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funny, crazy, psycho wedding drama?

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so my fiance and i are getting married in july and it seemes that drama with his mom and exw have just been getting even more insane. lucky for me, my fh wanted our wedding to be about our love for one another and nothing else so he pushed me to go to jamaica to get idea ever, i realize now!! his ex is now saying stuff like hes a horrible father for not having ss there (she wont let us take him to jamaica) and all kinds of other stuff. anyways, since i know they both cant afford to get to jamaica, and i have already let the resort know that mil is to be escorted of the property if she shows i dont see any drama happening on the day of our wedding...but i was wondering if any of you had any crazy, funny, or psycho stories from your wedding day!?


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DH and I had worked it out to switch weekends with BM for our wedding. The skids were going to stay with MIL after the reception and DH would take them back to BM the next morning.

Well, the day of the wedding, BM decides that she won't let them stay with us. She meets DH to hand off the kids, he barely gets them to my parents house in time to get them changed and their hair done. Mind you I had 8 little girls in my wedding, so skids missed out on all the fun stuff getting ready. So in the dresses and in the limo we go!

After the ceremony we did pictures and whatnot. Now mind you we had a 15 minute ceremony, so it's been a total of maybe 1.5 hours since we got skids. BM starts blowing up DH's cell and DEMANDING that we get to the reception NOW so she can take skids and go home. When we pulled up the the reception, she was parked out front. It was all I could do from walking down to her car and beating her face in right there and then. She's lucky my family didn't know she was doing this because they would have taken care of her for me.

So, SD's missed the party and all the fun and dancing and hanging out with the other kids. YSD still looks at our reception pictures with a sad face because she knows she missed the good parts. OSD will robotically say to this day "the pictures took too long" and that is why they missed out. I always correct her and tell her WE were supposed to have them all night and their mother changed her mind. THAT is why they missed the wedding.

Stupid beyotch. It still pisses me off.

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First of all: I am soooo sorry your wedding had to be intruded upon and ruined like that

Secondly: I already told FH that if BM starts showing signs that she'll pull any bullshit like that on our wedding day: SD can just miss out entirely for all I care. I will NOT deal with BM's bullshit and drama on MY wedding day. No way. No how. Sorry. Uh-uh. Nooooot happening. As far as I'm concerned, I already have to share my life/husband/family/etc with SD and BM, I can AT LEAST have my wedding to myself.

And if that sounds selfish, so friggin' be it. SM's get so shit on day in and day out by their DH/FH, SK's, BM that I personally think that our wedding day should be the one day we are allowed to put our foot down and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH, I am actually going to ENJOY what is supposed to be the happiest day of my life!

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We got married with a JP and two witnesses at a family property. Just for us, no drama. Almost. Believe it or not, we ran into BM, SS and SD before the ceremony when we stopped by DH's church. They drove by and stopped to stay hi. That was weird.
Then DH called BM a day or two later to tell her so she wouldn't learn on the street (small area) and she cried! This is the woman who couldn't wait to get rid of him, had a BF, etc. But did the victim flip flop, "you left us" crap.
And, my SIL turned into the BFH after our wedding (she wanted us to wait the mandatory 90 days after the divorce--ever hear of that, no thought so). She became best buds with BM and slandered us to the rest of the family. So not too much drama. HA.

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SD was my maid of honor, and the only bad thing was that she chewed gum during the ceremony - I couldn't believe none of DH family made her spit it out! It is on the video.

But BM was surprisingly cool about it and sent SD knowing that's what we were doing . . the drama started AFTER the honeymoon was over.!! LOL

Congratulations and enjoy!!!!!

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My MIL fell asleep (more like passed out) sitting up during our wedding because she was so strung out on her pain pills. If DHs brother wouldnt have been there to take her back to the hotel right after the ceremony, she would have ruined our reception because DH would've had to take her (she lives out of state & no other family was here) That still irritates the crap outta me when I think about it.

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My wedding is to take place in December and already BM is acting weird. The second we got engaged she got a BF, then we announced a date she got engaged. I think she is trying to race us to the altar. Well I say I am going to be the turtle in this race and take it nice and slow. I have met the man of my dreams so I will not partake in this childish one upping game. It is just weird though because BM always brings up the love that she and FH shared, when in all reality they barely went out 5 months before conceiving SD. I know that everything she does is to get back with FH. He is a really great guy with a supportive family everything one would ask for so I can't blame her. But because of this I am not sharing one bit of information on the wedding with her. Plus nobody I am inviting would tell her. I know she is going to try to pull something she is that kind of person, but I will be proactive about it!!! She can't ruin my day if she can't find me LOL!!!