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Not being THAT BM...

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I have a cousin who just split from her ex about a year ago this July. She has been struggling to "play" nice. With the guy. She asks me quite a bit of advice since She knows I've been on two sides of the three way fence...I am a SM and I've had a SM from hell.

She asks me questions about how to approach a situation and deal with the BD and his family. We all knew he was not much of a catch when they started dating in high school but his family made my cousin's life hell after she became pregnant. To the point his sisters tried many times to "beat her up" Fkin kids.

Facebook Group-Have you seen this?

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For those with facebook. Have you seen this group?

I get it some dads are dead beats. But why doe I feel like half those women on there are complaining about the deadbeats and in the next breath, trying to sabotage the relationship of their child and their father...smdh!