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one small step for our communication with sil's...updat

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so i didnt send mil a card this year because i can not and will not EVER forgive the fact that she tried to help bm get full custody 2 weeks after dh and i were married. along with all her other satan like behavior....anyways, sil calls dh today to bitch dh out, that mil's feelings are hurt because everyone else in the family got a card besides her.....oh boo frekity hoo right?! anyways, sil goes on to say well maybe you should look at your self since your the one with no relationship with any of your family...dh flies of the handle and ends the convo upset

he calls me, clams down and i urge him to call sil back to make sure she really knows what all Satan has been up to........sil is flabbergasted at what her satan mother has been up to, and says she too would not forgive her and send a card! sil urges dh to call grandparents because apparently mil has been telling everyone this is over our little scuffle at Easter where she told me she was going to kick my ass.......and she claims we are keeping ss from her, but really we told her she could see him through us any time and she didnt need to go through bm, but she choses to any ways so she could lie to the family and say we were keeping him from her!!

i hope her whole freaking world crumbles now and the whole family finds out what a crazy lying bitch she is!!!!


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I don't blame you. I can't believe your husband's own mother betrayed him that way. I wouldn't forgive her either.

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yeah, and her biggest concern is not getting a card, she is seriously wack! (wow i dont think ive used that word since high school! lol)