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Slightly More Alone Time - An Update

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An update on my situation from my forum post 'No More Alone Time'

First of all I never got to see my counsellor since she had to get tested for Covid. And things have been a bit calmer since so I haven't rescheduled. 

After our argument BF had a discussion with BM who continued to contest that he can't possibly get her ready for school. It then came out that BM's SO was getting his daughter ready for school two days a week. But now BF is doing that so he gets her two nights a week after work and every weekend, as well as every evening EOW for a few hrs after work since it's still 'his' week. So basically D is always here, or at least it feels like it.

I'm still working Sundays so I don't have to deal with her being around and get Fridays to myself. BF still doesn't like that arrangement but I can't imagine not having that one day of quiet me time.

Today I am feeling overwhelmed, as we are all home. I'm hiding out in the bedroom and they're downstairs at the opposite side of the house. 

Last weekend I went to an outdoor halloween event with BF and his daughter, and when we got home BF was like 'it's so nice that we finally did something as a family.' I want to scream that we're not that type of family. 

But other than feeling overwhelmed and at times lonely, we have been working on making time for each other, spending free time together and appreciating each other. 



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He still has that Ozzie and Harriet fantasy going on.  I reread your forum post and I'm still wondering if this is the relationship for you.