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It's been awhile.

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I stopped posting about a year and a half ago. There were some issues that came up, involving court, that had me believing that it would not be beneficial to be airing my dirty laundry while the litigation was active. First rule in dealing with "trolls" do not visit areas they are known to gather/ have gathered in the past. (aka the internet)


My house has been decapitated

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Summary, DD and I have moved into a "seasonal" rental aka condo for tourists while construction commenses on my house to add rooms on. Building up, verses out. FDH and his kids are still in his apartment.

I my head I knew construction started Monday. I drove by the house today to see it sitting there, with no roof. Looked like someone had lopped it's head off. I wanted to cry. God I hope construction goes fast. It's been less than a week and I already hate apartment living. Second floor condo so we have people over us, under us and beside us. It is just never, ever quiet.

Update to frustrated.

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A few more conversations: a lot more of FDH playing stuck in the middle. Then his kids came over yesterday.

Apparently BM told them he wasn't going to let her take them to the movies this evening (he had already told her yes.) And that he was not "sharing" with her on Christmas. Christmas eve apparently did not count, even tho it was his day, he told her she could have them, which resulted in the first heated argument that he and I have had since we have been together (years).


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I got into an argument with FDH last evening. Man cannot comprehend where I am coming from and apparently per him I am just being unreasonable.

This is his year to have Thanksgiving and Christmas with his kids. BM had them last year and flat refused to share. Those were "her days". Okie doke. Flash forward to this year, and she is throwing herself a pity party that she isn't going to see 'her kids' for the holidays.

I called BM today.

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Was talking to a friend of mine today who is having difficulties with one of his suppliers. As in nothing is ever delivered on time and half of what was ordered is never delivered. Considering the business he is in that causes grave problems, to include multiple missed deadlines which cost my friend a bundle out of pocket.

His supplier that is messing up is in direct competition with the company BM works for. Mentioned that casually to my friend who was interested in talking to BM. So, for the first time in my life: I called BM. At work.

Warning: JHW is a bad, bad, bad influence and so is her DH!

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Long story made short, I arrived in her town last night due to needing to be at the office at 5am this morning. New computers being delivered, setup and networked and I had to sign for them and talk to the IT folks.

So... I was going to get a hotel room. But JHW convinced me to just crash at her house last night. Has she ever mentioned her DH apparently was a bar tender in a previous life??? If so I missed that part. We girls sat and drank, many, many... way too many.. concoctions that he was mixing up.

GAL training complete

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It is official. All I have left is my swearing in ceremony this week and I am a GAL.

Now I have a favor to ask all of you ladies and gents on this board. Granted my knowledge may not help your individual cases, but your experiences may help me more effectively handle another family's case.

Now the GAL program I am working with deals with children who have been removed from the house. At this time we rarely deal with custody cases (though it has happened).

Those who have had a GAL involved in their life:

PAS and court

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A few months ago I started looking into being a volunteer GAL. In my state (Florida) all GAL's are volunteer and the program is free to families. For the past several weeks I have been going to training. Today's training was court room observation. Case I wanted to highlight here.

Divorced parents.
Children: 7 yo boy and 3 yo girl.
DCFS got involved due to the physical altercation that took place between the parents on a custodial change in front of the kids).