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It's been awhile.

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I stopped posting about a year and a half ago. There were some issues that came up, involving court, that had me believing that it would not be beneficial to be airing my dirty laundry while the litigation was active. First rule in dealing with "trolls" do not visit areas they are known to gather/ have gathered in the past. (aka the internet)


My house remodel is complete. FDH, fskids (fsd18, fss16), myself and my dd(16) are all now residing in my house. The house was actually completed 3 weeks early, and the contractor and his workers all got a healthy bonus for getting me back into my home quickly. (Note to self: never live in a condo again, no matter how short of a period of time. Especially do not do it if your upstairs neighbors have twin three year olds, with ADD and who according to the pounding footsteps overhead, at all hours of the day and night, must weigh 150 pounds each!

All of the kids are doing great. Blending has been far less troublesome than FDH and I believed it would be. I honestly feel that is primarily due to the kids being older, each have their own room, friends, extra curricular activities, cars, jobs, etc. End result is they are rarely home to get on each other (or my) nerves.

FSD18 graduates June 6th.
She will be attending USF starting in August.
BM got her wish, when FDH and the skids moved in with me, BM asked (not demanded... what a difference a few years makes!) and I agreed to use my home address for the skids schooling, the skids now are attending the same school my DD attends (which is a great school!) Both skids have loved their time there and their grades truly show it. They have gone from B/C students who could not pass the FCAT to A/B students who passed the test with flying colors.

The skids BM is doing well.
She is still on her medication, stable and has figured out how to coparent for the most part. She still has her moment of "But I am the mother" however they are getting fewer and further between episodes.

FDH is doing great. He was head hunted by a large corporation and six months ago started a new career with them. Large raise and his benefits package is exceptional. There is still no CS paid to BM, as technically FDH has full custody of the skids. He and BM make roughly the same amount of money now, so neither collects from the other.