparently was a bar tender in a previous life??? If so I missed that part. We girls sat and drank, many, many... way too many.. concoctions that he was mixing up.

My eye lids feel like they have been glued shut. I am fairly sure with how dry my tongue is that it could qualify for sand paper. I have the drummer from Metallica beating away behind my eyes. Breathing hurts.

I have not had a hangover this bad since college.

And that wench... JHW... she doesn't have to be to work until 9.


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Getting old?

I AM old... and I am taking my hung over butt home. Since you made me sick... you can make sure the month end close is complete and balanced }:)

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So, I completely forgot the relationship between the two of you, and was a little concerned when I opened this and started reading... I thought maybe she and her husband slipped something in to your drink... PHEW was I relieved when I remembered....

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Maybe she was trying to get you so drunk you didn't go to work. Then she could stay home too! Day off for everyone!!