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getting married on saturday, mon !!

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we leave tomorrow for jamaica, and the wedding is saturday!

just wanted to say thank you for all the support and advice! I deleted my account on myspace thanks to bm, but when i return i will be getting facebook and posting pictures! I look forward to adding some of you all there!


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Make sure when you do that you let us know so we can see our friend smnikki! I hope you have the most beautiful wedding in the world! Congrats to you and your DH!

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Congrats in advance, Nikki! Where in Jamaica are you going? We were in Negril in March, and LOVED it!


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thats where we will be! we leave tomorrow on a red eye, and i cant wait!! no bm or mil for 8 whole days!!!lol

we are staying at the sandals whitehouse resort in negril to be exact.

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Have a wonderful time!

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Have fun! Biggrin And take lots of pictures for us!!!

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Girl - I'm so excited for you!!! I would love to see photos! I'm sure you'll be STUNNING!!!

Have a great time and enjoy your husband! Wink Congratulationssssssssss!!!!!!!!!