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I want my husband to be MY best friend and partner, but so does my stepdaughter!

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Okay, so is she really THAT interested in him, or is it just for attention?  My husband talks to his 15 year old daughter like she is his wife.  He tells her ALL about his day before I even have a chance to talk to him at all.  She is always asking how work was.  And when he talks to her about it, she acts like she is on a date with a guy, hanging on every word he says.  She asks him a million follow up questions.  And I seriously doubt that a 15 year old girl is that interested in his job or what he talks about.  One time she asked about mold cleaning spray, and how it works.  Like she lit

I feel lonely. Wonder if it's in my head...

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Tonight, my hubby after being out of town two nights comes home.  He hasn't seen me or his kids, or my daughter, for two days.  He sees his kids, teenagers, every other day.  They have split custody so he sees them half the time.  He said he missed me terribly and just wanted to spend time with me.  We decided to put the Christmas decorations and tree up because the kids wanted to and we didn't have alot of free time this weekend.  I felt like we barely connected the whole time.  He and my step kids spoke about all of their memories about each ornament they placed on the tree.  He barely sp