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is there any way to make your genes show more than dh's, lol

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the other morning, dh was in the shower, and ss was taking a bath in our big tub next to the sower while i was doing my hair for work. something was said by me or dh, cant remember, but it was basically that ss looks just like dh. you cant really see bm at all in ss....well dh and my sil look EXACTLY like satan(mil) so im afraid that when dh and i have kids, if its a girl it will be an exact female version of dh, which means my little girl will look like MIL. i dont even know if i would like my own kid if it looked like her. im kidding, but seriously what the heck would i do. could you imagine? if you dont have a horible mil, imagine if bio kid looked exactly like bm?


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imagine if bio kid looked exactly like bm <------------- oh God, that just made me throw up in my mouth.........

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i know, right? ugh now multiply that time 100 and thats how i feel about my bio kids looking like actually nauseous after writing this, and i was trying to be silly.

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It would be horrid.... I can completely understand where you're coming from after the 'imagine looking like bm'... ***shivers*** (but I will admit I've said it out loud on numerous occasions in front of BM how much SD11 looks like my SIL because BM hates her.. heehee.. but she DOES look just like her!)

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I have two biodaughter that are exact replicas of their dads. First biodaughter looks like her dad with a wig. LOL... Second daughter not only looks like her dad, but smells like him too!!!

And I had always dreamt of one little girl who looked like me! Oh well. Who said life was fair Wink

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You could do that virgin birth thing where they cause two eggs to fuse and create a fetus...Don't know how much that'd cost or where you would even get it done at but I've heard of it happening naturally and with help from doctors. Then the kid would have only your DNA Smile

*: (=’:’ ):*

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lol, well than at least if dh didnt work out he couldnt prove it was his kid...then i could make sure even if we werent married mil never laid a finger on my kid even if dh decided to talk to mil again.

but dh is good looking, i just hope that the kids look at least a little like me!! mil is good looking, but shes a slut and i just cant imagine looking at her face every day