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What yall think?

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If your husband worked nights, and you work full time, 40 years of age with his toddler,  you raise your own teenager by yourself,  would  you raisie his teenager when his mother is perfectly fine to raise him? I did this for 6 months, and it was too much on me bc he didn't do his school work, dad was never home... I didn't even get a thing for mothers day, so I told him. Im sorry you just expected me to take on this role without asking me, regardless if im your wife, im NOT his mother and yall dont respect my rules. Am I wrong? 

new here

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Hey yall! Im new here, can yall explain some of these acronyms fof me! 

I got SD SS BMbut what is DH? I can use my own words, but i don't think mine is right!