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Not looking forward to this weekend...

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SO's son will be here for the weekend starting today...this just means more snarky remarks and attitudes from SS. And more frustration when he doesn't get disciplined for the things he does and says. I know SO had a little break through a couple of weeks ago, but I get the feeling he's going to let a lot of bad behavior (if not all of it) slide while SS is here.

I know I can go out and do something on my own, and leave SO to take care of his son. But I can't avoid him the entire time he is here...  Dash 1



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This weekend is a skid weekend for my DH as well. Apparently the skids are afraid of me so DH says. We will see what happens.

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How old is he? SS will be 7 in days and he's getting really out of hand with the talking back and the arguing. My DH is a good disciplinarian; however, he works so I am home with him most of the day during this summer schedule. The entitlement, the talking back and dramatics are starting to negatively effect me. 

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He will be 6 y/o in a few months. That is exactly where I am at, as well. The comments that are made to me when SO isn't around are terrible, and SO doesn't seem to believe that he would say those things. It's almost like living with a bully when he is around. And after a while, it starts to get to you.