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It feels like it has been a really long week.  I'm so happy that Friday is here!  I'm also happy because DH was supposed to get SD to make up for a day earlier in the week and now he doesn't think he is going to get her!  Yay!  Yes, I'm an evil stepmom that was not looking forward to another #blessed visit with SD!  She has been a royal PITA lately so I'm happy to not have to deal with her tonight.  I'm always worn out by Friday and just want to relax.  She simply isn't someone that is relaxing to be around!  I guess I'm an evil mom too b/c my ODS is going to his dad's house tonight and I'm happy about that too!  LOL!  He has only recently been visiting his dad again b/c his dad made some really poor choices but is actually doing better so I'm glad they are spending some time together.  That will leave DH and I with YDS who is the most needy but also 7 years younger than the others so his needs are reasonable! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 



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Congratulations Simpleton!

You are not evil at all.

Why is it that it's ok for men to enjoy not being around their children, but women are "evil" for the same feelings?

Is it evil to want some time to yourself or evil to want your home to be a quiet sanctuary?

Evil is chaos, inconsideration for the feelings of others, selfishly draining another person of all of their resources without giving back, doing things that other people have repeatedly asked one not to do because of the stress/hurt/money/etc that thing causes, trying to break up a married couple, destroying someone else's property, being mean, etc.


Hmmm.... now who in most of our lives is the evil one in the home? ....

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Ha, thank you IAW!  You are 100% right!  If we go by those standards we all know where the evil lies!  It is true though.  Also, I was being a bit sarcastic.  I don't feel bad or evil for not wanting SD or a break from my ODS that I have had non-stop for YEARS. 

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Arent you a proud bonus mom to your bonus DD     ;)  

Seriously, you arent evil. Who wants a rude obnoxious attention grabbing SD to ruin your Friday night? !  Also we are human,  A break from the bios after a long hard week is not evil. Heck I remember on occassion  doing cartwheels when my bios went to their dads after a long work week and all I needed was some ME time.


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My SD was really no trouble and well behaved but just because of the HCBM, I was always relieved if she cancelled her weekends.

I had my niece every weekend when she was young and l love that girl like my own, but was relieved when she went home.

We all need our space and down time, nothing evil about that.

Have a great weekend!

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Thanks hereiam!  I wish that I could say my SD wasn't trouble! LOL!  Mine is trouble plus HCBM...the whole package!  I got lucky though she cancelled her "make up time" so I didn't have her this weekend. 

I love my ODS and he really isn't that much work but after having him for basically 5 years straight no breaks except here and there it was nice for him to go to his dad's for a weekend. 

LOL, I really don't think I am evil.  It just never fails when I complain/vent about my SD on here some COD loving/entitled brat loving sympathizer will come along and act like I'm awful for my feelings and poor widdle SD no wonder she is so bad...b/c of me...right?!?!? Nea