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Off topic - Endless coughing

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Ughh...... this flu or whatever won’t let up. I think it’s maybe bronchitis, or walking pneumonia... but I’m maybe starting to feel a little better and I’ve lasted this long without going to a doctor. I really don’t want to have to spend the time and money to go hear a doctor tell me to drink water and stay in bed. 

Back at work today so I don’t get too far behind. I just hope I can feel back up to 75% by the time we get the skids back. SO probably got a mild concussion at work the other day so between the two of us we are just falling apart.

wish us luck! 


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You may have pneumonia - esp. if you are really tired as well.  My good friend had this. Go to the doctor, it's dangerous and can get worse quickly.  Coughing more than 7 days in a row is not good!

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Please go see the doctor. Just to rule out bronchitis and pneumonia. I checked to see where you are from. Nothing noted...this -could be related to enviorment..Window AC..or lots of rain ie small amounts of mold. OR a medication.

Let us know how your doing, ok?

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Hope you feel better soon.  I have narrow air passageways and often get bronchitis after a cold.  It has taken 3 months to clear after the worst bout and the coughing is bad, and always worse at night when I'm lying down flat.  Unless you have a fever, it is unlikely that you have something wrong that needs doctor's attention. 

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At least google your symptoms and see if they sound viral.  Coughs that go on a while can need antibiotics. 

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Update to all those who are concerned. 

No insurance means no doctor, but the fever was only one night early on and I have continued to improve, just slowly. 

Been keeping an eye on symptoms and it really seems like I just caught a helluva virus. I’m still getting past the last congestion but I’m almost 90% back to normal. 


Honestly the past several years have been incredibly stressful, job changes, multiple major medical events, finalized my divorce, lots of moving. On that “life stressor” scale thing that gives events a numerical stress value, I was about 3 times the limit for “extreme likelihood for health breakdown” so honestly- it was about time I got crazy sick.

Luckily the stress levels seem to be evening out (knock on wood) so I should be okay. 

Thanks for the concern and well wishes!